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Jeffree Star just revealed his 'Cremated' eyeshadow palette
2 weeks ago · Jeffree Star announced the launch of his latest makeup collection called 'Cremated', however the reaction from fans is mixed as some accuse...
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2 weeks ago · Jeffree Star is under fire yet again. Ever since announcing the name of his new eyeshadow palette, "Cremated," the beauty vlogger has...
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2 weeks ago · On Friday, YouTube star and beauty guru Jeffree Star announced the release of his newest product: an eyeshadow palette called "Cremated.
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3 weeks ago · Jeffree Star is receiving backlash after revealing his Cremated eyeshadow palette. Many are claiming it's hurtful and insensitive during the...
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2 weeks ago · Jeffree Star caused backlash when he announced his new "Cremated" makeup palette during the coronavirus crisis, but don't expect him to...
Jeffree Star Faces Pushback Over ‘Cremated’ Palette Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
3 weeks ago · UPDATE 03/20/2020: Jeffree Star responds! The longtime YouTuber took to the platform to explain the non-traditional name for his new...
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3 weeks ago · Jeffree Star is no stranger to controversy, from contaminated make-up accusations to feuds with just about everyone in beauty and beyond...
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3 weeks ago · Jeffree Star defended his new Cremated makeup line after being criticized for the name amid the coronavirus pandemic — read more.
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3 weeks ago · Any guesses on the next palette color scheme?? — Jeffree Star (@JeffreeStar) May 13, 2020. Exactly what the color scheme of the collection will...
Jeffree Star 'Cremated' Palette Controversy: What to Know WWD
2 weeks ago · Jeffree Star Responds to Backlash Over 'Cremated' Makeup Collection. The beauty vlogger and brand founder is under fire for his ill-themed...

Next team outing, support Black owned businesses. Swap out your Jeffree Star palette for cosmetics by Black beauty shops. Google what’s nearby, there are a ton of options! Normalize conversations on race and racism. Before you ship that product, ask which community it could harm.

@jamescharles Yes sister. Jeffree star blocked me yesterday for saying something he didn’t like. I have a mixed son. I am not raciest. But he is. Saying the “N” Word publicly and then shame people for not standing up. He just does that to beat everyone, the truth is, he is hateful period.

How we teach our children is how they will grow to learn to react to situations, and my niece just wanted to be like her mother and I. I thank Jeffree Star for making Makeup that my niece wanted to use for her first time.

@chalametamor shane dawson, james charles, jeffree star also dan and phil😭

So today was the perfect parenting lesson for my niece. She got into her mom's Jeffree Star pallet and brushes, ending up with partially destroying them. Now as most know, those items are expensive and hard to come by because everyone loves them and for good reason.

honestly what gets me is my irls have so much to say about blm but obsess over jeffree star ...

@Lexie_sanders I really like the Jeffree Star blood sugar pallet!! They have reds in there also but a lot of natural colors that are super pigmented!

Shoutout to my ex mbb twt BFF who pissed her diaper when I called her out for supporting Jeffree Star and gaslit me AND tried to lowkey publicly drag me for throwing away her racist supporting ass

lose profits at all. It's great to be finally recognized and I do not think it's wrong that this company recognized the two individuals who started a movement. Just know, that these companies really don't care and it's all for profit. Look at Jeffree Star.

@ultabeauty Not taking any of this seriously until you get rid of Jeffree Star racist cosmetics.

You can also eliminate brands owned by & associated with racists. Such as Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

osea let that sink el mayor escándalo dentro de la comunidad fue unas acusaciones sin pruebas,,, imagínate la que se estaria liando ahora mismo si la gente empezará a hablar de las pruebas de que jeffree star usó propaganda nazi para su primer intento de marca 💀

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@BroWhatTheFock @xdeadrest what about him culturally appropriating THIS YEAR, or this

quiero un sugar daddy para que me compre todo lo que tengo en el carrito de jeffree star cosmetics

Jeffree Star subió una historia a Instagram con Yo Perreo Sola de fondo jajaja que pedo 😂

92 oomfs are still following jeffree star,, y'all are on thin fucking ice stg

tøp, cosplay/wannabe emo musically, jeffree star and shane dawson, and idubbbz

i cannot believe it took till now for some of yall to drop jeffree star remember when he called jackie aina a gorilla and sprinkled in the n word? cut that man OFF.

jeffree star is a class traitor and the same type of rich elitist asshole the police system is designed to protect, not to mention the constant racism in his past and even now. hes a fucking despicable person

unfollowing you if you follow jeffree star ✨