Phase 2 of reopening

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BREAKING: Atlanta Mayor @KeishaBottoms is preparing to rollback city’s reopening plans to help slow the surge of coronavirus cases; the city is currently in phase 2 of its 5 step reopening plan, but now they will go back to phase 1, according to mayor’s spokesperson. @wsbtv

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As Montgomery County continues in Phase 2 of reopening, it's important to wear face coverings to stop the spread of #COVID19. For more 😷 info, visit the COVID-19 Information Portal: ➡

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DC reports seven days of declining coronavirus spread after Phase 2 reopening

@julietast2 @SamMunhi @NateSilver538 NYC is still in phase 2 of reopening. We just opened in restaurant dining for the first time this week. Cuomo has strictly followed guidelines. And we don't have as many anti masker looneys up here.

The City of Windsor is slowly attempting to emerge on the other side of the coronavirus crisis recently entering phase 2 of the province of Ontario’s reopening plan. With this said how is the transition back to some sense of normalcy going? How have premier Doug Ford’s actions

Phase 2 of reopening... via RexChapman 04 #FixThePolice