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Candidates seeking Rep. Thomas Massie's job prep for debates
1 week ago · Thomas Massie in a debate. But they will hear from the three individuals who want his job. The Democratic candidates will appear at a virtual...
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Todd McMurtry: The local lawyer, father and grill enthusiast who wants Rep. Thomas Massie's job
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Modest meat reforms would help Americans stay fed during the ... The Maine Wire
3 weeks ago · ... pairing up with Congressman Thomas Massie (KY-04), a libertarian-leaning ... This is the third Congress in which Massie and Pingree have...
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1 month ago · Thomas Massie learned the hard way recently, the days of the deficit hawk in Washington are not just numbered, they may be over, as the...
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2 weeks ago · Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) forced the House to ... How is the House's vote today any different from Massie's act of self-gratification? We hear a lot...
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1 week ago · For example, Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie took to Twitter in April to share a text he'd received from a friend whose late father had...
PRIME Act would encourage local meat sales at custom plants Tri-State Livestock News
3 weeks ago · Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Representative Chellie Pingree (D-ME) re-introduced the PRIME (Processing Revival and...
DECISION 2020: US House candidate Steve Reeder interview KTIV
1 week ago · "I want to get regulation cut, and as we've seen Thomas Massie introducing this 'PRIME Act', it's about deregulating the big processing industry...
Police Killing of Breonna Taylor Fuels Calls to End No-Knock Warrants Wall Street Journal (blog)
1 week ago · Thomas Massie, both Kentucky Republicans, are calling for the elimination of no-knock warrants, which allow police to storm a residence...

413-1, House passes measure calling for sanctions against China for its treatment of religious minorities. Thomas Massie was the lone ‘no’ vote.

417-1, House votes to give small business owners more flexibility for their loans under PPP. Thomas Massie the lone member to vote against it

Thomas Massie so far the only House member to vote against a measure calling for sanctions on Chinese officials for its treatment of Muslim minorities

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@joesonka Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Savannah Maddox need to go! Now is the time! Time is up for Neo-Condederates in Kentucky

Four House representatives opposed making lynching a federal hate crime. Ted Yoho (FL), Louie Gohmert (TX), Thomas Massie (KY) & Justin Amash (MI) #TedYoho #LouieGohmert #ThomasMassie #JustinAmash #HateCrime

@mattklewis @kkfla737 what about Thomas Massie? Rand Paul?

The act was met in the House with bipartisan support, and passed 410-4. The four representatives voting against the bill included Independent Rep. Justin Amash and Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert, Thomas Massie, and Ted Yoho.

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If you can get rid of #DictatorTrump in November but your only choices are Thomas Massie or Ted Cruz do you do it. #Trump is the worst, right? He's a full blown, racist dictator, right? #AmericaOrTrump

@WrestlingFana13 @mckenzieas93V2 @JaxsonRykerWWE @POTUS He's one of the guys bringing Libertarianism to the GOP. Just like rand Paul and Thomas massie. If you ever listen to any of his YouTube videos you'll see he's more Libertarian than conservative.

@ScottWalker Every balance budget amendment I've read is in times of emergency/war or by like a 3/5th approval you could still run a debt. Sounds pretty much like every year. What is needed is better men in Congress like Thomas Massie.

@beardedmiguel I’m surprised his voice hasn’t been silenced because he’s closer to the truth then roughly 98% of our current elected representatives. It is a mark of what little of our freedom remains that we still can see his, Rand Paul, and Thomas Massie’s opinions on this platform.

@BarbaraHRigney @justinamash What 'fellow Republicans'? Apart from Rand Paul and possibly Thomas Massie, there aren't many. And they're not fellows of Amash...

It looks like people don't think anything positive is going to happen, but I'm optimistic this time. Thomas Massie has introduced a bill to end qualified immunity, and the Supreme Court has an opportunity coming up to end it.

@S_Armaticus @dariaanne Don't lecture me, please. You have failed miserably at categorizing me. I voted for Trump, but now I don't like him at all, and I wouldn't vote for him again even if you put a gun to my head. I won't sit out the election; I will vote for Jessie Ventura or Thomas Massie.

@LogicFoDayz @fmiller26 @seanhannity That would be some people in the House and Senate. Rep are known to cave in when things get tough. Since all of the House is up for re-election, we will have to wait and see.Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, Florida Rep. Francis Rooney. How's that.

@SDSoccerMom19 @ToddHagopian I get so baffled by this Thomas Massie worship. He's got some good ideas but they're drowned out by his fellow cult members. If he gave a single solitary f*** he'd follow Amash into the light. Let the GOP decay into fascism.

one of the things i most admire about aoc, given the difficulty of the conversation, immediately aoc was pushing back against the disgust of andy barr, james comer and even my own devil thomas massie. i thank her for that support.

@officialmcafee Simple-by pointing out examples-Thomas Jefferson,George Carlin,Tom Woods,Massie,Amash,so on ,and on

Thank you to my cousin Tommy Off the Grid with Thomas Massie via @YouTube

@ramendik @cordscords @PKBard @Lit_Bernie @justinamash The three most libertarian identifying people in Washington are Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and Rand Paul. You can screen any of their twitter accounts for the receipts.

@JohnLouisville @RepThomasMassie @MarinaMedvin Why don't you respect Thomas Massie, you piece of dog shit? He's an honest man that knows what made this country great, cast in the Light of The Ron Paul Revolution.

@MahoundParadise I am writing in Thomas Massie’s name. A good man. Didn’t vote Trump in ‘16. He is ever more obviously incompetent. Rage tweeting does not mean leadership.

@zrdean @MaeSuramek We're on the same team. Let's try to elevate our folks here. People loathe us enough for McConnell and Thomas Massie, not to mention Rand Paul.

@Cernovich Honestly Rand Paul and Thomas Massie are BY FAR my favorite, even better than Trump. BY FAR!!!

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I am engaged with the Drucker School of Management at Clairmont U. The University held their virtual graduation Friday which I attended. It was an honor to see UPSer Jessica Thomas South Cal IE attain her MBA in leadership with an emphasis on supply chain. Kudos!

Why the hell should the "Squad" be looked up to? When only Thomas Massie was brave enough to attempt to get a recorded vote. This should tell everyone just how fake they are. They keep posting pretty tweets, but never actually fighting for anything. All they ever do is roll over.

@ItsShayo @Timcast I'd vote for Rand Paul or Thomas Massie. Or even Ted Cruz or Matt Gaetz. There's a very short list but they aren't all awful.

@HobbieReal I have a dream where myself and my longtime friends build a business in brewing beer and growing weed and we live on a ranch with homies like how Thomas Massie’s is. We are armed to the teeth and live peacefully

GOP members (Ted Yoho of Florida), (Louie Gohmert of Texas) and (Thomas Massie of Kentucky), Justin Amash of Michigan. These men should not be working in Government. Hate coming from those that sit in high places, this is what we're talking about.

I mean he's got Warren County, OH apparently within walking distance of Cincinnati, if you determined enough, hanging out with Thomas Massie who voted no on stimulus. Of course they both got to go.

“The Constitution is a restraint on the Federal Government. It tells the government what it can and can’t do. It doesn’t tell the people what we can and can’t do.” -Thomas Massie

@CassandraRules @JackPosobiec @AOC Shes a total grifter fraud. Real progressives dont trust her anymore after the Covid bailouts. She voted for them and didnt stand with Thomas Massie. Coward, paper tiger.

@ToddMcMurtry Thomas Massie's attack ads make me want to move to your district, so I can vote for you. Man that guy is evil.

@TeamTrump Not after the way Team Trump members have interfered in the AZ Senate primary and given in kind assistance to McSmelly in violation of RNC Rule 11. I'd rather donate to Daniel McCarthy and Thomas Massie.

Fuck Ted Yoho of Florida, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, and Justin Amash of Michigan. All the homies hate Ted Yoho of Florida, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, and Justin Amash of Michigan.

GOP members (Ted Yoho of Florida), (Louie Gohmert of Texas) and (Thomas Massie of Kentucky), Justin Amash of Michigan. These men should not be working in Government

@ImpeachedPuppet @canyongal @Stonky14 Thomas Massie was blasted for his opposition.

@HurricaneHunte4 @216thinker Thomas Massie has a very specific reason for voting against the bill, and explained why. It has nothing to do with not supporting the protestors and everything to do with not supporting sanctions against a sovereign country.

@RepThomasMassie @Liz_Wheeler I agree with you Thomas Massie That’s why America is different from other countries I love my FREEDOM!!!🇺🇸

@Popular_Voter @AMOwensby Thomas Massie is a Representative. He represents all Americans. Not just those in his district. He supports what I support, therefore I support him.

@CantevenImagin The question, as asked by Thomas Massie recently, is who do YOU want to pay for the trillions he's spending - the guy you say is not progressive? You seem to think it's imaginary money, like many. Fine. Go have fun with that. He's the most progressive President in history. Fact.

@Yukongold1898 i’m pretty sure Ruben Gallego shouted f you at Thomas Massie from across the house floor that time he blocked the unanimous consent a couple months ago and i thought it would be a huge thing but nobody talked about it

4 Lawmakers Vote **Against** House Bill to Make Lynching Federal Hate Crime: The 4 disgusting horsemen of the KKK: Justin Amash (@justinamash) Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) Ted Yoho (@RepTedYoho) Louie 'Goober' Gohmert (@replouiegohmert)

@maplecocaine That's kinda built-in beliefs for libertarians, so guys like Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Rand Paul have always supported demilitarizing the police. I do recall seeing recently that, with regards to Breonna Taylor, Rand re-emphasized the need to ban no-knock raids as well.

@MikeGrayAFC @ZeroCool138 This brain genius congressman would insist that @ZeroCool138 knows nothing about science.

@RepThomasMassie @jimmy_dore Dear Rep. Thomas Massie Thank you for your support for "We the People" We Name you Valedictorian of the 114th United States Congress. Stay Strong and I am a PATRIOT as you are kind Sir. Ty,ty,ty 😎❤👍🙏🙏🙏

Government Using the Constitution – When it's convenient!

Why won’t Congress listen to Thomas Massie?

Government Using the Constitution – When it's convenient!

Government Using the Constitution – When it's convenient!

@KurtSchlichter @drawandstrike Anything from Thomas Sowell, Victor D. Hanson, Walter E. Williams, John Stossel, Thomas Massie, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Hoover Institute...just off the top of my head. If we followed even 1/10 of recommend from these people; the world would be a better place (not just the USA).

@AdamBenoist Thomas Massie is pretty darn fiscally conservative but that’s probably about it.

@alfajean @realDonaldTrump @DevinNunes Oh lord... you're in Cali. Thomas Massie of Kentucky has been great, he's the representative that asked Congress to take 15 min and set their names to the BIGGEST BAILOUT BILL IN HISTORY they passed last month. Trump called him a grandstander. The bill was passed anonymously.

This is the war in Iraq and PATRIOT Act of 2020. How people are reacting to everything going on will be remembered. I think history will be kind to Thomas Massie. I don't think it will be kind to Bernie Sanders. #CARESAct

@GJRboston Doug Collins Kelly Loeffler Matt Gaetz Javanka Kushner Trump Nikki Haley Katie Miller Kayleigh McEnany Devin Nunes Tucker Carlson Rand Paul Thomas Massie OMG we could continue on for a fortnight listing all these criminals/complicit ones.

@Chubs1224 @dshnapper @justinamash @IndyRepublicanX a libertarian getting elected under any party banner is gravy. People like Thomas Massie, Chip Roy, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, do more for liberty than one who could do something but felt too "righteous" to continue. and all started defending the deep state #ObamaGate incident?

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Thomas Massie speaking at the super bowl of politics

@justinamash @LPNational @Jorgensen4POTUS Rand Paul, mike lee and thomas massie will defend our constitutional rights.....

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This is the lone dickhead that voted against HR7010 to amend the PPP ("Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020"): Thomas Massie of Kentucky. Thanks again, Kentucky, for electing the most reprehensible people imaginable. @RepThomasMassie @senatemajldr @RandPaul

@lbarronlopez @AyannaPressley @IlhanMN @RepKarenBass @RepBarbaraLee Calling it: Steve King and Thomas Massie vote no.

@rudyb5150 @CWablington @Baron_Sarcasmo @TimRunsHisMouth @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi Your guys voted for that bill, we'll except the only actual living Republican Thomas Massie. I'm not a Democrat, I'm more conservative than you are, clearly

@MsRedheadedlady @realDonaldTrump Thomas Massie did the right thing by wanting a recorded vote.

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«Government Using the Constitution — When It’s Convenient!» …Dr. Duke Pesta (@DukePesta) …Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) …TheNewAmerican (@NewAmericanMag) #Constitution #ThomasMassie #DrDukePesta

Rep. Thomas Massie is looking to bring processing of meat back to America by introducing the Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption Act (PRIME Act). This bill looks to empower local cattle farmers while also meeting the consumers demand.

@GreggHanke @RepThomasMassie Sadly, there's truth to that. We're now ruled by robbers and murderers. Robbers because they coercively redistribute wealth at their pleasure. Murderers because they wage unjust warfare and extrajudicial executions. I'm grateful for exceptions like Thomas Massie.

@sajdowitz_logan I'm a Republican and I fully support the likes of Amash, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Mike Lee. They are what the GOP needs to move towards if it wants to remain a viable party into the future.

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Thomas Massie just liked my tweet for the second time in a month so I guess this is the best year I've ever been alive. I mean some other stuff happened...

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky was the sole member to vote against the bill, which aims to make loans more accessible under the Paycheck Protection Program.

@realDonaldTrump Mr. President: That 3rd rate grandstander from Kentucky, Thomas Massie, led the way on getting rid of FISA. May I suggest you find more 3rd rate grandstanders, and appoint them to your administration.

@BagdMilkSoWhat Ok. I got it. I think. I'll post the link after lol. Voted No: Justin Amash, Libertarian, Michigan (MI) Jodey Arrington, Republican, Texas (TX) Thomas Massie, Republican, Kentucky (KY) Ralph Norman, Republican, South Carolina (SC) Tom Rice, Republican, South Carolina (SC)

Members filed into the chamber one by one, all sporting masks and some also wearing gloves, to vote 417-1 for the measure. Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie was the lone ‘no’ vote

@AccountableJohn Thomas Massie (R) of Kentucky. Don't know anything about him, though. But why would he do that??

@Graenni @DrRandPaul McGrath is a terrible solution. She is the worst kind of Rhino. Not sure how she could register as a repub here. Her morals are terrible. While spewing... Thomas Massie is probably worse than McConnell. We've got a real shitshow here for political support

Guess who was the lone, single, solitary NO vote? YEP, THOMAS MASSIE! #VOTETODDMCMURTRY

@TBUJosh @themaxburns @RepThomasMassie @GovAndyBeshear @AMOwensby Thomas Massie is a batshit religious fanatic

@jonathancornick @TheRickWilson If you think Rand Paul’s take will be hot, just wait until KY Rep Thomas Massie voices his dissent! Those two have Ayn Rand Book Club every week and argue about which one gets to be John Galt first.

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie was the lone ‘no’ vote on the measure that would amend how small businesses affected by #COVID19 use Paycheck Protection Program loans

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@AaronWnbrg @Bencosmef Seems to be Thomas Massie (KY-4, R). Can't see an explanation for why on his twitter

Is Thomas Massie also serving in the Chinese parliament??

remember that lynching became a federal crime february 26 OF THIS YEAR. Independent rep. Justin Amash and republican reps. Louie Gohmert, Thomas Massie and Ted Yoho were the only representatives to OPPOSE the bill out the 414 votes....

Rep. Thomas Massie again for the win... That's 2 now.

@RepThomasMassie Yea!!! Go real Patriots like Rep. Thomas Massie!!! from Colorado

@ShametTheGoat @greggiroux @RepDeanPhillips @RepChipRoy My gut said Massie and it was right. “Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie was the sole “nay” vote.”

Kevin McCarty admits Thomas Massie was right all along.

@JustTrumpThing2 @realDonaldTrump But you will tell me Trump isn't fake news as he lies about Thomas Massie's record on the Second Amendment as he claims he is a champion for gun rights. Why don't you call out Trump? He lies about the best conservatives.

Thomas Massie, House’s ‘Mr. No,’ Tries to Force Vote on Coronavirus Aid Bill - The New York Times