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Elizabeth Warren may have dropped out, but there still is a Democrat in the race who is lying about their background: Joe Biden. https://t.co/JdLQElpOCi

New: The Sunrise Movement. Indivisible. Ex-Jay Inslee aides. Outside advisers to Elizabeth Warren. Data for Progress. Since his big wins this month, Joe Biden’s aides have talked privately with top progressive groups in an effort to win over the wary left. https://t.co/P5AsohHjxu

I just imagine Trump watching reporting on this poll during his "executive time" and it makes me so, so happy. https://t.co/WtYa9cDuFW

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Elizabeth Warren is a proven fraud & liar; she is also irrelevant. https://t.co/bMNKCh6Rul https://t.co/RkUQNFb2SO

Elizabeth Warren campaign open sources its organizing tools https://t.co/rYeb5j5sd7

Elizabeth Warren campaign open sources its organizing tools https://t.co/i6ywaEEGYi

@mehdirhasan Biden needs to: — Champion a #UnityTicket — Appoint a leftwing progressive VP candidate — Endorse and adopt the majority of Bernie Sanders’s and Elizabeth Warren’s policy platforms — Publicly commit to appoint Bernie and Elizabeth Warren to integral roles in his future Cabinet.

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Elizabeth Warren campaign open sources its organizing tools https://t.co/0mDrxCrWqY https://t.co/ro1mb0eKPy

@yclaes623 @wittelstephanie I can’t vote for Bernie. My primary came on Super Tuesday and I voted for Elizabeth Warren. And when it was obvious that the rest of America didn’t favor her, I accepted that disappointing news. Democrats are saying they want Biden. That’s reality. We have to deal with it.

Elizabeth Warren campaign open sources its organizing tools https://t.co/6Z0kpuX46O

@sahouraxo A lot many people r against US right now starting from Russia, to China to Middle East to South America. US foreign policy needed somebody like Ms. Tulsi Gabbard or Ms. Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren isn’t stupid. So think about how hateful of poor & working people (& women specifically) she must be to have pretended to be a champion for the “middle class” for years, only to retreat into cowardly silence once her ego got too bruised up by her failed campaign.

@schoozebooze @Warren_G_Regul8 @nashwakay Imagine thinking Elizabeth Warren is a centrist. Brain worms.

@ElectricClair The scientific term for an Elizabeth Warren supporter

Katie Porter, Rep in California who studied under Elizabeth Warren. Pretty sure you've seen her take apart some wall street or administration big wigs in her Committee. https://t.co/AQE4RUTsUJ

@40_head That looks like Elizabeth Warren. Why don’t you two take nice long walk together. Just keep going as far as you can They will come for you soon

I don’t know who needs to hear this but Elizabeth Warren had a plan for coronavirus in January and has been going to the mat for us in the Senate and she should probably be our President

this person on bumble who liked me has a pic on their insta with john legend...i have so many questions and elizabeth warren...lolololololol

@LinkedHD @Oblivio69213348 Elizabeth Warren. That's how. And it will take time. But she knows how to unfuck the trumpian clusterfuck of corruption and incompetence. She has thought it through. She has the plans for that,

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Elizabeth Warren campaign open sources its organizing tools https://t.co/vOOiULmRRx https://t.co/4rbUUKLNlA

It feels like it was a different era, but the South Carolina Primary was only a month ago today. I miss my team and the friends I made on that campaign immensely. More than anything though, I miss working for Elizabeth Warren; a woman who inspired me to fight righteous fights.

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Elizabeth Warren campaign open sources its organizing tools https://t.co/Gd9aZyZsW8 #Tech https://t.co/1r7ELtcey2

@axcomrade @jimmy_dore Did you know that Elizabeth Warren's Native American name translates to "Dances with Corporate Donors" in English?

@opinionatedtay @thoughtsofgabi @Hbananah @Bootsy525 @ironyguillotine This was posted March 11th, the day after 6 states held a primary election. Warren dropped out on the 5th? All the centrists endorsed Biden and surged his support before Super Tuesday, why didn't Elizabeth try to give Bernie a better chance in those states *at least*?

@spacetimewonder @thoughtsofgabi @Hbananah @Bootsy525 @ironyguillotine https://t.co/CKG51qV9Il

@KaitMarieox @VinTage_Nathan Elizabeth Warren must have been involved with that. Reparations for her lies earlier

Senator Elizabeth Warren delivers remarks after suspending his presidential campaign 2020 https://t.co/90N0CobeDj

@thacherpl Yeah, well, most Democrats wanted anybody but the machine’s candidate. We all know Biden can’t beat this guy. Nor could Bernie. We need both men to sacrifice their egos, end their campaigns and demand Elizabeth Warren get back in the race.

ทีมเทคโนโลยีของ Elizabeth Warren โอเพ่นซอร์สเครื่องมือที่ใช้ทำแคมเปญเลือกตั้งประธานาธิบดี 2020 https://t.co/0MHb2soALQ

@Comey Its either E.T. the extra testicle...or its Elizabeth Warren. Just stop, please...your worse than Hannoi Hanna to our ears and eyes. https://t.co/aOlvCUO9VR