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New #CII President ⁦@udaykotak⁩ opposes waiver of interest during 6-month moratorium on loans, credit cards, etc citing bank’s obligations to pay FD interest. That’s rich coming from bankers who charge 39% interest on credit cards & 20% on personal loans but pay 6% for FDs

If just a few weeks ago, you were disparaging people for protesting the indefinite closure of their businesses (and thus a moratorium of their livelihoods) but are now rightly championing black people defending their businesses from looters and rioters, you are a hypocrite.

This story👇in @bsindia doesn’t disclose that Kotak owns the newspaper (Business Standard) nor does it analyse how Kotak’s opposition to the interest moratorium — which SC favours & will adjudicate on shortly — conflicts with Kotak’s position as promoter of Kotak Mahindra Bank

@Bajaj_Finance @sanjivrbajaj @ICICIBank_Care @RBI @consaff @Consumer2Court @jagograhakjago @ICICIBank @sanjivrbajaj @Bajaj_Finance @Bajaj_Finserv @ICICIBank_Care @ICICIBank @consaff @consaffairs4you @PMOIndia @nsitharaman BAJAJ fin& ICICI pass ball to ech other.BAJAJ sent ECS after moratorium appr.ICICI dedu chargs. Who’s goin to repay this? Rs 3000 of hard work?need justice

@BajajHousing @nsitharaman @news7tamil Hi why Bajaj Home finance is not following as per government guidlines on moratorium loan.other thanks are asking customer do you want moratorium loan yes or no. you are not supporting as per your guidelines,but debiting the EMI' every month

Corruption is blatant in @GladysB gvt as CSG moratorium bill is rushed through parliament before elected representatives could hear from constituents. Fossil fuel control of #NSWpol couldn't be more obvious. #auspol

Join indigenous peoples' call for an immediate #AmazonMoratorium on any activity that brings outsiders to their territories. Further indigenous exposure to #COVID19 MUST & CAN be prevented! Sign the pledge today! @amazonwatch

Let's see which one expires first, the CS moratorium, or Durkan as Mayor. Don't let up folks, Best and Durkan both need to go, and the pressure is working! DoJ won't save us, we have to save ourselves from this mess. Consequently, Inslee needs to recall NG now!

@steffdaz @AP This is a good thing. Tear gas is doing nothing good. Hopefully the moratorium will become permanent.

Guess they issue a 30 day moratorium on using teargas, like Seattle

@ZestMoneyCares why is the moratorium option still not enabled yet? Is it your business to extract money till the last drop? #zestmoneyarescammers

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As Texas's eviction moratorium is lifted, thousands of households face potential homelessness. See how local #CivilLegalAid offices are working to support these households: . #SafeguardJustice

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ಇಎಂಐ ವಿನಾಯಿತಿ ಅಲ್ಲ - ಗ್ರಾಹಕನಿಗೆ ಇನ್ನಷ್ಟು ಹಣಕಾಸಿನ ಹೊರೆ #VijayKarnataka #EMI #Moratorium #Banks #RBI #SupremeCourt #HomeLoan #PersonalLoan #VehicleLoan #Government #CreditCardLoan

@LACoSheriff Sheriffs been beating and killing Blacks and Latinos since the moratorium in Salazar park, these Sheriffs Racial profile very deep rooted racist organization of Policing in the past year many brutality cases and each Sheriff still gots his job..

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If loans under moratorium are any indication of stress in terms of job losses & plight of people , Will loans be paid paid promptly or is it another tiking bomb that'll go off with increase in case count? @passivefool @monikahalan @contrarianEPS #moratorium

@MayorJenny @carmenbest seriously? A 30 day moratorium? There’s no policy to update YOU CAN JUST GET RID OF TEAR GAS! We all know the 30 days is going to be used to try and justify why you can keep it. This is an indiscriminate weapon that has tortured people not even involved!

@smritiirani I have not taken Emi Moratorium for the month March to May. Now my bank DHFL denied to provide me EMI MORATORIUM for the month June to August. Kindly look in this matter

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@MagmaFincorpLtd @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman Dear respected all this is what ...!!!Moratorium request was send 3 time 22,25 and 31 May 2020 and nobody to hear ..My question is if you can not reply to customer then why this all has been shown to public revert need..

teruskan berhoneymoon rakan2 sementara moratorium masih ada.. habis moratorium baru rasa kesan dia.

@RealJamesWoods @lilyredrose Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

SC seeks finance ministry’s reply on waiver of interest during moratorium

@YESBANK when will we get confirmation that we get moratorium till 31 aug for home loan @RBI @FinMinIndia

#Bisnes MBSB Bank mengumumkan untuk tidak akan mengenakan sebarang kos yang berkaitan dengan moratorium automatik kerana kesan buruk akibat pandemik Covid-19.

@DrEtiquette @lilyredrose Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

1. Struktur semula perbelanjaan. Kecilkan "periuk". 2. Ambil sahaja moratorium jika anda masih ada hutang rumah dan kereta. 3. Penjimatan dari moratorium tu, laburkan sedikit. 4. Jika ada kemahiran yang anda boleh buat, jadikan ianya servis. 5 jangan malu menukar kerja…

@HDFCBank_Cares I selected the RBI moratorium benefit then why you deduct the emi from my account..

@TMFLimited Important Alert! Your Cheque No. 000004 for INR 15,054.00 from A/c XX5804 will be returned due to insufficient funds. Request you to keep sufficient balance. Rbi says moratorium upto august, our car not working in hyd,how we pay emi.

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Just so we're clear, when a city doesn't outright ban tear gas, just places a moratorium on its use, it doesn't mean they're looking into alternatives. It means they're out and looking to resupply. Remember 2 be like mallo: never stop pushing until you win


@RBI Cashe company not provide moratorium period relexation and send me leagle notice also kindly do the needful action against the cashe company

How I can opt out of moratorium, if by mistake I have opt in. FAQ available are not clear and helpful on this, there is no options to opt out/ cancel Neither I am able to pay overdue through NetBanking. Not getting help from Axis Bank support team. @AxisBankSupport @AxisBank

Thanks for having me on the pod! #DestinationDanforth and an eviction moratorium. It's all about the road to recovery running through main street

So we've got police using this thing that's been a war crime for decades, and our response is just to put a moratorium on its use. Lovely.

Jenny Durkan and Carmen Best making a huge deal about “hearing the community and placing a 30-day moratorium on tear gas usage” when it turns out the cops just used all of it and they don’t have anymore is so fucking funny dude holy shit

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@AxisBankSupport this fraud bank, wants the full repayment of expenditure at once, which company does by default selected my card for moratorium, than it said it will be opened after moratorium period gets over, now they are asking for full payment. Fraudism

@MagmaFincorpLtd i m not getting it tht why ur employees are telling tht who had takeb moratorium they have to take there mediclaim. They r saying company has made this rule. So its my request to look on it. N if company has made this rule then rply me tht??


@MereRunDith @radiocolin I think we’re considering a moratorium on social norms and will start the day off with bloody Marys.

@ZestMoneyCares aap log ne abhi tak moratorium 2.0 ko update nahi kiya hai . aisa kyu

@DeathToAntifa @SamParkerSenate @CassandraRules It’s ridiculous. Romney and now probably Huntsman pandering to left-wing silicon Bros. There should be a five year moratorium on voting in local elections after changing states.

@HDFCBank_Cares Team. I am still awaiting on a response to my direct message. I am not able to apply Moratorium on my PL. Please guide me on this. I need it done for June to August.

Moratorium pls lah jangan extend till december..... Serabut oi!

@Frumple_James @KobalDeux @arthur_affect Setting people on fire is part of their native culture and they won't give it up of their own accord. A moratorium on igniting people would have to be imposed on them. So, then, would that be cultural genocide? And would that be ethical?

@DC_Draino @nuthatchoftruth all planned by global financiers for years now. Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

@realTuckFrumper @TeaPainUSA I have been in the DC area through MLK riots, Viet Nam moratorium and more. NEVER has there been such a chicken s**t response like this. #realDonaldTrump is a coward. #bunkerbabytrump

@CharlesMBlow CUTTING on our president of USA? Y😕? George Bush DIFFERENT from son @georgebushjr3 who models Do Nothing Democrats. Jr. led MORTGAGE SUBPRIME MESS, bailout 2008. MILLIONS LOST HOMES.... Moratorium house payments by @POTUS Trump; economy restart @ Trump urging @realDonaldTrump

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Indian banks - moratorium details Src:MS

Government Affairs Action for the week of May 31, 2020 by David Stark, Public Affairs Director, Bay East Association of REALTORS® County Eviction Moratorium - Again The Alameda County Board of Supervisors is…

@StyledOn1 Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

@goodiesuze @ASavageNation Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

@cbtrail @ASavageNation Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

@ivan_angelin @ASavageNation Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

@narendramodi Dear PM, Please cancel all interest charging on EMI MORATORIUM atleast to middle class family....i am suffering....please help.

@gabrielfoley @ASavageNation Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

@ASavageNation Here is some interesting info on Fauci and his funding of Gain of function chimeric viruses in Wuhan there was a moratorium in the US.

Calling for a moratorium on that one scene in avengers endgame references forever

@GhostTrumps It was almost a crappy work day. Because of the “civil unrest” I had to scramble to rewrite a customer’s commercial property policy. The company it was supposed to go to put a moratorium on commercial property policies. But I landed it. Right at the closing bell. Yay me!

amazing that jenny tear gassed seattle during pride month 3 out of the first 5 days and now calls for this moratorium, as if it would not look great on a campaign ad for her to put out an endearing pride message with videos of police brutally using chemical weapons in cap hill

@HiiRobert @CspoWatch Could you please to read this move? Minister boosts conservation gains from palm oil moratorium ----------

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In today's episode of Only in #Toronto, @BradMBradford talks about the historic move to bring bike lanes to the #Danforth, plus as another month passes, why do we still not have a moratorium on commercial evictions in #Ontario? #ourcommunityTO #COVID19

@HDFCBank_Cares @Avinash28000837 Hi..opted for EMI moratorium and it shows interest will be what does it mean. I am from middle class and already suffering financially loss and hdfc charging me interest for moratorium period...which is not morally correct. Please help!!!

@bluewaveforce Helped organize the 1st Moratorium Day, at my High School, 1969. I was 15. Kids poured out of school at the designated time, with the Superintendent trying desperately to stem the tide! Hilarious and Freeing.the liberal moms drove us to the big rally 🇺🇸

@workerism “Hello yes is this Emperor Hirohito?  We’ve decided to put a moratorium on the use of nuclear bombs on Japan on the account of not uh, having any more”

So I'm going to break my moratorium on non-BLM related posts now. Let's talk about Lindsey Graham and Evangelical(and all sex-negative) Christianity, including the harm it does to people's mind and soul. Here cometh a dissection from a Queer Christian. Thread. #LindseyGraham

@aslam6900 We certainly understand your situation request you to kindly email us your request for an extension of moratorium along with the reason from your registered email ID to [email protected]

@ChrisDaniels5 Maybe they should put a moratorium on shooting people in the face with rubber bullets too

AYAN NA NAGKAKAGULATAN NA SA DAGDAG NA INTEREST SA MGA UTANG! ALAMIN KUNG ANO ANG PINAYAGAN NG BSP AT DOF SA ILALIM NG BAYANIHAN ACT: Hindi po forgive and forget ang payment moratorium sa utang ha. Posibleng may dagdag na interest po yung halos 2.5 mon…

There were no arrests, no violence and very little side-looting in my area. We have a moratorium on building corporate chains in my town, it's almost entirely small business and we already removed our one racist fucking statue. The People don't hurt The People.

@ebsterhall eviction moratorium until like literally September, know the laws I can help if u need Beb

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@SandraEckersley The Vietnam Moratorium marches 50 years ago (!) were also banned by the Liberals who called them "illegal". We marched regardless, stopping Australia's retail centres until The Liberal party's illegal Vietnam war and Conscription was stopped. #auspol #DemocracyOrFascism #MarchOn

#Sask government puts temporary moratorium on commercial evictions #covid19sk #yqr

#Sask government puts temporary moratorium on commercial evictions #covid19sk #yxe

@MaresPeter @shelterwa @shelternsw @NationalShelter @NTShelterInc @ShelterTasmania @ShelterSa @ACTShelter @tenantsqld Interesting that Gutwein gov also the state to implement first and most comprehensive eviction moratorium.


[email protected] of the @sfchronicle reports that @CAgovernor Newsom signed a new executive order in that state to extend eviction moratorium for two more months, until July 28.

Quite a few of those books merely served the career advancement of their authors or editors. Mostly editors. Later there was a moratorium on publishing random proceedings or collections & selling them at outrageous prices to libraries. Unlike journals they weren't properly

We condemn the use of the Communications and Multimedia Act by the PN govt, despite @saifuddinabd pledging to look into the law. Stop using regressive legal provisions like CMA Section 233 to silence dissent! Adopt a moratorium on its arbitrary use!

@moratorium_san 一ヶ月まともに続いたのははじめて!やればできるこ!!! 目標体重まで継続!!

はてなブログに投稿しました MORATORIUM IN STAY HOME - めめんと森 '' #はてなブログ

@abcapital @Iamshiraaz1 Accordingly rbi new guidelines moratorium period extended 3 more months...but you people's not extended moratorium period...

A moratorium on logging 365,000ha of Tasmanian forest has lapsed, a landmark Fed Court decision was delivered last week, and the state government is trying to introduce the nation's strictest anti-protest laws. So, are the forestry wars set to reignite?

Paris 2019-06-23 22.19.43 BAND-MAID モラトリアム (Moratorium) @YouTubeより 関内デビルで聞いてた、 みんちょのシンバルかかと落としがこれか❗️(@[email protected]) #bandmaid

Don’t forget to send your landlord written notification if you wish to qualify for the Tenant Moratorium. It’s now been extended to July 31st!! To qualify 1. You must send your landlord written notification EVERY…

@no_silenced Did she also announce a 30 day moratorium on bricks at protests?

'Farmers should now prepare on the basis that this date will not change'

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Rent moratoriums are expiring! Louis Gonzalez writes about what landlords should be aware of when it comes to post moratorium evictions. Read about it here #evictions #covid19 #rentmoratoriums #landlords #rent

@AndrewScheer Where are you @AndrewScheer on immigration right now. Other parties are pushing for more immigration during this pandemic when that means Canadians are going to have to fight for jobs with new immigrants. We should have a moratorium. Polls said Canadians want less immigration >

@ericacbarnett @MayorJenny A 30-day moratorium on only one specific type of police violence. How generous.

#seattlepolice 30 day moratorium on the use of tear gas vs protesters. #DefundThePolice

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Although there is a statewide moratorium on evictions, many people are concerned about being able to make up their delayed rent payments. Apply for rent assistance today! For Marion & Polk County, contact Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency at 503-399-9080 x 4003 (3/7)

1. Black Solidarity Day needs an awakening! Calendar makers over time just eliminated that day from the year AND WE LET THEM 😡. A nation-wide "Memorial Day" for Blacks to exercise a 24 hour moratorium from participating in shopping, any commercial activities like using transit.

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[email protected] wisely says no evictions until July 1, but then what? | Editorial