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Warning of General Mattis. The American people were treated to an exposition of cowardice, cluelessness, complicity collaboration and moral decay that is shameful and deeply unfaithful to the American experiment. All of this is an affront to the ideas and ideals of the Country. 7

Lotte Super Location Under Fire for Sending Threatening Text to “Unfaithful” Customers https://t.co/Tp7WO1g6It

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My humble advise to @akshaykumar @ajaydevgn n many others. You have earned a lot by posing as heroes in army n police movies. Pl condemn @ektarkapoor 4 her extremely base act of projecting Army men’s wives as unfaithful. This is almost an anti national act. Rise to the occasion https://t.co/T9z5Cl46vy

Wonder which "Bitnc" to have shouted to the unfaithful notice "I believe to be almost findin' the secrets of him then end this non-existin' relationship of fools"

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Minha mulher me mandou essa msgm agora de tarde, se arrumou toda sexy e foi com as amigas, se o carinha que ela já deu 3 vzs aparecer lá hoje tem chifre gostoso 😋 🙏 #SaudadeDeSerCorno #Chifre #MulherQueTrai #Unfaithful #CornoManso #TodoMundoSabeQueSouCorno #DeCalcinhaEmCasa https://t.co/Ncd2ckhp3S

@realDonaldTrump Unfaithful or unstoppable, the mob rushed into the White House, killing the vice president of the president, massacred special trade unions to slaughter, and then the White House disappeared, Pelosi legally became the number one.

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My humble advise to @akshaykumar @ajaydevgn n many others. You have earned a lot by posing as heroes in army n police movies. Pl condemn @ektarkapoor 4 her extremely base act of projecting Army men’s wives as unfaithful. This is almost an anti national act. Rise to the occasion https://t.co/T9z5Cl46vy

@Essentialworker @realDonaldTrump the DC mayor forbids the police to stop the smashing, the mob began to attack the White House, and the Secret Service was caught by surprise. More than 60 police detectives were injured that day. Unfaithful or unstoppable, the mob rushed into the White House,

on a dime..turnin it around workn it in ur favour..if ull just hold on & not give up or get weary,dont look at unfaithful ppl,Ive got a season of blessins & harvests comin back to u,dis is ur season,what u heard u gettn ready to see,keep bein faithful"#Urestorewhatshouldabeenmine

@groovyjunior__ Same. But ima have to be unfaithful if he don’t hit me back up

Songs about women cheating 1. Unfaithful - Rihanna 2. In love with another man - Jasmines Sullivan

😆 "If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself." 2 Tim 2:13 https://t.co/BtQu569KCG

@RanaAyyub Problem with Randi’s is that they are unfaithful. But they have DNA issues as they are born of their mother sleeping with too many pigs for money. 😘

yuehua is always short of staffs and they tend to hire unfaithful ones https://t.co/wg80PgpvNq

@LikeMasterMoose @titan9 @CMPunk He also has never been unfaithful unlike the man who is trying to tarnish AJ's reputation. AJ also has a Better reputation in the industry & is more respected in the locker room. Styles also has never been in any PSYICAL Altercations Backstage ....But guess who has ...AND LOST?

@ZaibSarfraz @Phanishwarji @IDF Who cares ? Israel is a country of Brave and Dignified people. @IDF fought for their Survival and in the course of the event they knocked down 13 unfaithful religious bigots.

“And though there are times I’m unfaithful to You Oh Lord, remember that I love You Still my desire is to please You.”

@IamNurseTrish @CrestinaRubalca consider it a Cleansing moment.. just like when you learn a partner is unfaithful or someone shows their true colors as a friend...It's an Opportunity.. TAKE IT. cut them out and find your tribe... Love to you

@JoeBiden You say 10 % of us are bad. You are bad. You are an unfaithful Catholic and person who says what he thinks needs to be said to attain his ends. You are a disgusting man. You use us to attain your ends.

@HowardKurtz I wasn’t embarrassed by them. We have @POTUS who has been unfaithful to every spouse and has no embarrassment

When I tried to do everything right it was not enough, my father has a whore as a girlfriend and takes all his money, and my mother a fucking husband, macho, unfaithful, drunk, and who hits her And she says she can take it all for me and that alcohol is her distraction

@MichaelDonigan @AdamParkhomenko @reasonandlogic Trump is not a Christian he has been. unfaithful to all his wife's . He lies every time he poem's his https://t.co/WV9tcwlT2e thinkLOLA he has values?

I just dash you away like a cyattie. Unfaithful to your husband with me and that ain’t my problem. If you ain’t my homie then that ain’t your bitch.

capricorn: • obnoxious and loud • all bark and no bite • unfaithful to their partners • just wants to be loved • an alcoholic

And then most people who cheat have some kind of relational trauma where maybe they weren’t getting enough love or attention so as adults they “hoard” it by being unfaithful with multiple partners.

And i know that he knows im UNFAITHFUL https://t.co/q0lNichxw1

Stfu Karen go home to your unfaithful husband, and ur miserable life that u trying to hide with that fucking atitude u lil bitch https://t.co/7QlLnRcfsI

кстати Unfaithful клевая но припев меня так бесит потому что Том из плотного смыкания переходит в тонкое с воздухом и звучит по-еблански еще и потому что у него в принципе голос сиплый и в этой песне почему-то даже больше чем обычно а на высоких нотах там вообще бляздец

это Unfaithful из альбома Cool Like You КАК Я МОГЛА ЗАБЫТЬ и да я проверила где-то 20 песен или типа того но только текст

@craigtimes @realDonaldTrump You know how the cheating spouse is always accusing the other one of being unfaithful. Kinda like that.

@SaraGideon Don't forget being unfaithful to student loan forgiveness for teachers and public servants. Also being against medical marijuana and legalization. Oh, and turning backs on our allies overseas. Collins didn't stand up at all for Mainer values. Trump couldn't wear a logger's boots

@KeanForCongress Junior, Unbelievable! You are a total hypocrite! Your candidate 4 president and his administration are, BY FAR, the most dangerous and damaging force to the environment and well on the way to totally decimating the EPA! How can you be so unfaithful to what the EPA stands for?

How are you unfaithful and preaching about loyalty. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

No nada, solo se me metió un "Hey unfaithful, hey ungraceful, hey unloving I will love you" en el ojo. https://t.co/IK8VWrdKce


In all the mist of the protesting, my biggest question: What happened to the store owner/ worker who made the unfaithful call to the police which caused Floyd’s death? I hope he/she follows the path of Judas Iscariot!!!!!!

I'm very indifferent about the Command and Conquer remaster. Especially in the sound department. Who was responsible for the unit sounds? GDI Guard turret, Commando Sniper Sound? They are completely REPLACED! Unfaithful remaster in that regard.

@ArthurSchwartz @RealSaavedra These 2 criminals Weissman and Lisa page,unfaithful in everyway, job family, who tried to subvert the government, violated civil rights , conspired to overthrow a duly elected president and government . This is the low of the lowest . They should be in jail anarchists Shame !!!!

@BestMusicLyric @morotekappata “I’m not unfaithful, but I’ll stray.” -Tegan and Sarah

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Baby you're not ready for the real thing She told me that I'd be unfaithful and I cannot believe [UNCOMMITTED] https://t.co/smAjgSBe

@iam_lapromyz @RealTambou Yeah. I lost mine chasing unfaithful ladies, thinking I found love...

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“Do we not all have one Father? Did not one God create us? Why do we profane the covenant of our ancestors by being unfaithful to one another” ~Malachi 2:10 #Equality https://t.co/FoOaIhY2In

@Thabiso99101683 O would probably find one that is 10 times better than him, ndivele ndimshiye for good. Point is that I don't really see the necessity of fighting another women because of a unfaithful man

One day it may be you they attack while you kneel in peace. One day it may be you they claim is unfaithful to the country because you hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, 2/3

@stuie27424 @MSNBCPR @NicolleDWallace @MSNBC @NatSecLisa You mean the lady who was: 1. Unfaithful to her husband 2. Conspiring to undermine a duly elected president 3. While on her govt issued phone That “character”

@ceremonialblood it can be seen in two lights imo. one of which she discovers that her partner has been unfaithful. the second is an introspective look and critique of who she has become this far into the narrative of the LP1.

@Mortis_Banned @SKozakMedia >His young wife proved unfaithful, however, and in 1886 a dispirited Czajkowski took his own life. >Author of the book "Ukrainian Women" wat

New EXTRA 🔥 #unfaithful video My ex #gaycoworker contacted me for anonymous #gaybj using #Grindr . He invited me to come over to his apartment in #gaysantarosa His #gayhusband was at work and we just #recordporn of the action inside their bedroom https://t.co/eNEJj9O0AS https://t.co/XKmz4aHDPn