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Resident Evil 4 is finally down to $15 on the Nintendo Switch eShop Destructoid
17 hours ago · Capcom is running a Resident Evil series sale on the Switch eShop until June 16, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. Better yet, the deals are starting...
Resident Evil 3 Remake Nemesis Mod Restores the Villain’s Classic Head from the Original Game Wccftech
1 day ago · A freshly-released mod for the PC version of Resident Evil 3 Remake brings back Nemesis' classic head from the original PlayStation game.
Hungry For Some Resident Evil Action On Your Switch? Then Check Out These Super eShop Savings Nintendo Life
15 hours ago · Up to 60% off - Capcom has taken another bite out of its Resident Evil prices on the Switch eShop, reducing the mainline g...
Resident Evil 4 Remake Should Retain Its Identity in One Major Way Game Rant
15 hours ago · Resident Evil 4 receiving the remake treatment may be divisive for fans, and there's one aspect of the original that needs to stay in the remake.
All Resident Evil Games Discounted On Nintendo Switch, Get Up To 60% Off Nintendo Life
7 hours ago · On sale for a limited time - If you're a fan of the Resident Evil series, or even if you're interested in checking it out ...
Resident Evil 3 Interview: Capcom’s Peter Fabiano Talks Nemesis and This Adaptation Siliconera
1 day ago · It's time for a very Siliconera Resident Evil 3 interview. We got a chance to talk to Capcom's Peter Fabiano about the recent remake.
Resident Evil 8 Will Be Cross-Gen, According To Source Screen Rant
22 hours ago · Resident Evil 8 is rumored to be a cross-gen title, releasing for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X when the time...
Nintendo Switch Hosts Massive Resident Evil Sale
17 hours ago · Over the last few years, the Nintendo Switch eShop has accumulated an impressive number of Resident Evil games, and for a limited time,...
PS5 Silent Hill game and Resident Evil 8 to be revealed by August Metro
1 day ago · After months of leaks, we may finally see the rumoured Silent Hill game on Thursday, with Resident Evil 8 to possibly follow in August.
Looks like Capcom's gearing up to celebrate Resident Evil's 25th anniversary next year GamesRadar
2 days ago · Resident Evil developer Capcom has revealed it wants to celebrate Resident Evil in style as we creep ever closer to the franchise's 25th...

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Rumor: Resident Evil 8 is Cross-Gen Game, Reveal Coming Soon -->

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Capcom تخطط لإقامة إحتفالية مرور 25 عام على Resident Evil ✅ بشهر مارس من 2021 ستحتفل شركة كابكوم بمرور 25 عام على أول ظهور لسلسلة العاب ريزدنت ايفل وبحسب موقعها الرسمي فهي تبحث عن شركاء لإقامة هذا الحفل. هذا التاريخ يرتبط كثيرا بإحتمالية حصولنا على جزء جديد مع الاحتفال #اشاعه

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El anuncio de Resident Evil 8 sería inminente y se lanzaría en la actual y próxima generación

“Coronavirus to the Resident Evil’s quarantines being lifted only to wake up to trump callin out a shootin at the people oh my God it’s a slaughter what If I had a black daughter would you shoot me on fire when did colors of skin ever really matter when I just see another brotha

I will be going live with Resident Evil 7 in 5 minute :D would be awesome if you could come along!

Ayer después de ver Resident Evil, quedamos traumados e hicimos una pelea de almohadas, obviamente gané yo.

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#MafiaDefinitiveEdition | Laut den Entwicklern ist der Aufwand für die Definitive Edition vergleichbar mit dem des Resident Evil 2 Remakes von Capcom! ✅ Neue Engine ✅ Aktualisierte Scripts ✅ Neue Cutscenes ✅ Neue Inhalte

After Xenoblade Im thinking of playing Resident Evil since I always wanted to play ot but there's so many idk which one they all look cool as hell so if anyone's played any of them before which one should I start with first

初代バイオハザードあるあるものまね4連発 - Resident evil common things @YouTubeより

Славные родственники (нет)*(Resident evil 7) через @YouTube

No mms pinche GTA V culo que no se actualiza mejor me pondré a jugar resident evil 😑

@devilninja777 Exactly! DOA2, Crazy Taxi, Resident evil Code Veronica. Man those where good times. And it looked so good and the Nintendo emulator was perfect

I wonder if i should get Resident evil 4-6 on the ps4 now. Just so i can have them all in one place.

@demibandage really interesting choice to include Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil and make him look so much like that Squall (Skwall? Squoll?) guy

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RESIDENT EVIL 2 Bibliotecario (Bronce) Lee todos los archivos. #PS4share

Antifa is on its last legs after Alex Luddy is brutally beheaded in the middle of DC for disliking the steam port of Resident Evil 4.

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All Resident Evil Games Discounted On Nintendo Switch, Get Up To 60% Off #Repost #NintendoSwitch #SwitcheShop #ResidentEvil #Sales

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Atmosphere and storytelling is everything to me 🖤 Bloodborne, Bioshock, What Remains Of Edith Finch and Resident Evil 7 impacted me greatly! I am truly amazed by them

Resident Evil 4 Wii edition is the best version @MattMcMuscles told me

🔥🔥🔥 PreStream is Live 🔥🔥🔥 Talking about the riots US Police Target Media and Reporters Playing some Resident Evil later

resident evil means everything to me especially umbrella corps

@YousefAlkhadi @30SecFights That was a Resident Evil perfect dodge

@Powerbazinga @AcreVersion Yo he tenido serias discusiones con Power con Resident Evil y God of War (en broma) XDDD. Así que, cómo Power, encuentra el lado cómico y disfruta con el vídeo que es lo que realmente importa :)

@AlphaOmegaSin Only thing worse would be if Mr X. from Resident Evil existed!

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Resident Evil 3 Interview: Producer Peter Fabiano Siliconera: "It's time for a very Siliconera Resident Evil 3 interview. We got a chance to talk to Capcom's Peter Fabiano about the recent remake."

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When a Hollywood shooting turns into a nightmare. Was is a curse or simply bad luck? Screenist Blog leads you behind the scenes os the disastrous production of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Screenist: #Screenist #Online #Shopping #Hollywood #Movies

Sonhávamos com Apocalipse, Resident Evil, estamos morrendo pra esse super resfriado sinceramente, que morte de merda

@gvbrielmedina E tenido unas ganas de jugar clásicos ya por lo menos tengo ya varios Final Fantasy pasados y estpy ahora connlos Resident Evil asi que los tendre en cuenta

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Just pledge £16 on the 'Fusion Dizzy' pledge and get all the following: 132 Page Annual (extra 12 pages) + calendar FREE Spectrum Addict, 3hr HD film Fusion RE - 52 page issue of Fusion devoted to Resident Evil and a 52 page issue devoted to Dizzy!

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#REBHFun #Resident Evil @RE_Games @ROEnetwork @CarcinogenSDA Next Run, new Rekord :) Jill Any% on Normal

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Sony #Playstation4 #PS4 21 Game Huge Lot Resident Evil Death Stranding Days Gone #eBay #PlayStation 🔗

Capitulo final Resident Evil 3 Remake ya en el canal espero lo disfruten #ResidentEvil3Remake #re3remake #ResidentEvil #zombies #final

Horror/Thriller (movies and shows) ~Supernatural ~The Waking Dead ~Resident Evil movies( they only have 2,3 and 4 which i think is dumb) ~Stranger Things ~The Ring ~Insidious ~The Autopsie of Jane Doe ~Death note

@PMS_Jordan Devil May cry 5 and the resident evil franchise. Capcom has been on fire.

Motor Belası ! | Resident Evil 6 BÖLÜM #21 @YouTube aracılığıyla #KardeşlerGamersTV #EvdeKal #StayHome

@FranekFoot Je l'ai découvert très tard et c'est cou comme il a bien vieilli ! Un résident evil like digne des tous premiers !

Hey y'all ssshh we gotta be quiet or the zombie swill hear us! Anyways were continuing the adventure of Resident evil Code veronica I'm so dang stubbron I wanna finish this game!!! QOTD: Have u ever rage quit a game? #TwitchKittens #TeamForge