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TikTok: The Lathi Challenge is taking over Asia – how to get involved! HITC
1 day ago · Lathi is a song by Weird Genius and Sara Fajira. Sara is from Surabayaand Weird Genuis is a group of disc jockeys from Indonesia comprising of...
'I Can Never Forget PM Nehru Wielding a Lathi to Disperse a Rampaging Mob' The Citizen (press release)
4 days ago · In 1947 I was a fourteen year old – living in Delhi – caught up in the trauma of Partition and the excitement of the promise of Independence.
Migrant workers protest over cancelled train in Pathanamthitta, police resort to lathi-charge Mathrubhumi English
3 days ago · However, police resorted lathi-charge and dispersed the protesters. The government had arranged a special train to Bihar from Thiruvalla railway...
Mild lathi charge on ration seekers in city The Tribune
3 weeks ago · Ludhiana, May 7. The police had to resort to mild lathi charge to disperse people who had gathered near Division 3 police station to collect...
From lathi-wielding enforcers to agents of information The Indian Express
3 weeks ago · From lathi-wielding enforcers to agents of information. How Goa's police reached out to people in state's battle against COVID-19. Written by...
500 migrants gathered at Dera Bassi screening centre lathi-charged by police Hindustan Times
2 weeks ago · Dera Bassi MLA NK Sharma said, “It is unfortunate that the authorities are resorting to lathi charge forcing the migrants to sit on roadsides in...
Haryana govt faces flak over video of police lathi-charging migrants The Indian Express
2 weeks ago · The haryana government is facing sharp criticism after a video clip of police lathi-charging migrant labourers surfaced on social media.
After 11-Hour Wait For Ration, Women Hit By Cop With Lathi In Noida NDTV
2 weeks ago · Noida: The policeman is seen walking towards women waiting for ration and swinging his lathi on one of them. Then he drags a woman out of the...
Police lathi charge protesting migrants, arrange trains to send them ... The Hindu
3 weeks ago · The Nagpada police on Wednesday morning had to resort to lathi charge after hundreds of migrants flocked in a narrow lane in Mumbai...
Police lathi-charge migrant labourers in AP for leaving shelter homes Deccan Chronicle
2 weeks ago · Guntur: Andhra Pradesh Police lathi-charged migrant labourers after they tried to leave shelter home and started to move towards their native...

A young Goan’s lockdown tale. Stranded at Dubai airport over 60 days before he flew into Cochin. Quarantined 14 days. Very decent free stay, all meals, a free SIM card. Thanks @CMOKerala. But Goa welcomed him at border with a policemen’s lathi & a 6 hours wait @goacm .

Images from #India since #lockdown 2: 1) Child cycling over1000 km carrying her father 2) A toddler trying to wake up his dead mother at a Railway platform 3) Lathi-charge on #MigrantLabourers in various cities 4) kid sleeping on the luggage dragged on an NH by his mother Do add

Desh k gadaro ko ......................... Lathi se mare ge saro ko 😉

@haszmoza ye I kalau dengar bunyi pelik je I dh dengar lagu LATHI tu 😭😭😂😂 banyak sangat orang buat sksksk

kalo keke bukan boneka ft weird jenius langsung jadi lathi part 2

@siwonchoi coba bikin tiktok lathi dulu, baru di tonton deh xixi

dear rakyat2 yg kurang modal dan kreativitas, plis gausah bikin lathi challenge, plis banget inimah

My demon in me is not surprised 😂 sebab dah expect akan berlaku something tapi tanjat sikit la gitu jadinya Actually I see no wrong in all these Lathi challenges. Only arts in makeup, dance, and songs. That’s all thank you.

Tertry filter lathi tu time free hair. Seram yee tgk muka sndiri :,)