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Patrick Ewing's big Knicks regret was not knowing it was over New York Post
2 days ago · Years later, Patrick Ewing would sit beside the long oak desk in a corner of the Georgetown basketball office. He'd spoken with great...
“I Wish I Knew I Was Playing My Last Game”: New York Knicks Legend Gets Emotional Remembering His Final Days with the Team Essentially Sports
1 day ago · Patrick Ewing, who is undoubtedly a New York Knicks legend, recently stated that he regrets one thing from his final match for the team.
Patrick Ewing speaks out on his biggest regret with Knicks ClutchPoints
2 days ago · Two decades after his time with the New York Knicks ended, Patrick Ewing appears to still hold some regrets about his departure.
Coaches Ewing and Turgeon release statements following George Floyd's death
3 days ago · Patrick Ewing and Mark Turgeon released statements following the death of George Floyd on Monday.
“We Will Not Ignore Senseless Violence”: New York Knicks Legend Releases a Strong Statement on George Floyd’s Death Essentially Sports
2 days ago · New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing released a statement on George Floyd's death saying everybody has a resposibility to speak against...
Knicks Rumor Roundup: Tom Thibodeau, Patrick Ewing, and more Daily Knicks
3 days ago · Catching you up on the latest rumors and buzz surrounding the New York Knicks.
Georgetown Hoyas men's basketball coach Patrick Ewing out of hospital after coronavirus diagnosis ESPN
1 week ago · Basketball Hall of Famer and Georgetown Hoyas head coach Patrick Ewing is at home after being hospitalized for the coronavirus.
Knicks Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing out of hospital after contracting Covid-19 The Guardian
1 week ago · Georgetown basketball coach and former NBA star Patrick Ewing has been released from hospital and is recovering from Covid-19 at home.
Basketball legend Patrick Ewing hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus NBC News
2 weeks ago · Basketball legend Patrick Ewing, 57, has been hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus, he said Friday.
New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing tests positive for coronavirus Fox News
2 weeks ago · On Friday, New York Knicks legend and Georgetown's head basketball coach Patrick Ewing announced he's been diagnosed with the novel...

Georgetown Basketball Coach and NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing Returns Home After Being Treated For COVID-19

Had the best time writing this series about (my favorite person in the world) Patrick Ewing:

@BCampbellCBS If you didn’t call him Patrick Ewing in a Supersonics jersey Idk if I can listen

@greatnessproce1 They did, and gave you Patrick Ewing. They even looked the other way on a potential under the table deal that would have allowed NYK to effectively pay Jordan more than twice what counted against their cap. $10 mil contract with a $15 mil sponsorship from another business owned

@Thawootang @temujinbk @GinoGeherin @ProFootballTalk @BrownsAccess patrick ewing was in the hospital, chief

@AngelDemoni0 @Gzu_Irala @nyknicks @NBA Es lo mismo, si nisiquiera gano con los knicks patrick ewing

As much as I hate the AC I had to turn it on. I'm sweating like Patrick Ewing at the free throw line

According to the results from a “patrick ewing” search on twitter he is doing fine. Recently did an interview on his biggest regret with the knicks. And had a good statement in BLM 👍🏻

The good: I didn’t hurt myself ... I think ... The bad: I sweat like Patrick Ewing on the free throw line in the fourth quarter The ugly: Man, are my legs pasty white ...

@Thawootang @ProFootballTalk @BrownsAccess Tom Hanks? Donovan Mitchell? Rudy Gobert? Patrick Ewing?

I be wanting a pair of Patrick Ewing’s jus to say I have a pair but I been seeing so many dust buckets rockin em on some black Air Force 1 type of dumb ass creased

That season the 8th seed Knicks without Patrick Ewing made the finals. Honestly I kind of expect this to be a shit show. We don't know who's been working, we don't know who hasn't, we don't know what the injury repercussions are or could be.

Lia, quale sarebbe la top-5 all-time dei tuoi Knicks preferiti? — Ma che bella domanda! Vediamo un po’, senza pensarci troppo: PG: Stephon Marbury SG: John Starks SF: Carmelo Anthony PF: Kristaps Porzingis C: Patrick Ewing

1994 Hakeem went through David Robinson, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and Patrick Ewing 1995 Hakeem went through Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, and Shaq He went through 5 Hall of Famers to get his rings. 5 top 50 guys all time. With or without MJ, still amazing.

@bigggwillystyle @SNYtv @IanBegley Marbury RJ Melo Stoutamdire and Patrick Ewing are going to be a formidable starting 5

@JeffreyBellone I have a different goes: 1. Jerry Stackhouse 2. Patrick Ewing 3. (Tie) Juwan Howard / Penny Hardaway 4. Mike Woodson 5. Kenny Atkinson 6. Mike Miller

A strong and powerful statement from Patrick Ewing Jr. and @GeorgetownHoops alumni.

I’d say “Patrick Ewing” but I don’t want Ewing having to work for Dolan

Is Patrick Ewing doing better?? Because it was reported he had the coronavirus like 2 weeks ago

@Que11670156 @Lafur25 @jrichardgoodman That Patrick Ewing Knick team would beat every team in the east besides the teams lebron was on in the east let’s be real

@kast283 @Lafur25 @jrichardgoodman What’s a harder road? Going through a Knicks team who best player was Patrick Ewing? Surrounded by role guys&u have da best defenders,da best shooters,yourself&the best coach? How hard was it for that team to advance and no other team had a 2nd option anything close to Pippen

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@CoachEwing33 Patrick Ewing, my father Coach Joe Patton and I back in the late 80’s or early 90’s at Hillsborough Community College gym ❤️ 🏀 🥰 #AmericanBasketball

@SdotBallTalk Patrick Ewing will be traded in 3 months, the team outside of a few random seasons will be shit for the next 20 years.

@BarstoolBigCat Larry bird as Pauly Walnuts, Patrick Ewing as Bobby

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*scribbles out Mike Woodson’s name, writes Patrick Ewing in crayon so Dolan will understand*

#OJOALDATO Con el anillo de campeón que recibió la temporada pasada, Drake quedó por encima de Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Allen Iverson, CP3, Westbrook, Patrick Ewing, Vince Carter, Reggie Miller, Harden, Steve Nash, John Stockton, y tantos otros, en la historia de la NBA

@CJHODGY Yeah could see the Hornets getting some luck soon. Always thought the lottery was dodgy after reading about the Patrick Ewing to the Knicks draft

Fronted my boys 33lbs outta state now they call me Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing - Standing Tall (Subtitulado en Español) a través de @YouTube

teto said i heard u puffin on that mid boy wtf u doin, i ain’t never fck with reggie boy like patrick ewing😭🔥🔥

List #1: Division 1 Head Coaches coaching at their Alma Mater's: Penny Hardaway: Memphis Matt Painter: Purdue Juwan Howard: Michigan Patrick Ewing: Georgetown Roy Williams: UNC Bobby Huggins: West Virginia LeVelle Moton: NCCU Jamie Dixon: TCU Dan Muller: Illinois St

I LOVEEE Roy Williams...but if he say some foul shit towards my race & Levelle Moton or Patrick Ewing called him out on it...imagine my brown ass trying to bring THEM 2 down. TUH.

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Mitchell & Ness Patrick Ewing New York Knicks NBA Throwback HWC Jersey – Blue (X-Large) #knicks #knicksnation #knicksfan

Cosas que aprendes viendo The last dance: 1) los bulls tenían un equipazo por todas partes. 2) steve kerr, Tony kukoc y Ron Harper estaban muy infravalorados. 3) al pobre Patrick Ewing no le salía nada bien 😭.

@SLAMonlineph @NBAHistory the #1 reason why patrick ewing was often posterized was because he always played defense. he never gave up on plays until the opponent either scored or was successfully stopped.

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@nycgreekeats Euroleague title doesn’t ever make u the best individual player. Luc Longley will never be better then Patrick Ewing

@WorldofCollege1 @cbbtogether Patrick Ewing was the most feared defender of all time

@jakebeddard @nedjo144 @heelsbasket @TheHoopCentral If Patrick Ewing was your best player and then your next best player is John Starks then lmaooo y’all are trash.

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Patrick Ewing Mosaic Green lot $5 shipped for both OBO. MAKE AN OFFER😃

@KingJames stick to basketball. Nothing worse than another Patrick Ewing.

#HotTake Patrick Ewing is the greatest center to ever play the game of basketball...

What If 2000 NBA Finals Knicks (lost to IND in 6) vs. Blazers (lost to LAL in 7), who wins? NY - Latrell Sprewell - Larry Johnson - Allan Houston - Patrick Ewing - Charlie Ward POR - Rasheed Wallace - Scottie Pippen - Steve Smith - Arvydas Sabonis - Damon Stoudamire

Mannnn I haven’t seen nobody wear no Patrick Ewing’s in so long😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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The famous @ScottiePippen over Patrick Ewing dunk 🔥 Follow @topdunkvideos for more daily highlights!

@JJerke @RicBucher It’s flawed analysis . Patrick Ewing was one of the greatest mid range shooters ever . Why is he not on ?

A guy just told me *akshually* BLM protests are about poverty, not race. He knows this bc he saw white guy at a march wearing an "end poverty" shirt. ... I marched in an air jordan shirt ... i hope someone somewhere thinks that means we were marching against patrick ewing.

@RodrigoCortesLe Y de Reebook, y de Adidas, y de horace grant, scottie pippen, Patrick Ewing, Los Pistons, Jerry Krause, Toni Kukoc, la lista es larga y aun no la acabo de ver...

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Hall-of-Fame Centers Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon at center court during the 1994 NBA Finals at Madison Square Garden. #NBA #90s #Knicks #Rockets #NYC

@imbobswaget patrick ewing was the grade below him in high school, he prolly got mad

"They have been recruiting me for a while and today my family and I were on the phone with coach Patrick Ewing and the whole coaching staff,” Holloway said. “We all talked and I decided to commit."

Hoya's newest commit, Collin Holloway (@CollinHolloway1), said in an interview with @FambroughAdv: “They have been recruiting me for a while and today my family and I were on the phone with coach Patrick Ewing and the whole coaching staff. We all talked and I decided to commit."

“That is obviously a big plus of going to Georgetown. I wouldn’t say that knowing Patrick Ewing personally, I wouldn’t say that has any influence in my recruiting.”

Julius Erving, Patrick Ewing, Kyrie Irving. That *ing team 🔥🔥🔥

The great Patrick Ewing. He knows of what he speaks.

@Espngreeny sorry if I missed it, but I figured for sure you would have a tip of the cap to Wes, he was a chief rival of the Knicks in your MSG heyday - great lunch box player, somewhat overshadowed by only the all time greats of his era - much like Patrick Ewing imho-

James Dolan circles back on his original non-statement, plus some cool insight about Patrick Ewing and a PG prospect no one is talking about on today's Morning #Knicks

Knicks Legend & Georgetown HC Patrick Ewing Joins Q. Rich and D. Miles | Knuckleheads Quarantine Podcast: E1 ... via @YouTube

@jtcats24 @BaconBit22 Lost to a Patrick Ewing Charles Oakley Knicks team and the Detroit Pistons that won it all with two hall of farmers. Jordan lost to dirk and Jason Terry with the big 3 lol

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One of my great sports crusades has been to refute the notion that has developed over the past 15 years that it is a foregone conclusion that David Robinson had a better career than Patrick Ewing. An important piece of evidence is that in 1991, the @SINow cover... (Cont'd)

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"...Estamos con aquellos que lloran la muerte de George Floyd y otros que han perdido sus vidas en actos trágicos de injusticia racial. Es tiempo de que se escuche nuestra voz“, escribió Patrick Ewing, leyenda de los Knicks, en sus redes sociales.

Morning #Knicks: Jim Dolan pivots, Patrick Ewing remembers and much more, from @chrismol44

“I Wish I Knew I Was Playing My Last Game”: New York Knicks Legend Gets Emotional Remembering His Final Days with the Team

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Patrick Ewing reveals his biggest regret with the Knicks - NBA News -

@FlyThaiMMA @kburton40 Swing, not Patrick Ewing. some claim it would be horrible for Biden to still win even without progressives votes but I disagree. He will essentially have won solely due to running against Trump and they’ll know they won’t win again without us

Shout out to Leonard Hamilton, Jerry Stackhouse, Lorenzo Romar, Patrick Ewing, Joe Tartemella, Juwan Howard and the many others at at the D2 and D3 levels!

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look at this ugly obese #nigger lmao who would decide to put female patrick ewing in charge

First off 19 shots is waaayyyy too many! If young bull did have a gun where the fvck he get it from? I need more details 🤦🏽‍♂️ cuz if it comes out he was unarmed this shxt gonna get PATRICK EWING UGLY IN NY!!

@Rae_volution Greg Anthony, John Stark, Anthony Mason, Xavier McDaniels, Charles Oakley, and Patrick Ewing... Michael Jordan what's the devil!

Patrick Ewing fala sobre seu maior arrependimento com os Knicks

Patrick Ewing fala sobre seu maior arrependimento com os Knicks

@TimeoutSPORTS3 He could have been a Hall-of-Famer. So could Sam Bowie. And Ralph Sampson. Len Bias could have turned out like them: His pro hopes dashed by injuries. Or, he could have turned out like Patrick Ewing: A college star who became a great pro player but never won a title.

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4. Patrick Ewing Pretty mediocre mean face and also no rings but he’s tall

I might fuck your bitch in a white tee and some Patrick Ewing’s.

@lindseyadler He needs to keep getting dunked on (get well soon tho Patrick Ewing!)