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BJP to telecast PM Modi's address in every polling booth in West Bengal The New Indian Express
3 hours ago · ... virtual address to the people of West Bengal at 12 noon on Thursday in every polling booth across the state's 294 Assembly constituencies.
Guns at the polling booth are prohibited WLNS
4 days ago · Michigan (WLNS)–Today Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson put out clarification directions- saying that the pen Carry of firearms at polling...
Orange County Mayor and Congresswoman Val Demings attend early voting WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando
5 hours ago · “When you go into the polling booth, between each voter that votes, that polling booth is re-sanitized,” Demings said. First day of early voting...
The Auckland polling booth with a knack for predicting how the country will vote The Spinoff
2 weeks ago · The better Labour did nationally, the more out-of-step the polling booth became. For a long time in New Zealand's political history, Hamilton...
Full list of pre-polling booth locations in QLD Queensland Times
2 weeks ago · Full list of pre-polling booth locations in QLD. by Chyna Hayden. 9th Oct 2020 8:55 AM | Updated: 21st Oct 2020 12:07 PM. With the Queensland state election...
The Virus in The Polling Booth | The Reader’s Weekly COVID Roundup: Sept. 28, 2020 Omaha Reader
3 weeks ago · But still, hard to deny that COVID-19 will have a presence in the polling booth this fall (hopefully only metaphorically and also uhhhhh please...
Two arrested for parking too close to polling booth The Punch
1 week ago · The two men drove into the premises around 2pm and parked their vehicle near a polling booth, where PDP candidate, Eyitayo Jegede had voted in the morning...
QLD election 2020: Full list of pre-polling booth locations Courier Mail
3 weeks ago · Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 9am to 6pm. Tuesday and Thursday – 9am to 9pm. Saturday, October 24 – 9am to 5pm. Full list of polling booth...
Allan urges voters to head to the polling booth Gisborne Herald
6 days ago · The list MP said her campaign team had contacted more than 2500 people since voting opened to let people know where their nearest polling...
Elderly man who was allegedly drink driving due to face court after driving into Gold Coast polling booth Gold Coast Bulletin
1 week ago · THE driver who ruined the front of a Gold Coast polling booth will appear in court after being taken from the scene by police. The Bundall...

BJP sources said they have made arrangements across the state for more than 25 party workers and voters to watch the address in each of the over 78,000 polling booths. https://t.co/DUzBgkZXmO

15. Once the ballot box leaves the voting booth power is effectively taken away from the people. And anything can happen between polling booth and collation center. This we’ve seen several times. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS

Last few days, I've been reminded of this @NihaMasih piece: Election workers in India traveled 300 miles over 4 days to set up a polling booth — for one voter "Rules mandate that no voter should have to travel more than 1.24 miles to vote." https://t.co/uDBReLS9XL

@HWick_Chris @KimmyPompey @SocialM85897394 Another? Where did you get I am left? Did you follow me to the polling booth? Everyone hates the tories now #ToriesOut

@traceyguy69_guy Too many people have short memories when they’re in the polling booth sadly 🙄😡

Why are American celebrities sharing so many videos about ‘making a plan to vote’. Do they not just go to a polling booth like here?

If I Got Super Sick Today! With WHYEVER The 1st Place ID go Is The Polling Booth To Vote @realDonaldTrump #AmericaFirst #Freedom #Liberty #PursuitOfHappiness For All!

@PhilC1963 @NicolaSturgeon @scotgov I know about the mandates, I'm talking about the polls. I'm desperate to get to the polling booth though, gies it! 😂

@J_Kovar @JoeBiden Great. Last I checked, I was alone in the polling booth. You do you and I already did the same. Your vote is yours and mine is mine. 🙂

@anniehnet @JoeBiden @mjhegar @SiegelForTexas @JosePGarza @ChrystaForTexas I have never queued in my life to vote. In NZ they have elections always on a Saturday and every primary school is a polling booth from 8-7pm. In the US it’s a disgrace

2023 go come them go still wan RIG election make all of us dey alert APC PDP e don do e better make military rule us make we know say na Military make we man polling booth if them never do electronic voting this WAR is going to be a LONG ONE

I keep having to duck out of politics, not because I have the luxury of ignoring it, but because I feel so fucking powerless to change anything, these assholes barely give a fuck for the five seconds I'm in a polling booth.

@MrStache9 I never trust polls, no matter what they say. Pollsters always know who to contact. They're not random. The only poll that is ever even remotely accurate is the one done in the sanctity of the polling booth.

@RobAllsopp @fionamusiclakes @AngelaRayner @BorisJohnson @RobertJenrick It may well have aged badly but my memory won’t when we reflect on the voting in the HOC today on feeding vulnerable children when I’m next at the polling booth.

I had free school dinners as a kid. My Mum worked 3 jobs to keep a roof over our heads. Free dinners in the holidays would have been a Godsend for her. MPs had the chance to to help people like my Mum. They chose not to. Please remember that next time you enter a polling booth.

@JackPosobiec Where is everybody at oh that’s right there at the polling booth voting for Trump ha ha ha ha

@not_kaylynn @NellieGorbea @RISecState @RI_BOE "You can bring your notes, a voter's guide, or a sample ballot into the voting booth....Some polling places do restrict cell phone use, so bring paper copies instead of using your phone. Check the rules with your local election office before you go." (https://t.co/vPpfkPXZRB) 2/2

@SUEtheTrex so how do you vote? Like is being to big to fit in the polling booth the reason you put when you request a mail in ballot?

@americai @googlenews What matters more is the likes in the polling booth and Modi gets that abundance.

@IndianExpress Imagine, the same could be done for coronavirus.Every polling booth providing free mask and senitizer and conducting covid tests on demand.

@BernieSanders Like a true, unscared American. Drive to the polling booth, vote Donald Trump, drive to work. Of course, liberals don’t have to work so they can just mail-in their votes. Very, VERY corrupt, but thats the only way that the left can win.

@Doranimated @SidneyPowell1 Everyone on this planet knows Nov 3d is election date thanks to being cajoled on tv & radio spots on when election is held & how to vote via polling booth, absentee ballot or mail in voting. There is absolutely no rationale for this decision. NONE xcept to help Harris/Biden, IMHO

@BeingAnjela @ishreyashroff 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😕😕😕 Polling booth se hoke ayi ho 😂🤐🤐🤐🤐 main kahan kuch bolra 🙄

Disappointed to see that someone in the neighborhood is stealing and defacing yard signs and then just leaving them along the road. Disrespectful. I hope that they learn that it isn’t about the signs, but what happens in the polling booth. @JoeBiden #vote https://t.co/AhKLRwGlBD

Disappointed to see that someone in the neighborhood is stealing and defacing yard signs and then just leaving them along the road. Disrespectful. I hope that they learn that it isn’t about the signs, but what happens in the polling booth. @JoeBiden #vote https://t.co/AhKLRwGlBD

The BJP has made elaborate arrangements for the live-viewing of PM Modi’s virtual address to the people of West Bengal on Thursday in every polling booth across the state’s 294 Assembly constituencies. https://t.co/qGbTeHrGMG

@TheDemocrats need to address the reality that Trump and his political operatives will continue to exercise every lawful effort to defraud America at the polling booth. He will also seek to retain the White House via the Supreme Court, a Crime if the Democrats Win.

Stupid American! Does he not know at the Polling Booth Station, no form of advertisement is allowed! https://t.co/dhhcvnZxNX

also I feel I should amend: I went to actual polling places with my dad as a kid, and they had this mock voting booth for kids where you could learn how to punch the ballot but all the names were fake. I have never done this in a real election

@jasonarbuthnot @johncusack Thanks for info. In Texas it’s not illegal to picture your absentee ballot. It is illegal to snap a selfie in the voter booth or polling place. No electronics are allowed.

@VotingBlueInTX My husband likes the feeling of going to the polling booth, voting, putting it in the slot and wearing the I voted sticker on his shirt. Whatever lifts his skirts. 🗽💙🗽

My polling place changed this year. That means I won't have to be subjected to watching the overt #Democrat fraud as drooling neurologically compromised elderly are wheeled into the voting booth to "vote" via their "helper" in #Election2020.

@thatwasmypoint @TerryDiMonte I can't profess to read the minds of 338 MPs let alone my own. Latest is the NDP will not support the CON motion. If they had, you couldn't keep me away from the polling booth. #LestWeForget

@karlitaliliana @NathalieMolina It sounds like you have more faith in polling data than I do. Maybe I’m jaded by polls in the past that have been very disconnected from what we see at the booth. So if you don’t think it’s class or blue vs white collar thinking. What do you think is causing divide?

I wish Nigerians will not forget black Tuesday (20/10/2020) so soon. I wish Nigerians will not allow 1 packet of spaghetti, 2cupsof rice, 1notebook with party picture, 1k at the polling booth, 1box of matches jeopardize our future more in 2023 #rememberourfallenheros

@maxene71 @GovMurphy @NJGov @UnionCountyBOE @NJ_Plainfield Lmao...yes it was such a chore to go to a polling place. Walk into a booth and push some buttons. That was way harder!!

@MenckenWasRight @centsible I would tend to agree w/you, but confidence will not drive turn out. Fear will drive turnout better than complacency. The best message for Biden now is that the race is close & some of Trump's support is not reflected in polls. That'll get their Butts into the polling booth! VOTE

@DouglasEmhoff I’m voting Nov 3rd because I want to push the button in my polling booth for Biden/Harris.

Some context: Per editor, article is out of date from 2016, some states changed. Speaks about inside polling booth or open ballot choices, not the envelope being mailed. https://t.co/saBtg1zC6b

Arrived and was at a polling booth in less than five minutes at the Ben Hur Shrine near Shoal Creek. If you're in the ATX area and want to get in, vote, and get out fast now is a good time.

GO VOTE YOU TURDS. https://t.co/mi6q2wByDD

Arrived and was at a polling booth in less than five minutes at the Ben Hur Shrine near Shoal Creek. If you're in the ATX area and want to get in, vote, and get out fast now is a good time. GO VOTE YOU TURDS. https://t.co/mi6q2wByDD

@PollySpin @physicsgeek Which is why I will lie and say I'm voting for Biden in any polling I receive while going into the voting booth in a couple weeks and voting for Trump.

@MikeNerdlaw That reminds me, do you know how to vote? Voting is great and everyone should do it. Votes voted to vote in the polling booth. #votecowboyvotehatvotecaterpiedidyouvoteyetbecauseyoushouldreallyvotesogotovotedotcomslashvotevote

[email protected] Only Poll that matters is in the polling place voting booth or mail your ballot early to be counted. We CANNOT GET COMPLACENT! Far TOO MANY MAGATS who won’t ADMIT TO LIKING THE HATE, RACISM, THE CHILDISH ANTICS but in the ANONYMITY OF VOTING BOOTH/MAIL. MUST VOTE! https://t.co/NR1FI3fTw1

@KamalaHarris @DouglasEmhoff My plan is to go to the polling booth and vote

@chelseahandler First time voting, huh? Let me explain to you how this works, honey. You can't wear a MAGA hat or shirt intentionally or facetiously into any polling booth. It's called electioneering and it's prohibited. Seems like folks who are making informed decisions should understand this

Let your friends & family know: they have a right to bring an interpreter to the polling booth w/ them. Interpreters, who are friends or family, may help communicate w/ poll workers & help translate the ballot: https://t.co/H6FYmKr1eU #DemocracyNYC #WeAreVoters #WeAreNewYorkers https://t.co/5wWZ42ylU6