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Texas Student Can’t Graduate If She Keeps In Her Braids “KJ was inducted into the honor society at the school with braids. She went to homecoming in braids, different colors... Never once has she been called to the office or sent home...” https://t.co/8B3Asp8RFp

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Racing @amsupdates means a homecoming for @chaseelliott. Show us a picture of your favorite @chaseelliott moment as he gears up to head to his hometrack this weekend! https://t.co/WZGVefDzch

From the archives: Beyoncé's Homecoming is a wondrous collage that flexes her catalog and celebrates the genius of Black artists that came before her https://t.co/KK8gxx6JQT

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I've just watched episode S01E09 - Work of Homecoming (2018) #homecoming #tvtime https://t.co/U1ucvRzhUw https://t.co/atBFyBcGNm

Long Story short: - we’ll be going back in the fall - Classes will be hybrid, and they’re will be options later than 5pm as well as weekend classes - On campus housing is reduced to 69% capacity & shower schedules for community bathrooms - no homecoming https://t.co/RMvKFP1Zcb

So no homecoming this year....... excuse me while I go cry my eyes out.

Idk why anybody would want the man who went up to Howard University ON homecoming weekend to tell black people to avoid “slave nets” to speak about anything, when its so many actual smart black people *who love black people* saying what needs to be said in this moment to look to

No Homecoming???? Well what’s the damn point then😭 https://t.co/PLDwC06dxK

@faggyfvck @MrPopCharts 2011, it did than 310k, and you might say that “the gift EIL and homecoming did less” but these aren’t solo studio albums (they’re collab, compilation and live albums, respectively)

@shaillyynn A8: this is a HARD ONE! definitely getting ready for homecoming with my best friends #vibevachat

Hi y’all, I’m making my straight white male roommates watch “Homecoming” as a form of reparations. https://t.co/r2czDObeDi