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I've had the opportunity to speak with Brandon. He's an incredible young man running a winnable race in a heavily Republican district. If you or your friends and family are in District 49, take a look at his vision for the community.

Across the country, there are so many amazing young people stepping up, running for office, changing the game, making sure '20 is not '16. One of them is Mari Manoogian, a State Rep from Michigan. Joe Biden is a profoundly good man and a bridge to people like Mari. Let's do this

21': Man Utd 1-0 RB Leipzig 74': Man Utd 2-0 RB Leipzig 78': Man Utd 3-0 RB Leipzig 87': Man Utd 4-0 RB Leipzig Man Utd are running riot at Old Trafford. #UCL

I went out the other day and this man on a date with his lady running his crotch and licking his lips at me while she looks away like it never fails people mon be real life wanting me

@sweetcuitehime Man: She's in another room. We're just running a few tests on her.

Data is the new oxygen man😪 Am running outta breath 😫

The newest reason to vote out these guys. How is a man running for Sheriff doing this? Leadership.... ??? Not

@ChuckGrassley Keep smacking your lips old man & @JoniErnst @KimReynoldsIA @SenJohnThune @KristiNoem @senatemajldr @SecElaineChao Well, well, well who would have guessed ~

@MrHoward Is it that simple? I would love to know also the difference between an old white man running and a woman...

This is the man that's running America, not Donald Trump.

@shannonrwatts @TeamPelosi That all you can find to complain about...."come on know you know that thing...what are you on cocaine a junkie...running for senate..against george"

a duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand du du du du dh

@Biden_Army @JamesRosenTV @TheJusticeDept @FBI @WeAreSinclair He’s a private citizen, Dipshit. We’re concerned about the crooked old man, Joe Biden. You know. The one running for President. You get it. Right??

I want a Keytar, Just to play FMLYBND- Come Alive while doing the running man