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The anti-Semitism in the Black Lives Matter movement is shocking. But to my knowledge, not a single sports league commissioner, athlete, Hollywood liberal, corporate executive, Democrat politician, ex-general, RINO, etc. has said a single word about it. https://t.co/uICIasaf0B

@realDonaldTrump 🚨 GOP House Candidate (FL-13) @amandamakki was Murkowski’s top healthcare advisor and staffer for nearly a decade. No wonder @AmandaMakki went on to lobby for 1630 Fund that tried to impeach Trump, Stop Kavanaugh, and Flipped the House Blue. Don’t let this RINO in Our House.

Makki is a forever-swamper, turned lobbyist. The good folks of Pinellas County already had to endure RINO David Jolly. Makki is Jolly 2.0. @realannapaulina is the #AmericaFirst candidate who can win this race & help @realDonaldTrump Bring America Back! https://t.co/pnNp2DSBSk https://t.co/NfPhxsnX2H

@Frz__Pp ふりーず。様リプライ失礼致します。 今回開催されるスクゲリラの確定枠を頂きたく連絡させていただきました🦖 ⋆͛ ︎︎︎︎ ☑︎チーム名 иоёl ︎︎︎︎☑︎代表者ID @noel__rino コピペ用 noel__rino お忙しいところ恐れ入りますが貴重な1枠頂けると幸いでございます🙇‍♂️ よろしくお願いします🐣

@conversaqsalvam @MessaVinicius kkkkkkkk to rino mas to trist

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Solo aparezco en vuestro TL después de una semana horrible para decir que me he tomado un batido de kinder en Casa Mira, estoy tostada del sol y me he comprado la mejor riño de la historia. https://t.co/AxXL41Qxje

@rino_csk わっマジか😳 反則級の可愛さ、音速で保存😍😍😍

@lisamurkowski DEFUND CONGRESS...murkowski you are a disgrace to all humans!! You rino hack POS!

@noa_1536 のあ様リプライ失礼致します。 今回開催されるデュオゲリラの確定枠を頂きたく連絡させていただきました🦖 ⋆͛ ︎︎︎︎ ☑︎チーム名 иоёl ︎︎︎︎☑︎代表者ID @noel__rino コピペ用 noel__rino お忙しいところ恐れ入りますが貴重な1枠頂けると幸いでございます🙇‍♂️ よろしくお願いします🐣

I don't believe you're really a Republican or you're a RINO. I believe your page was created to make Republicans look bad and you're a fraud. P.S. I've never heard of human garbage fire, but if that's what you see every morning when you look in the mirror 🤷🏽‍♀️ Does it smell?👀👀 https://t.co/rtHmxE3PVe

@MittRomney Who cares Mitt, ur father may have been a great man but ur a RINO POS

Quiero la rino y volver al gym para poder rechazar a los que no me quicieron cuando no era de su tipo. 🖕🏼Fuck you!. Me voy a poner muy rikolino

@Lilstars16 @OldSchoolSciFi @marcorubio 🤨 Marco IS one of “they”. He’s a #RINO

@aagathagabi Eu já odiei o meu nariz, mas hoje em dia, já o considero bem mais. Usei pregador tb, e olhando bem, meu nariz não é feio, é até lindinho. Porém, meu sonho sempre foi fazer uma rino.

@scripophily @JoeBiden You’re no Republican.... Maybe a RINO, but you are VOID of any Republican values if you support Biden....

@annvandersteel I never thought a US Decorated General would get political & team up with the small band of RINO’s left. What is his solution for stopping Antifa from burning down our Cities? Badmouth Trump is all he has.

@JackPosobiec @RichardGrenell Mitt needs to be recalled as the backstabbing Rino he is in reality.

Viendo cuánto cobran por la rino me di cuenta de que sale más barato morirme

@MittRomney You’re no fighter. You’re a pandering rino fool.

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@miles_commodore RINO/Wannabe Demoncrat/Pierre Delecto. https://t.co/pmCZ7uoiO0

Donald Trump made a promise that just ended this backstabbing RINO’s career https://t.co/Tl5iuXqs8i

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@sihno_rino ご参加ありがとうございました! 残念…!はずれです! 毎日当たるキャンペーンは6月10日まで 明日もチャレンジしてみてね! https://t.co/gLGcYliC1t https://t.co/3GJddtf7Ne

@IvankaTrump and libtards, DemocRATS, RINO's, MSM and twitter sheep TDS sycophants in total hyper panic meltdown. Life is good!😁👌👊 💪 .. #Trump2020Landslide

@Kakuteiwaku6 ︎︎︎︎ ☑︎チーム名 иоёl ︎︎︎︎☑︎代表者ID @noel__rino コピペ用 noel__rino

@malwysh Eu descobri que a gente não tem NENHUMA foto recente (recente = depois da rino)

もう、はよ行きなさい(極道の妻たち II) #かたせ梨乃

They want the country divided .They are afraid of us joining up because together we are stronger. People need to reread the Constitution. That's the Democrats and RINO's biggest fear. That we demand our country back, and that's exactly what Trump wants to do. Give it back.

Trump Vows To Support Anyone With A Pulse Who Runs Against RINO Lisa Murkowski https://t.co/HIrZRn2HHN

@KarlousNaderi He’s a RINO, POS TRAITOR! @MittRomney #Terrorists

Sigo con más vecinos! Camila Leocadio Gus Bollito Astrid Carla Luna Azabache Aria Paloma Plumerio Gloria Morania Flopi Pécora Rino Codrila Coni Meralda Sidney Kikolor Amparo Franfuá Ataúlfo Furio Nenúfar Jacobo Vitorino Babú Gruñerto

@kurobara_rino 映像のビットレートが影響してるかもですねー。 配信中、映像が遅れたり戻ったりしてたので音声というより映像が安定してないのかもしれません。

@ProjectLincoln @realDonaldTrump @johnorloff The way most Republicans refer to themselves as "Reaganites" to describe their Republicanism, I've been called a RINO. Then I figured out I was just an Eisenhower Republican. I like Ike, and I'm proud of it!

@miyabin625 みたん様リプライ失礼致します。 今回開催される賞金ルームの確定枠を頂きたく連絡させていただきました🦖 ⋆͛ ︎︎︎︎ ☑︎チーム名 иоёl ︎︎︎︎☑︎代表者ID @noel__rino コピペ用 noel__rino お忙しいところ恐れ入りますが貴重な1枠頂けると幸いでございます🙇‍♂️ よろしくお願いします🐣

@ChuckGrassley We the People see you RINO... You are as corrupt as the rest but we have known that...You fool no one

Starting to look like Obama embedded a whole lot of players but mostly in the FBI and DOD to thwart Trump on his mission to MAGA. Will Barr root them out? RINO Senators are already squealing like a stuck pig.

.. More Man power, you have 37 million people out of work and could have an army! Get to Work! Get Hiring! You want socialism all you RINO’s and Dems? Here you go, you can have 37 million more people working for DOJ and the FBI!🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump @Bill19293640 @VP

@RVAT2020 Fuck all y'all rino pos. Go demonrat then things are so bad for you pouting children. Elitism does not want Trump to win. He gives to the United States. What fukd up failed policies have destroyed America with for decades. You're feeble minded and disgusting. Gtfo, go blue.


@4volvo4 RINOさんおはようございます☺すごく良い眺めですね😊見せてくださってありがとうございます🤗

@RealJamesWoods Ah, he is not talking violent removal he is speaking of the Democratic process where we, in a landslide, vote Trump and all the #rino Trumpist sychophants out of office. Perhaps then Republicans will search deep and find their souls.

@budooonano @puto1u @noel__rino 初めまして、確定枠になりたいということで失礼させていただきました。 チーム名、神奈 代表者ID @2YmyKdD7buNYmTW コピペ用2YmyKdD7buNYmTW 慣れない部分もありますがご検討の程よろしくお願いします。

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#WWG1WGA #QAnon #QAnons #KAG #KAG2020 #Trump2020 #Biden2020 #Democrats #RINO #Leftists #Globalists https://t.co/3o3qCXVvsd https://t.co/8zQ2lLge18

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@RunningEagle11 @lisamurkowski Where have you been genius? These idiots and RINO Lisa already tried and failed. Dumbest rant of the day. TRUMP 2020 https://t.co/4pUXtqTFBk

@sex_o0_0 ☑︎チーム名 иоёl ︎︎︎︎☑︎代表者ID @noel__rino コピペ用 noel__rino

@ftlongdbldong @marcorubio I can’t stand a RINO - - but, YES IT IS!!! Zippy, Why don’t you ask those “LPSI” folks if THEY want to work 🤔 Every one I talk to is HAPPY to back on the job!

@RMajongwe @Mavhure @matipedzapp @sekuru_gudo @i_sibanda Ummmm this will not end well, a glasshouse landlord throwing stones, iri rimwe rino dzoka chete. https://t.co/7qB0n7aUo2