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Mike Greenberg wants longer interviews, discussions on new ESPN Radio show, now titled 'Greeny' Mike Greenberg ... Awful Announcing
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1 week ago · Golic was hoping the show he pioneered with Mike Greenberg would go on even if it was without Wingo.
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Mike Golic, with family, signs off ESPN Radio after 22 years: "This was why we did it" Mike Golic, with family, signs off ... Awful Announcing
1 week ago · Mike Golic's 22-year run as an ESPN Radio morning host ended Friday morning, with his family there to help see him off.
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1 week ago · Nearly 22 years of Mike Golic on the airwaves has come to an end. The former NFL player who turned radio star signed off for the final time...
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1 week ago · Mike Golic is leaving ESPN Radio after two decades on the air. He will remain with the Worldwide Leader as a college football analyst for the...

The fact that Mike Golic is trending and has engendered such positive reception from people as he concludes his long run on ESPN Radio is literally the reason why the decision to remove Golic from a permanent spot on ESPN Radio is so short-sighted.

Mike Golic Jr. just explained @espngolic. "Even when we turn off our mics, you still get to be our Dad..." ❤️#ThankYouGolic

We woke up to @espngolic for over 20 years at ESPN. Always a pleasure to listen to, appear as a guest with, and to enjoy the company of one of the true icons at ESPN, Mike Golic. Thank you, Mike, for showing us all how to be a pro. https://t.co/78aaCAtjFB

@espngolic Started listening to Mike and Mike years ago, and continued on with Golic and Wingo. If I was at home or in my vehicle you guys were on. By far my favorite shows on ESPN were the ones you were involved in. I will definitely check out Mike Jr’s new show. All the best to you Man!

@espngolic I couldn’t get in to golic and wingo but I loved mike and mike. Hearing golic on stupodity I think I’d enjoy him without the Disney filter. I wish you the best and please find another outlet that lets you say and do wtf you want to.

@CFBRanking When Corso retires I say bring in Mike Golic Sr to fill that seat.

@SydGolic How Mike Golic supposed to be the King of Avon rocking socks with chanqueletas?

@SydGolic The only good thing to come out of a Carvel was their Ice Cream Cakes......oh, and a shoeless Mike Golic

ESPN's David Roberts Dishes On New ESPN Radio Lineup And Strategy https://t.co/2PxNTTJTuY

My Mt Rushmore of you’re favorite people while working at ESPN. 1 Mike Greenberg 2 Greeny 3 Mikey 4 Not Golic(the nerdy one) Is this about right? No disrespect to @notthefakeSVP Discuss? @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @hen_ease

How many nights you end up sleeping over in Irish crossing during your time there . Lived next to mike golic sr https://t.co/y3fcWwiF7V

Just finished listening to @espngolic with @Stugotz790 on STUpodity. If there is a better human being than Mike Golic, I’d like to meet them. The man is a treasure. Golic, not you, Stugotz...

Guests on All About Sports today include Mike Golic Junior, Justin Drake and Craig Shoobridge. Show starts at 4:30 on WREF 97.7 FM/ESPN Radio and https://t.co/vC4wVNLFgd

@espn Used to listen to ESPN every morning on the way to work. They had great insight and their delivery was energetic. Since they let Mike Golic go after 22 yrs, I still have them a chance. BORING, no energy, no excitement. C ya. Fox here I come.

@NHL2060 @StirringTHATpot @StacyGSG @Espngreeny Oh BS ! Greeny left Golic for dead . He knew if he left Mike &Mike that Golic would be Dead In the water . They try replacing him with Wingo ? Golic was set up to fail from Day one .

@Stugotz790 @espngolic @DanStanczyk @NDmom @mikegolicjr Peak Stugotz right here. Back to work from vacation for a week, and instead of working he calls recently retired Mike Golic to do the work for him. Heady play! Mid-season form for Stu!

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith says there's reason SVP, Production David Roberts is beating the competition. 'That’s precisely what Dave Roberts does: win. With practically everything he touches. Because he’s excellent — and requires it,' says @stephenasmith. https://t.co/Db932gNxba

@StacyGSG @Espngreeny When is someone going to do a 30 for 30 type show about Mike and Mike that also explains the break up and why neither the Greenberg or Golic family follow each other on Twitter???

Mike Golic Jr. on his new show, his former team joining the ACC, & more on the JK Show! https://t.co/Il9VH90MTR

@wingoz does it bother you that because of you Mike Golic is off of morning radio you should be ashamed of yourself.

@jasonfitz @ESPNRadio @SarahSpain does it bother you that your show is responsible for the end of Mike Golic on Espn mornings?

No one wants a @Espngreeny solo show on @ESPNRadio. Everybody wants @espngolic in mornings because: 1) He entertained people 2) He made people laugh 3) He got you through your mornings Mike Golic was the reason we watched for many years because Greenberg was to serious. https://t.co/MsPn7R2ki4

Tired of @Espngreeny calling the shots and demanding everything. They are putting him back on @ESPNRadio because of his MASSIVE salary. @espngolic got screwed out of job so network could do "traditional sports talk". Golic carried "Mike and Mike".... https://t.co/pcE0Y6JqfM

Mike was a great foil to Golic, but the idea of him carrying a show with long form interviews as a selling point ain’t it. https://t.co/0FAnZw7by0

Have you heard this old Mike and ike BIT by Curtis Kaplan on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/NL764VMfXN Rock On Golic!!!!

@StacyGSG @Espngreeny Happy Birthday to the lucky guy. But why the picture of washed up Mike Greenberg. Didn’t he used to be second fiddle to Mike Golic???

@WFAN660 Mike Golic and Craig Carton in the afternoon drive in September

@SarahSpain @mikegolicjr Mike..Mike...we’re ready for you on set. Golic Jr: Be right out... https://t.co/ykvXh4AtpD