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Trump Signs Executive Order That Will Effectively Ban Use Of TikTok In the U.S. NPR
1 day ago · The president also issued an executive order aimed at cutting ties between the U.S. and the owner of the popular Chinese communications and...
The US declared war on TikTok because it can’t handle the truth The Verge
1 day ago · The battle over TikTok's ownership is only one part of a much larger war. The US, China, and Russia have adopted a philosophy of...
What TikTok can do for Microsoft, and what Microsoft can do for TikTok CNET
26 mins ago · Microsoft, known for enterprise software, may soon gobble up TikTok from its Chinese owner. We try to figure out what happens next.
Microsoft could be good for TikTok if Trump forces sale, early VC says Business Insider
1 hour ago · Josh Elman, who invested in TikTok predecessor Musical.ly, pointed to Microsoft's development of other acquisitions.
Is This Trump’s Real TikTok ‘Spyware’ Risk? Forbes
1 hour ago · There's a serious risk looming for President Trump in his fiery battle with TikTok—it hasn't had much of a mention yet, but it will. If the next 44...
Trump, TikTok and a dangerous precedent for democracy CNN
5 hours ago · President Donald Trump's ongoing battle with TikTok is becoming one of the most curious chapters in America's emerging cold war with China.
Microsoft’s Nadella is making a smart bet with TikTok — there’s more to gain than some realize MarketWatch
15 hours ago · Microsoft has long pined for more of the under-25 group, and TikTok may fulfill that aspiration most clearly.
Trump Targets WeChat and TikTok, in Sharp Escalation With China The New York Times
1 day ago · WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has announced sweeping restrictions on two popular Chinese social media networks, TikTok and...
The Weeknd Debuts New Song, Performs With Doja Cat During 3D TikTok Event Variety
8 hours ago · The Weeknd took TikTok viewers to another dimension – and gifted them with a snippet of a brand new song – during "The Weeknd Experience...
What Indians Lost When Their Government Banned TikTok Slate Magazine
16 hours ago · Right now, thanks to President Donald Trump, American TikTok users are facing the real possibility that their favorite app could disappear from...

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