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@yokotaro Happy 50th Birthday! Thank you very much! I love your work and I'm looking forward to NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139... :)

A very happy 50th to the absolute madlad @yokotaro Thanks for all the existential crises so far. Can't wait for Nier Replicant remaster and YoRhA Dark Apocalypse Part 2 in FFXIV. May you drink much beer today.

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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… incluirá numerosos secretos completamente nuevos - - #NieRReplicant

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NieR Replicant復刻くるけど こっちも復刻して欲しい...9S欲しいんだ...

次のNieR Replicantコラボ復刻は課金メアで実験兵器6号出るから期待しといて()

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Happy Birthday to the legend himself @yokotaro ! Loved his work from Nier to Automata. Looking forward to Nier Replicant Remake 🖤🥰

I was expecting to get NieR Replicant 1.22 new trailer at the Nier & Yoko Taro birthday... Oh well, maybe still not the right time 😔

@nishida_games 特化ガチャ・・・ スノウガチャ・・・ NieR Replicantガチャ・・・ こりゃ石足りませんね\(^o^)/クソオワタ

報告 NieR Replicant内の釣りの仕様がAutomataと違いすぎて1匹も釣れない

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【#TOWERanime新宿】本日6/6は我らがヨコオタロウ氏の誕生日!オメデトウゴザイマス‼今年はNieRシリーズ10周年に加えてNieRのアプリ新作やNieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...等々、楽しみがどんどん待ってる!(予定!)新宿店は今年の記念すべき年もガンガンNieR推しで進みますネ~! #NieR

@Dreamfreak6 Mmmm si dijera en Verdad todos el top seria basicamente los 5 persona jaja Asi que seraa 1-Persona 3 2-Bloodborne 3-Nier replicant 4-Twilight Princess

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#シノアリス3周年 NieR RepliCant版スクショ(2)&(イベントネタバレ一枚注意) ヨナァァァァ!!!(発作) 運営さん3周年おめでとうございました!いつもお疲れ様です。 NieR RepliCant復刻の際は、多重配布は特にお気をつけくださいね!(悪夢で特に印象深いもの) これからも楽しみにしてます!

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#シノアリス3周年 NieR RepliCant版をスクショしまくってきた。(1)

NieR Replicant OP ニーアレプリカント オープニング @YouTubeより

MAN what if accord shows up in the nier replicant remake thatd be wacky ahajaahaahahhhahah...... eu não tenho CONDIÇÕES PSICOLÓGICAS

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They Gave me: - NieR Gestalt/Replicant - Persona 5 Royal - Xenoblade Chronicles - Final Fantasy 7 Reply and i'll give you four games

thinking abt this: kaine in replicant just comes off really funny since she straight up attacks bro nier (a child) and acts all cool n tough around him (a child) i know theres not much of an age gap at that point in replicant but like... its amusing that he is a Threat™️

@GrimoireLuciL - NieR Gestalt/Replicant - Persona 5 Royal - Xenoblade Chronicles - Final Fantasy 7

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I hope that after Nier replicant remaster gets released everyone would know how genius taro is. And for the picture, if he isn’t working really hard and made such masterpieces, what would he make if he “ works really hard?! GLORY TO MANKIND!!!

*me at gamestop* sir please can i have nier replicant version one point two two four seven four four eight seven one three nine

Damn girl you got that Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 pussy

【ニーア・レプリカント カイネ救済】Kainé Salvation -NieR Replicant&Gestalt-【BGM】 Y... @YouTubeより この方の演奏がすごい好きなんだよな

@Kakashifan727 from one of the short stories from grimoire nier, "the red and the black" pretty heavy stuff but worth checking out if you're a replicant fan

NieR:Replicantの実況見だしてしまった 本体持ってれば自分でやりたいんだけどなかなかね…笑

Fuck if Nier Replicant really comes out this year I'm actually going to have to choose between that or Xenoblade Remastered as my favorite game this year

@SagaSagaci When you do, I recommend you play a game called NieR: Replicant. It's a remake of the original from 2010 and serves as the prequel to NieR: Automata. Also, it's funny, awesome and feels-train all at once.

one of the big reasons im excited for replicant remake is bcs itll be my first time experiencing the story with bro nier!! i cant wait he seems like a lovely man

lo siento a mí los remakes que cambian la historia no me gustan por eso me da miedo el remake del nier replicant

i'm not feeling well but at least i always have the nier replicant ost

@AOktavianni @dkground @tindy_pic Brother Nier from NieR: Replicant

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※Cosplay※ [NieR RepliCant] ------------------------------- 例え無駄だったのだとしても。 この旅路は、 紛れもなく、 宝物であったと。 ------------------------------- Happy Birthday, Nier. and... #ニーア_コスプレ #gelus_cos

Day 30: Ashes of Dreams - NIER Gestalt/NIER Replicant Tragedy in every sense of the word, and ultimately, no one wins. Fighting in vain.

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"surely the numbers in Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139... means something maybe it's the square root of 1.5 to signify an upgrade or mayb-" yoko taro:

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15) NieR: RepliCant collaboration event revival The NieR: RepliCant collaboration event 'A Dream Gone Missing' which first debuted in Feb 2019 will rerun! In addition, another character will make their debut...? #3周年生シノアリス

[次にやるRPG] NieR Replicantはリメイクでやることにしたので、Tales of the Abyssで決定 #生スバル

NieR ReplicantとNieR Gestaltの違いってお父さんかお兄ちゃんかの違いだとずっと思ってたけど違うのか🤔

my bitch ass thought this was nier replicant at first sjkjdhsd

『NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139...』公式サイト。 #ニーアレプリカント #ニーア #NieR una obra de arte es esta canción, por favor, cuando salga nier replicant, dadle una oportunidad, el original es de los mejores juegos que he jugado en mi vida, no espereis otro autómata, este juego es más distinto de lo que parece

Beware that Nier Automata spoil Nier Replicant/Gestalt at some point though !!

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Pues Nier Replicant terminado y borrado xDD 20mo juego pasado del año. Le daré un repaso bueno cuando salga la versión mejorada. Está ahí ahí con Nier autómata(Quizás, incluso mejor) Su banda sonora bestial está al nivel de Bloodborne y Undertale Ha merecido la pena emularlo

Cuidado con las expectativas que puedas tener con Nier: Replicant, quizás no sea lo que esperas. #NierReplicant

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12. Nier: Automata. Ich bereue keine Sekunde. In meinen Augen ein wahrer Schatz. Ich freue mich bereits auf das Remake des Vorgängers Nier: Replicant

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★ "Niere Replicant" BRING ARTS Nier & Emile Painted finished product [Square Enix] (190502 reservation open) 🛒Visit Here: #Niere #NierandEmile #Emile #Anime #AnimeFigure #ArtFigure #MyFigureCollection #FigureCollection #SkyGiftShop

mannnnnnn nnnn what if there were an ending to nier gestalt where a replicant contracted white chlorination disease and there was a seed of destruction . cause honestly idk why theyd put out that info without putting it to use

今日の作業用BGMはーーーNieR replicant! エンジンかけていくぞぉー!🏎=з

NieR: Replicant - Kaine / Salvation - Kaine / Escape

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.../ニーア レプリカント ver.1.22474487139...: ティザ...

@RaginBull1337 It is not that what happens is the companies do not take advantage of the potential of the swich for example: the borderlans took it out and it goes to 60 stable fps and NieR Replicant that they are going to take it out in swich and minecraft that goes to 60 stable fps

@YoRi_personal Si siii! Le tengo muuchas ganas al remaster de Nier Gestalt/replicant que van a traer 😍😍😍 ya lo quiero ❤️ creo que es el juego al que le tengo más ganas junto con Zelda BOWT2

@ohtarou_kiricot @nike_ionatou パソコンセット、テレビ、ホームシアターが当たる 最大3333の石がもらえる 3匹の子豚のハーフナイトメア スノウ、かぐや姫ガチャ、グレーテル課金 武器がもらえる 新しいスターターパック カフェのコラボ 新しいコロシアム NieR Replicant コラボ マンガと小説のコードはPC版で利用可能 でしょうかね。

この手の「お約束」とか「王道」が異常に好きな人おるよな まあ、俺なんですけど 大まかな展開は王道でありながら、違う物語がメインに展開されてるとか(NieR Replicantとか) お約束を踏襲して、敢えて途中でそれを破るとか

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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… incluirá numerosos secretos completamente nuevos - - #NieRReplicant

@ShintaiReviews Absolutely. Especially when it comes to gameplay and stuff like that, Automata kills it. I just have a very deep fondness for the characters and world (and the music). It's why I'm excited about the Replicant remake (although my selfishness wishes we got Papa NieR).

@clearpurity2 Can you tell I just really wanna cosplay with you someday???? 😂 Be it Shion/Gaignun and MOMO, or Chris and Hibiki, or Nier and Yonah— IT WOULD ALL MAKE ME SO HAPPY!! 😅 I hope Yonah gets included in the Replicant event in the English release!! I think THERES A POSSIBILITY! 🙏

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Pour le rerun de l'évent NieR Replicant qui arrive prochainement un nouveau personnage a été ajouté il s'agit de Yonah !

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Who else has played both, or either, the NieR and Drakengard games? If so, what was your favorite game from each title? Mine were Drakengard 3 and NieR: Replicant (which is getting an upgraded version soon that will be available on Xbox, PS, and PC. And I am so excited!)



@JimSterling Oh I'm so sorry Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 isn't good enough of a name for you.


bueno, ahora que Gabri tiene su remake del XC a mí sólo me falta L A F E C H A D E S A L I D A del remake del NieR Replicant

Day 14: Music featuring vocals Nier Gestalt/Replicant - Song of Ancients

Disc D of the Replicant Vinyl has the same emotional vibe as Ending D of Nier Replicant, and that is “complete and utter heartbreak” 😭❤️

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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… incluirá numerosos secretos completamente nuevos - - #NieRReplicant

I finished NieR Gestalt long time ago and I was thinking If Replicant has big differences.. ?? I know the main character is brother Nier and that in Gestalt is papa Nier, but I was wondering if there are changes in the story, cutscenes and stuff like that.

@Jelly1614 And they're releasing a remastered version NieR Replicant, which is the first one just the Eastern Version. Not sure if the story is different at all, just know the main character is different.

Will replay it in the future for sure while I wait for NieR Replicant to come out. I don't mind sinking another 30 hours into that great game to achieve ending E and see that magnum opus of an ending again.

【本棚登録】『NieR Gestalt & Replicant Orchestral Arrangement Album』 #booklog

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.../ニーア レプリカント ver.1.22474487139...: ティザ... 最新トレーラーだけでも見てほしい。まだこれコンセプトアートなんだけど、ファミ通にのってたゲーム画面スクリーンショット元の数倍くらい解像度が上がっててひっくり返った。

NieR Replicantがバージョンアップ作品として出るらしい!! 今知った… めっちゃ楽しみ!!!

@digitized_ren I like the way that NieR Automata and Replicant/Gestalt did it, with you learning more about the world as you play more

@ReviewsPossum @curry_neko Hey! It’s Shinjuku of Nier Replicant!

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デボル&ポポル(NieR Replicant/Gestalt) 図書室(NieR Replicant/Gestalt)

La gente cuando llegue a la biblioteca en el remaster de NieR Replicant: "ehhhh un momento, es esto?? AYYYY A2 😍" 🙄😒

Si no hay anuncios de Nintendo o de NieR replicant moriré

@Shatter31751915 @Wildestdream93 @EllipseEnt @Muskelsmurf @RetroBoyJon @CardiacDrop @prime_retro @CdMega @VariedDeadBeat @ProducerBTW @swooper_d This game as well as the other Drakengards deserve a Remaster like NieR Replicant. Since Drakengard 3's Framerate is just BAD!

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今日はリュミヌー珈琲さんところで、色の変わるレモンスカッシュを頂きました。映え! お店の人や他のお客さんと漫画の話題で盛り上がったのですが、一番テンション上がったのはお店の本棚で「NieR Replicant」を見つけたことでした。ほああ!今まさにエミール君の頭を作ってたところ!!!

@AutiAd Ich bin ja aus dem Hype Train ausgestiegen, und da wirds dann noch dünner mit der Vorfreude. Nier Replicant vielleicht? Weiß noch nicht, ob ich mit dem Bub klarkomme. 🤔

@Carolin3Chaos You’re welcome! I loved Nier Automata one of my favorite games of all time exicted for the NieR Replicant remaster.

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NieR Creators Talk About NieR Replicant’s Turbulent Development ... via Sankaku Complex #anime #manga #otaku

We really got the raw goat kino swag combo of JRPGS this year. Raw- FFVIIR Goat- P5R Kino- XCDE Swag- Nier Replicant

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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… incluirá numerosos secretos completamente nuevos - - #NieRReplicant

Nier Replicant | Nova versão guarda alguns segredos