Tulsa massacre

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Trump's rallies are inadvertently shedding light on horrendous things in American history. Things not taught in schools. Many learned of the Tulsa Massacre last week. Last night, many learned of how treacherously the US treated and continues to treat the Lakota tribe.

I will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma tomorrow to speak at @OklahomaLP and today I will speak with @YALiberty at Roosevelt’s Gastropub! Check out also the local news reporting on my visit. https://t.co/2ElXZ055rK

I'm assuming you haven't actually heard Biden attempt to speak? "Smart and disciplined," don't come to mind. Let's see, 150 million dead from guns, 120 million dead from Covid, Juneteenth was a celebration of the Wall Street massacre of blacks and Tulsa, OK is in Texas. https://t.co/N9NP6fOy0S

@SnifferC @sue0brien1 @YourAnonCentral @naomiruta The Tulsa race massacre look that up.

Learning about the Tulsa Race Massacre and how it was erased for almost a hundred years is so frustrating and horrible.

@Ithinkyoumisse1 @sabbryson @nhannahjones So how much more truth is out there that was not told, skewed or hidden?. Do you know why the Tulsa Massacre was called the Tulsa Riots? Insurance. Insurance companies would not pay for "civil unrest". That unrest cost not only 300+ lives, but untold wealth stolen.

In the past weeks I've seen tr*mp shit all over the Tulsa massacre, the Stonewall riots and yesterday the Six Grandfathers - so this is an opposite reaction and it is good https://t.co/z831EKXQbM

I didn't expect Watchmen to be so educational, even prophetic: * everyone's wearing masks * if you weren't aware of the Tulsa massacre before watching it, you are now, thanks to the president's Juneteenth stunt * white supremacy burst out in the open at the highest levels of govt

I wonder what statue got taken down that resulted in the Tulsa Race Massacre not being taught in my high school history classes...

@iammix24 @Kaepernick7 Where was this so called antifa during the L.A. riots? What about the massacre in Tulsa? Was antifa there?

@arlenparsa @Dsparky120 Why don't Black organizations treat February as a time to teach real Black History, naming male and female heroes that really helped the Black community? So many Black and Caucasians never heard about the Tulsa massacre until this year, for example. Teach us!

@KXAN_News Are those the same aircraft that the white mob flew in the Tulsa massacre to burn down Black Wall St, dropped bombs on children, women, men bc they were jealous of their wealth.

@jennifer5280 @Mrsd163 @bulldog338 @unarmed_teacher @tedlieu @realDonaldTrump Fake history. English and math, sure, but that's taught in public schools as well. If anything, the history taught in public schools is watered down, leaving out things like the Tulsa Massacre, the Wilmington massacre, etc.

@PatrickVergona @TalexanIII @AttackSiren @PresMoss2 Are you sure about that middle part? If it wasn’t for Twitter I would’ve never learned about the Tulsa massacre and I’m a grown ass man with a college degree. I think one of the main points of the original post is that we still don’t acknowledge the evil past

Today, consider listening to our episode about HBO's Watchmen, a series that uses sci-fi to bring us into conversations about race, history, and freedom in the U.S. https://t.co/KF45TBPuaS

We live in a country where Elvis Presley is in our history books, but the Tulsa Massacre isn’t. #HappyIndependenceDay

The massacre of Tulsa's "Black Wall Street" https://t.co/BrhgZuzHr6 via @YouTube NO JULY 4TH

@hallekinsey @aNerdsWord @journeywithcash Did you hear about Tulsa Oklahoma massacre niggas was in they own homes an got murder lol you acting like doors can’t come down tell your uncle thanks an strap up

@OrlandoAvellan1 @IamHawkNewsome @HHS12311 Try to be more scientific on black history in terms of the macro economy. I suggest you start by forensically reviewing the Tulsa massacre 1921 and come back with your educated response.

@adams_brad22 Exactly! We all learn about the founding fathers and the Constitution/Revolution etc but the bad things such as the trail of tears were only partially covered and the Tulsa Massacre was described as a “Race Riot”. I like statues of Americans...not Confederates

@USNorthernCmd @RepDonBacon Some of the latest hot-spots for protests include Mt Rushmore I'm not surprised this is retweeted by Bacon knowing he supports @realDonaldTrump and he retweets video of idiots calling for white power and ignores the Tulsa massacre by scheduling a rally there with racists

@phinessewithlex @98heyjt @maribelayon11 Just like he tried to hold a rally in Tulsa on the memorial of the Black Wall Street Massacre. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Rally in Tulsa, site of a massacre of Black Americans; Mt Rushmore, site of Native American oppression. This isn’t a coincidence. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Greenwood, 1921: One of the worst race massacres in American history https://t.co/Af9ALlpphC

We talked about edited & censored history in school, the Tulsa massacre, Jim Crow, the founding fathers = slave owners, the Supreme Court- conservative judges, & the problem w/ celebrating Thanksgiving how instead we can choose to focus on tangible ways we can change our country

@gee_kani @PHARAOH_ATEN_ @theangiestanton Bro it’s been 99 years since the Tulsa massacre. 60 years since the civil rights movement. Take time to concentrate on this question. How has it been working out since then? SMH

@Ithinkyoumisse1 @nhannahjones 3. why not make it all known before? Do they dispute Tulsa Massacre, Nachez MS "The Devil's Punchbowl, 1000 + hate groups, but only BLM is supposedly a terrorist group, the "secret" police groups on FB posting racist sentiments, the correlation between the slave

@hodgetwins Not exploiting! Telling a truth!Most American's didn't know about the Tulsa Massacre, Juneteenth Day, and all the Celebrations in the South that honor the Confederate flag, the Civil war, etc. Even though they lost! Until this year.

@LabeTx @TheWatchdogDBQ @PourbusVerhelst @boltupinla @AP And as much as you might want opportunistic assholes to define everyone protesting, they dont. Just like the Tulsa Massacre, the Ocoee Massacre, the Rosewood Massacre and etc... dont define all white people.

@PhyIis @JorgonCabron @LeComte_Ory @connorfletcher Have you heard of the Tulsa massacre? That's what happened when black people tried to do for themselves. They were promptly put back in their place. You should really read more *actual* history and stop listening to cucker "rich at birth* mcnear swanson tarlson. #swansonschicken

@silloweet3 @KyleEpicGamer1 @gabe_shinn @damnitsdagain Sorry, I’m gonna add onto it. That justifies segregation? That justifies racism? That justifies the Tulsa Massacre? That justifies the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment? That justifies red-lining?

for the same reason he wanted to hold a KKKlan rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa, the site of a massacre of black people. https://t.co/j5G0X37hOY

@jimqk @TheRickWilson LOL. How many US kids learn about the Tulsa massacre. I didn't in school. How many learned about Wobblies. I had required Wash State history and didn't hear of them. How many Americans studied the Trail of Tears? How many southern kids learned lie 'Ci War wasn't about slavery?

How many of you learned about the Tulsa Massacre in school? I went to private schools and not once did this major historical event come up. Here I thought I had a superior edumacation because I went to Catholic school. pfft! It was all whitewashed bullshit.

@Cktigg313Casey @SeanTyson20 The guy’s stupidity is deeper than the deepest ocean. Didn’t know about the Tulsa massacre. Doesn’t know about the Trail of Tears.

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TULSA RACE MASSACRE 1921: -Greenwood district (Black Wall St.) residents massacred and businesses destroyed after Dick Rowland (19 black shoeshiner) accused of sexual assault against Sarah Paige (17 white elevator operator) -Survivors forced into tent cities, 300+ black deaths https://t.co/CoKkwr7T0I

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Tulsa Massacre. 3 years after "fighting for your freedom" https://t.co/8fmiat7CaF

@thistallawkgirl @realDonaldTrump There's apparently a lot of history that was erased, Tulsa massacre, juneteenth

Tulsa Race Massacre [ What Happened ?! ] - Mystery & Makeup GRWM | Baile... https://t.co/crhgopsoPa via @YouTube

If you’re more concerned about some statues getting knocked over, then you are about the fact that American children aren’t even taught about Juneteenth and the Tulsa Massacre, ask yourself what history you’re fighting to preserve.

Yet history was INDEED erased lol majority of Americans didn’t learn about the Tulsa Massacre and Black Wallstreet until Watchman 😂😂😂 tf are you talking about??? https://t.co/Mf48xB5nNg

@ephrata I just saw a documetery Called USA in color and never seen footage of that massacre. It's so brutal. 300+dead and this is in the United States of America. Freedom is not for everyone. Tulsa, Oklahoma have a scar not yet healed.

Here is footage of Black Wall Street before the Tulsa Race Massacre. The neighborhood in Tulsa was called Greenwood. A little #BlackTrivia : The Gap Band was named after streets in this area. Greenwood, Archer & Pine https://t.co/CfVscQcV5l via BlackWomenLead_ 05