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Today we think we'll be re-reading one of our favourites, Charlotte's Web... because author EB White was born #OnThisDay in 1899! Are you a fan of Charlotte's Web? Or maybe of Stuart Little? Pic: Garth Williams

@BookTasters Charlotte's Web - I didn't read Stuart Little until much later.

Stuart little love the military too much and it honestly makes me uncomfortable

Stuart little exudes misogynist undertones. Don’t ask me how...he just does.

Also not going to sugar coat the fact that i hate Stuart little’s family. They could have adopted a child but they adopted a rat?’im sick.....

スチュアートは溝から出て車に乗り込み、北に向かって走り出した。 右側の丘から陽が登り始めた。 目の前に広がる大地を見ていると 先が長く思えた。 でも空は輝き、これは正しい方向だと感じた。 #stuart_little

@strwberriblonde “You definitely do, and thank you for dragging me out tonight. If you weren’t a little persistent, I probably would’ve spent another night inside.” Stuart admits gently wrapping his arm around her waist, as he felt her head lean on his shoulder. His mocha irises focused on the >

In his prophetic book Dangerous Allies, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser warned that dependence on the US required compliance in an unequal relationship. He insisted that Australia and the US would be better friends by being able to disagree.

i will Apply for job, at Emoji company, and i Will invent and Add a new Emo Ji. it will Be the " Stuart Little dodging a Bullet,Matrix style" and it will Depict stuart LiTlle dodginc A bullet of Gun, in the Style of the matrix Movie, slow - Motion

a @carolineeeeex nunca viu stuart little... cancelem ela por favor

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THANK YOU!! YOU'VE helped us earn over 1000 Reading Points thus far! See you again Sunday the 12th 9am PST! In this video we read Stuart Little by E.B. White (Chapters 7-8.5) We encourage you to visit: Thank U! Carmen Milagro​ #MissCarmen #StuartLittle

@JordanCoslett Perhaps the question is: why are you watching Stuart Little?

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Wey estabamos discutiendo mis amigos y yo si remy o stuart little ganaria un tiro y yo obviamente vote vor ratatouille y me cancelaron porque me parezco a linguini🥺

@brittanyericaa That baby is so cute 🥺 I want to watch Stuart Little now

@forvioleet Uma pessoa que não sabe nem o que tá falando, acha que adotar é igual Stuart Little

hoje eu entendo pq antes ngm me queria, eu parecia o stuart little dps das drogaskkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

11 hours, 55 minutes for Moose-A-Thon. Odyssey was extremely bad and Stuart little I had to watch my old PB and follow along but other than that it was a decent first run! More of these in the future!

@JordanCoslett I hate everything on stuart little. And that’s ok.

@lixeirainox @frutasveganas Pra stuart little ser chamado de lixo ainda tem que melhorar muito.

@boldtvez Ratattouile representa a rua, Stuart Little é um rato empreendedor..

@leosemtuiter comunidade membros que apostariam no remy em caso de briga com stuart little: 7 bilhoes

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2020 has been so heavy, but I’ve turned to some childhood heroes for a little comfort. Rewatching Pokémon has been very therapeutic; the originals will always have my heart. Thank you @eric_stuart, @RachaelLillis, and @TheVeronicaT 💛

@StuArt_Gould @XfightVidsX The hit was to good to be on camera

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Wouldn't it be crazy if Wario (WarioWare) and Stuart Little swapped clothes?

mis sobrinitos descubrieron stuart little y la están viendo en loop y yo no puedo parar de pensar en stuart tamaño humano pajeandose y gritando guarangadas aaaa

@tjnoobe can u make a video about your opinion on Stuart Little 😳

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a carinha de bolacha do meu Stuart Little 🥺🥺🥺

Tava assistindo Stuart Little com Nicolas aí na parte que o George diz que queria um irmão e não o rato o Nicolas disse "eu quero um rato" segunda ele chega na casa da mãe dele dizendo que quer um irmão rato kkkkk

@DCmoch Stuart little literally has a plane and a car. I'm sorry, yes it's small but still enough to kill a rat

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E.B. White #BOTD Stuart Little (1999) poster artwork.

Sabadou assistindo O Pequeno Stuart Little com a minha afilhada

@rg_karin its a 5 min rant on how much I hate stuart little don't get too excited

62- Stuart Little (revisionado) Dios hacia añisimos que no veia esta peli, de chico que flipaba y la veia a todas horas y me viciaba al juego de la play

Guess who's drunk and mad at Stuart little again