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@GraemeHighland1 Especially his fan club! Not seen so much undeserved adulation since we took my nana to Elkie Brooks in the 80s

there are alot of things riding on sorns solo - if it doesn’t do well cube won’t let her release any more music like in the case of elkie and i dream - if it does well cube might be encouraged to give clc a comeback soon after SO LETS WORK HARD TO MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL!!!!!😣🥺

@seungheehi Ahh that lovely hahaha. But what's happened to Elkie anyway?

Now you should know why you flopped lol. Bye elkie https://t.co/vePf3YHfYn

@gittk0000 Finally all of Highlight sunbaenim have completed their duty. Yeah he still works for our "lovely" Cube but I have short-term memory so I didn't remember any updates from fellow labelmates. You know, we just lost uri Elkie.

@GrantStottOnAir @BBCRadioScot Elkie Brooks with Vinegar Joe - Proud To Be a Honky Woman: https://t.co/kpQuZTdyCw

I spent the summer of 1979 with Elkie Brooks and her husband, Trevor, in a castle near Penrith. It was the closest frog to madness and the sky was littered with empty fruit skins, merry-go-wrappers and club feet. Elkie wanted to #scratch my leg but I wouldn’t let her. #vss365

bunları yaparken gerçekten üzüldüm keşke böyle olmasaydı, bitmeseydi diye keşke elkie düşündüğümüz gibi bir melek olsaydı... ama maalesef benim için değil artık https://t.co/2kCiFd1XnA

@LiamHannes @Karl_Lauterbach Das interessiert das Virus garantiert nicht!

elkie left clc and said FINALLY now i can openly support imperialism

@_rosieyong Je veux trop acheter NO mais j’ai trop peur de tomber sur Elkie ou sur Sorn ( j’ai tjrs pas digéré l’affaire avec son pote qui porte un masque raciste )

Elkie I really wished you well for cutting ties with cube just to get this. No thanks, bye. https://t.co/3WmaW5Cogw

I wonder if the CLC members ever argued about this with Elkie https://t.co/b8D77kdL3K

I wonder if the CLC members ever argued about this with Elkie https://t.co/b8D77kdL3K

Honestly, i do not care if you decide to stay OT7 for CLC & continue supporting Elkie. The thing is, stop coming at people who have decided to unstan her. Forced or not, either way, her actions hurt a lot of people and unstanning her is not wrong.

@Elkie_PoT ...그런가? 잘 모르겠네요. (잠시 생각해보고는 금방 잊었다.) 이런 말 잘 안하는데 이름이 굉장히 어울리네요? 전 사비나 버웰. (다소 늘어지는 말에 가만히 듣고는) 겸사겸사, 라는 거죠. 정말로 훔쳐내기 보단..어쩌다 발견하겠단 쪽으로. 게다가 여기에 있는 물건은 영 찜찜해서.

【港星莊錠欣IG發帖向邊防軍人致敬  遭黃絲粉絲網絡欺凌】香港土生土長的莊錠欣(Elkie)日前(20日)在社交平台IG上載照片向解放軍致敬,但有不少黃絲粉絲湧入留言,直呼:「好失望」!而Elkie的IG帳號追蹤人數也急跌過萬人。 https://t.co/mmVA4czVHL

【港星莊錠欣IG發帖向邊防軍人致敬 遭黃絲粉絲網絡欺凌】香港土生土長的莊錠欣(Elkie)日前(20日)在社交平台IG上載照片向解放軍致敬,但有不少黃絲粉絲湧入留言,直呼:「好失望」!而Elkie的IG帳號追蹤人數也急跌過萬人。 https://t.co/mmVA4czVHL

I am disgusted in her actions and you should be too. I will not support a person who is supporting TERRORISM. Shame on you Elkie,the world is watching

No, Elkie was not "forced" to support China. She is from Hong Kong which has an entirely different government. If she was from mainland China,this would have been a completely different story. She is CHOOSING to support China. Don't even try to defend her.She knows what shes doin

@eyaloged @seungiest I agree with everything you say, this situation is very complicated for us, I'm sure that the beautiful moments we spent with Elkie in the past will be remembered in a good way despite what is happening now, I hope that one day, Cheshires can have some peace 😢💔

that netflix situation and when chenle laugehd at his dating rumour with elkie ...

4:19 de la mañana , tengo ganas de darle un abracito a elkie 😔🤲♡

mis à part elkie jsui trop heureuse de mon pull ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

@ssssalmi_ I think the issue about China support is really big. Even Elkie not in clc anymore its still affect the group. I understand here opinion but it surely affect her at the first place as well as clc. You cannot blame those against ccp.

- I stan mamamoo (back away from my account if you're an anti pls) - I dont support Elkie - Also don't support Kim Woojin - Dislike btspoppers - I also stan Dreamcatcher - Am a Filipino - Am a stay - Dislike Orbits and Nctzens (my reasons are valid just stfu)

@yeeunpub A Sorn falou no twt que está trabalhando em um projeto musical. Espero que seja junto com o CLC e a Elkie :/

@clchebul @CUBECLC Please support both 7 people, although Elkie had left

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The same energy #Elkie #CLC https://t.co/SU6ulPsNSR https://t.co/HyiU7PkNQf

The same energy #Elkie #CLC https://t.co/SU6ulPsNSR https://t.co/HyiU7PkNQf

@CXlAO98 Aaahhh i see i see. Thank you so much for telling me. It’s very confusing. I really like Elkie. She was one of the great vocalist in CLC.

If the girls are still gonna be there for Elkie, why can't we? Because I'm very confused.

@normanansi they are chinese, grew up in mainland china and is from a chinese company who will of course support their country and follow rules, just like most chinese celebs, they all reposted the government's post *not post personally elkie on the other hand is from hong kong

NAURRRR no se acuerdan pero salió un rumor de que chenle y elkie salían 😭 https://t.co/LLAVn8pd94

@EmpTigerstar Peter La Farge Warren Zevon Elkie Brooks Gail Ann Dorsey

wasn't there one dating rumor abt taeyong & yeri then chenle & elkie ...? https://t.co/QaNSoINEae

@misaunis @clchebul @CUBECLC do you have lemonade? do you have orangeade? do you ...have a boyfriend ???? https://t.co/ocrctPL0mn #ELKIE_BestGirl #weLoveYouELKIE