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I saw a opossum outside and i usually leave my crocs outside my door but i brought the crocs in. So dumb. What, was he gonna put them on and walk around? Oh meliss.

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Our family celebrates unbirthdays. It’s half way between one birthday & another. Today @RobertIrwin turns 16 and a half. He continues to make me proud, & he’s gone from that little boy wrangling plush crocodiles, to a young man studying real crocs in the wild. Happy unbirthday!

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Hate and racism have no place in our world. We are actively working to provide support, we know words aren't enough.

Everything about advent children is exactly the same except Sephiroth comes back wearing neon green crocs

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Pandemic househusband struggles with old school clothspins Not shown: crocs

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Starting with phase 2.5 if you want to eat an ice cream cone without a mask on with shorts I will allow that! Just don’t wear crocs! Make sure to wear your I love NY shirt! Remember... NY tough, NY strong ! NY has high taxes #GovernorCuomo

*lime green crocs and a simple pretty necklace 🥺

Check out CROCS Sately Womens Wedge Heel Sandals Size 7 Black and Gold #Crocs #WEDGE #Casual via @eBay