Love shine a light

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Sending My Love,& Love of My Family To Honor Mr Floyd,& His Family. Like All Martyrs, Greatness Was Thrust Upon Him,but His Life Will Serve As a Beacon Of Light For Those Who Wish 2 Spread❤️2 ALL🕊,& a Floodlight To Shine Down On Those Who Would Hide Their Hate In The Darkness

Honestly, Brother: the haters & bots on social media are FAKE. Anytime we post something with love there are always a FEW trolls who are so sick & sad their only response is to try & cut you down. Tune them out. Block them. They are fake. Let your beautiful light SHINE! ❤️

I close today with a very heavy heart. I ache for my country and all those in pain. I rage at a national leadership bereft of empathy and the minimal instincts of de escalation. May tomorrow shine its light upon a path towards love, peace, and most importantly, justice.

i’m so proud of kels. sitting on my bed thinking about how all we ever talked about when we were little was being a mommy and now she’s bringing a beautiful baby girl into the world. this crazy world. i know Averi will shine a light on the darkness around us. i love them so💗

@JackPosobiec @drewbrees Shame on you Drew. May this flag shine as a beacon for those lost and hurting as a symbol of goodness and light. We may not be a perfect people, but most of us love. our neighbors and care about this world. Our flag is a symbol of hope and if you can see that, you need to pray