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If the GOP doesn’t act soon, Pelosi will win the debate over the next stimulus package. And she may win it by a lot. This is the worst crisis any of us can remember, and Republican members have largely disappeared.

Rick Wilson said: “Everything Tump touches, dies.” His daddy handed him 400 mil. and he pissed it all away. Casinos,University,Steaks,Airline, Water,Foundation. All dead. Now this entitled ignorant sociopath is killing US.

By law, firing an IG requires the President to provide a reason. That means a valid reason. “Loss of confidence” that results from the IG exercising his independence and doing his job is not a valid reason. This requires immediate oversight hearings.

@bbrightvc Omg hi @bbrightvc I don't know if you would read this but I just wanna say me and my friend are huge fans of yours 💖 You're so talented and very handsome too. You're chemistry with @wnmetawn is 💯realness and thank you for always bringing us happiness. #LetsTalkwithGulf

EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS! To all people who don't think self quarantine is critical or think coughing in public without wearing a face cover is ok you will make all of us sick! @StephenAtHome This interview left Erin Burnett in tears. You will be too

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Morning hope for us all. My great-grandmother was a denim-mill worker in North Carolina and then a chair-factory worker in Ohio, over a long life. She was also a devoted gardener. This is one of her irises, now preparing to bloom in my mom’s Georgia garden.

So thankful for our wonderful Ms. Ussery and all of her amazing stories she is sharing with all of us! Click this link and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more amazing stories! #BPRD #BBElem

President is right to have faith, and hope in love, that God will help us, by supernatural interventions (#Covid19 less effect in most of America than projected), and also that God would give us treatments, not only for this, but all viruses in the future! Our God is God! #NYC

@biologyofbelief This period is changing lives of many people. It is affecting us physically, biologically, mentally, emotionally and habitually. This is the best time for self reflection.

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This is the activity which makes us feel the immense power of positivity and unity which provides us strength to fight against all odds, we request all Indians to practice this till the time we conquer against covid-19 not only on 5th [email protected] @narendramodi @republic

This is basically what the sun is doing to us😭