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10 Fun Facts About Ariana Grande's New Boyfriend, Dalton Gomez Feeling the Vibe News (blog)
2 days ago · Who is Dalton Gomez? 1) Dalton Gomez is a successful real estate agent. He's currently employed with the Aaron Kirman Group. 2) While his current title is...
What We Know About Ariana Grande's New Man: Dalton Gomez TheThings
6 days ago · Meet Dalton Gomez, a high-end real estate agent who handles multi-million dollar listings for Los Angeles' A-List buyers, and according to TMZ...
Ariana Grande Dating Luxury Real Estate Agent Dalton Gomez KPRC Click2Houston
1 week ago · The 26-year-old singer is dating Los Angeles luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez, multiple outlets report. According to People, they have...
Why Ariana Grande Is Keeping Her New Relationship With Dalton ... The Blast
5 days ago · Why Ariana Grande Is Keeping Her New Relationship With Dalton Gomez Under Wraps. Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur. Mar 29, 2020 at 15:47 pm...
Did Ariana Grande Get Herself A Quarantine Boyfriend? Refinery29
1 week ago · TMZ reports that the singer has been dating real estate agent Dalton Gomez, which would make her yet another celebrity — like Lady Gaga,...
Celebrity Dating in the Time of Coronavirus Looks Disconcertingly Like Celebrity Dating in Normal Times Vanity Fair
1 week ago · TMZ reports that the guy is real estate magnate Dalton Gomez. We stan a stay-at-home queen who also manages to provide good dating...
Quarantine Is the New Cuffing Season for Celebrities Vulture
1 week ago · ... confirmed was a familiar-looking real-estate agent Dalton Gomez. According to the outlet's sources, the couple has been together for months,...
How Are Celebrity Dating Rumors Still Happening Amid All This? W Magazine
1 week ago · Ariana Grande, meanwhile, has apparently been dating a real estate agent named Dalton Gomez for a few weeks, which we've all just now...
The New Celeb Couples We're Seeing in 2020 YouBeauty (blog)
1 week ago · Ariana has kept her relationship with luxury relator Dalton Gomez quite private, but the pair has supposedly been together for two months.
As the Golden Globes Make Rule Changes, Will Oscars Follow? News Lagoon (press release) (blog)
1 week ago · Has Ariana Grande Found Love With Real Estate Agent Dalton Gomez? mm. Published. 53 mins ago. on. March 26, 2020.

All About Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande's Rumored New Boyfriend https://t.co/g4pOAH0bn6

All About Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande's Rumored New Boyfriend https://t.co/g4pOAH0bn6

So I had a conversion today with someone Me:hello Dalton Gomez Dalton:hey Kelly, what's up Me:broke up with ur gf("Ariana Grande") cuz I'm bored😉 Dalton:.....(still typing) Let her famous,cute, rich.... self know how it feels like😑

Ariana Grande's Boyfriend Dalton Gomez - Some Facts to Know About Grande's New Boyfriend #ArianaGrande #relationship #daltongomez https://t.co/DD65v4vjvt

@ArianaGrande people are literally like “ooooo she dating Dalton Gomez”“ who’s the mysterious man”. guys. Literally chill. She is chillin and Vibin. If she wants us to know she will tell us. But just because we haven’t seen them hanging out in public doesn’t mean they are dating

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De acordo com fontes próximas da Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez é o novo namorado dela. E de acordo com as fontes, eles estão passando a quarentena juntinhos. E aí vocês apoiam esse novo casal? (Lembrando que nada foi confirmado!) https://t.co/nxXbN6Px36

Dalton Gomez, namorado de Ariana, via Instagram Stories. #ArianaGrande https://t.co/BryOG7ym3s