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The owner of Primark says it is placing over £1bn in orders for the autumn and winter season ahead following an "encouraging" start to #coronavirus lockdown re-openings

When the 2nd wave arrives like a tsunami Britain will move from world’s #2 highest COVID deaths to #1. Blame will be apportioning to those queuing at pubs or primark. You have to believe that Brits are exceptionally stupid for this to be true. Obviously state policy is the cause

Primark plans to open five new stores in the US, France and Poland, despite economic uncertainty over coronavirus

@gngaris do you want another primark haul i went again woop woop

The people that are slagging others off for queuing for the pubs to open are the same people who queued last week for primark, let people do their own thing, if they wanna risk their lives let them 🙂 😂

Have to say was the nicest primark experience ever , so quiet, not stress or sweats from me lol

Spent a fortune in primark and I loved every minute, I have bought so much lovely stuff and I deserve it 😁

@TamsellicsonIII Dripping but looks bone dry 🤔 🤣 primark got new clobber in ?? 🤦🏼🤣🤣

@kellycairns The only people that benefit are Primark as you need a new leggings etc... or the funeral directors!

Poi sarò io la prima ipocrita che prima di sapere di 'ste robe si è presa i pigiami e le mutande da primark, ma almeno le sto usando fino allo sfinimento e mi sono ripromessa di non comprarne più.

Currently, in #Truro the queue to #primark far exceeds the queue to #wetherspoons

@Lovehasnowords1 Primark not keen on, i buy M&S knickers and bras as I need measuring assistants , just find they last longer ,only myself to buy for , I have a shopping limit and never go over ,lists a must, know prices before I start .home and bargains a favourite and local shops .

@Stevejtait @Alec_Pedaler Do you get free Covid if you go to primark as well?

?????????????? I’m obsessed with Primark thongs doesn’t mean that I rock up on a night out in leggings and a T-shirt from there too. People like what they like Elle Jean. Allow it.

We should be dreaming big instead of dreaming of primark and pubs.

@KimW_FI The queues in Pub's today gonna look like Primark ones when they re opened! I'd rather chill and enjoy F1 + footie at home

Otra cosa que llevo mal de todos estos meses de colapso, la de ropa interior de Batman que no me he comprado en Primark

@eco_golfer @AaronBates91 I'd rather be in the spoons queue than the Primark queue for some cheap y-fronts 😂

as if i’ve just seen a coat from primark being sold for £60 on depop as y2k loool shoot ur shot gurl

Unless Gap, Primark, C&A #PayUp millions of garment makers will go hungry - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

Went to Primark for new work trousers, came out with everything but

I’ve rinsed people for maccies. I’ve rinsed people for primark. I’ve rinsed people for not liking furlough. Say what the fuck you want because I can’t hear you cos I’m supping my pint. Fuck isis. Katie Hopkins is a slag. Maddy is dead. Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself. Cardi b

Can @Primark make an @animalcrossing range please!!! You’ve done it with Fortnite and Minecraft, would love to see some ac stuff

Before having kids it's like "my kid is going to be the best dressed I'm going to buy so many cute outfits" then you have kids and realise they get stains on their clothes within thirty seconds and it's back into the same old crap Primark outfit they love

@edalsylil_ primark is literally the worst in every possible way, but i miss going in and making fun of their clothing and then buying socks i don’t need. salve labour supporter 2020 😔

Them lads who violated all the women for queuing up for primark are the same lads outside their local spoons now

@JadeRozze I can get most things shipped out here except primark and random things like hairspray

Perque pujeu tantes histories en el Marina Beach Club ixe? Que després porteu roba del Primark, flipats.

La gente que se compra los tenis de Lidl de reventa son los mismos que se compraban las tazas de Chip de Primark

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I recently purchased this bag from @Primark and it's perfect for putting pins on😂 That wasn't my original intention for the purchase, but I think this was meant to be 🤩

@tennantslaugh La maggior parte delle persone comprano durante i saldi e non esistono solo brand come H&M o Zara, ma anche primark che come prezzi sono davvero economici. Per quanto riguarda la bancarella del mercato siamo sicuri che siano prodotti etici? :/

@tricia_morris @85Emz No same as the ppl aren't when they go shopping. The mad rush to the pubs today is nothing compared to the amount that rushed to primark etc when they opened. Let me guess though you don't go pub that's why it's fair game??

@CintiaMMF O meu pai e a minha madrasta foram ao fórum às 21h na 5a e também não havia la ninguém na primark ahaha O pessoal é que não sabe escolher bem as horas

@anti50cialclub Hast du gerade wirklich "alles primark" geschrieben?😭😂

@Primark por favor, no pongáis pijamas con los cordones de adorno que se me caen todos y es muy incómodo, grácias.

Robbie bumped me for his uncle jake again 🙄 seriously going to have to learn to play this PlayStation, 😂😂 oh well looks like I can nip to town maybe even do primark 😂😂

@minisophie_ Bet you said the same to the person next to you whilst queuing for Primark when the beaches were packed, schools opened, protests...

Look at what happened on the beaches. If people queued from the early hours to buy cushions from Primark, what are they going to be like with pubs and bars opening?

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Fuck the pubs I been to primark 🤣🤣

Why do people use the reference poundshop voters on here ? I shop in the poundshop home bargains, primark etc is there something wrong with that 😂 reason many people like myself use these shops is they match our income..

@betsyella30 I can't wait to get them done properly again. These are primark ones I found in my makeup basket 😂

@serendipiteach OG primark!! There's literally a big section with the BTS pop and BT21 figurines, the bt21 t-shirts and all sorts😭😭 I knew I should've bought something

Saying that people maybe don’t need to buy a new outfit from primark/H&M for every night isn’t demonising people with low income. It’s completely fine if people can’t afford to buy sustainable clothes but almost all of us buy way more than we need

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Diese Primark-Kiste fügt sich echt geschmeidig ins Stadtbild

Took my girls to Primark, Laura Ashley and Home Bargains and I’m now ready to go back into full scale Lockdown for another 15 weeks.

If you thought pictures of people queuing outside Primark were emblematic of a narrative skewed to punch down, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Some people are queuing for the pub, I am queuing for primark cos I’ve ran out of pants

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Why I'm really looking forward to @robparkerauthor crime thriller 5 years ago I had helped primark open there new store in Warrington I had stayed there for 8 weeks I had fallen in love with warrington can not wait to read @robparkerauthor thriller series

@naobad94 Comment elles peuvent ??? Créteil tellement bien surtout le nouveau c vraiment troo coool et en plus notre primark il est troo grand

@Primark por favor, no hagáis los cordones de los pijamas de adorno, que se me caen todos y es super incómodo, grácias.

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Store-only retailer Primark today put a figure on the cost of lockdowns across its business. It says while sales were down by 75% in its latest quarter, they were up in England and Wales compared to same time last year. Read more:

people be complaining about others going to pub but will probs queue at primark for their thongs

Falda con zapatillas ¿Si o no? A mí me encanta y es súper cómodo!! 🤗🤗🥰 . . . .Falda: @stradivarius .Cami/zapas: @primark . . #falda #skirt #zapatillas #sneakers #conjunto #moda #outfit #outfitoftheday #ootd…

@_waoo_ Al menos ese es mi precio para ropa de tienda grande en plan inditex, Primark y el resto, si es de diseño, artistas y así ya me gasto más. Como es??

Nothing wrong with wanting to go to the pub or hairdressers etc but like maccy ds and primark...u really are so desparate ud queue for ages on the first morning. Just give it a few days🙄

What a horrible place primark is! curently in a queuing up the length of the shop why meg shops 😭

@dolunay813 @Cinnamontomofo @tennantslaugh Zara è fast fashion medio caro, quelli con prezzi bassissimi sono Alcott e Primark ad esempio

@LambertPierre07 @S_bound_ @Dz_In_Franca @FiuDeCatea_ Ca n'empêche pas aux gens de montrer du respect et pas se comporter comme si on est a primark le premier jour des soldes

@BathCA I bet the Primark queue will be enormous though, even Yeovil has had huge queues at times!

Pues cuánta gente tiene el tanga de batman del primark 😦

@Leanne33859627 @guardian @lucyfrazermp @RobertBuckland @BorisJohnson Indeed. We can get drunk, go shopping at primark, get haircuts, but cannot see our loved ones in prison! Go figure!

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Just here in the moment ✨ Crop - @isawitfirst Jeans - @Primark #isawitfirst #primark

De vergüenza lo de @primark gran vía en Madrid. Prohíben entrada en una planta por aforo, pero estamos todos apiñados en las escaleras mecánicas. Tiene todo mucho sentido.

Pues nada, a trabajar, pero luego al primark, voy a cambiar la talla del peto por una más pequeña a ver qué tal. Y de paso me compro otro en negro

Just waiting on the people defending folk for rushing out to Primark to start defending those in the pubs this morning.

Lotta people lining up for a haircut that made fun of primark lines

Why does every cunt have a issue these days? Going to pubs, going to McDonald’s, going to primark....let people crack on with there life and stop being such judgemental cunts! fuck me man.

I still haven’t been Primark or IKEA 🤷🏼‍♂️

Ptddrrrr je suis loin d’être une victime wAllah. Mais t’es déconnecté des réalités. Apres si on parle d’un boulot de vendeur chez Primark ok. Si on parle d’un boulot d’ingenieur d’Affaires chez Thales ou dans un grand cabinet de conseil, tu serais tres surpris de voir les taux

@byte_mii No way near as bad as the ques were outside Primark when it opened

@lucyypussyy JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA los tangas del Primark mandan

@DailyMail Looks beautiful as always she could be in £10 primark number and still look stunning one beautiful lady

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Ir monísima a la playa por menos de 15 euros es posible con estos bikinis y bañadores de Primark

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Ir monísima a la playa por menos de 15 euros es posible con estos bikinis y bañadores de Primark

Do I change going to primark whilst I’m in Mansfield on Tuesday? Lily-May is in desperate need of some 3-6 month clothes!

@space_chihuahua @Ripple_Rachel @Northern_Monky @OwenJones84 How many opened at 6am? How many drinking beer ? More dangerous going to supermarkets or primark. At least pubs are controlled environments. Think you're thinking pre lockdown. Nothing like that.

life without entertainment would be dull,keep entertainers busy book one today :) RT @Chonkybeatz1: Ready to Busk, ready to beatbox! #busking #birmingham #Uk #beats #beatboxer #beatbox #primark #chonkybeatz #bass…

I'm in Primark and I can confirm, it's definitely not worth the risk 😭 (unless you really need that top that says 'be kind' - They are fucking everywhere 😭) I'm eyeing up McDonald's and accessing da ting... Is it THAT deep 🤔 (ibe already answered. Yes. Yes it is)