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Democrat mayors during #coronavirus: -You can’t open your business -You can’t go to church -You can’t buy a gun Democrat mayors during riots: -Won’t protect your business -Won’t protect your church -And of course, still don’t want you to have a gun

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Judge orders Tennessee to offer vote-by-mail option to all 4.1 million registered voters due to coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus tests are available to all protesters. We ask protesters to be responsible. Wear a mask. Get tested. Act as if you may have been exposed.

People with blood type A more likely to suffer severe coronavirus symptoms, research finds

Coronavirus: Watchdog to investigate racial inequalities

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#coronavirus #FridayFeeling #free #FridaysForFuture

Coronavirus UK: Bank of England promises airlines £2bn in loans via @MailOnline

Canarias se enfrenta tras el coronavirus a una pandemia medioambiental a través de @diariodeavisos

"September or October"........... #TestTrackAndTrace #COVID19 #coronavirus #ToryGenocide #BorisHasFailedTheNation #BorisHasFailedUK #borisvoteofnoconfidence

Ban on giving coronavirus relief to tax avoiders gains steam. But one country isn’t budging.

Disponible para su consulta el Plan de actuación para la reincorporación a la actividad de esta Fundación post COVID-19 💪 #Desescalada #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #SARSCoV2 #GetafeInvestiga #HospitaldeGetafe

Een Must Read voor de 'stop de lockdown' activisten. We doen het helemaal niet slecht in Nederland. #coronanederland #lockdown

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New figures estimate 39,000 new coronavirus infections a week in England between April and May

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Four new imported #coronavirus cases were reported in the city on Thursday. The newly confirmed cases include one Chinese studying in the US, one Chinese working in Mexico and two Pakistanis. No new locally transmitted or suspected cases were reported on the same day. #COVID19

‘Answered prayers’: Fiji declares itself coronavirus free

‘Con buenos datos podemos ayudar más’ #infobogotá

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Thousands of people are expected at the marches to protest against police brutality and show support for Indigenous Australians. Read Full Story Here : 👉 #fridaymotivation #FridayThoughts #FridayVibes

Coronavirus in Bnei Brak: Huge number of stores up for grabs

Il coronavirus ha bloccato la Sanità, ora si rischia un “ingorgo”

#TheGreatReset HRH Prince Charles sets out a five point plan to stimulate sustainable economic growth. “The recovery from the coronavirus crisis represents an opportunity to reset the global economy and prioritise sustainable dev…

What British democracy??? "How Jacob Rees-Mogg is making a mockery of British democracy"

@AlokSharma_RDG Great to know poundland are selling Coronavirus tests 👍

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Kini tersedia, GRATIS! . ONLINE One-to-one Coaching Senin-Jumat (09:00 - 18:00 WIB) . bagi seluruh Nasabah dan non-Nasabah Phillip Futures! . WhatsApp : 0855 9906 525 Live Webchat : . #saham #futures #gold #coronavirus #index #futures #trading #market

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Kicillof - Se hicieron 62 mil millones testeos, solo que no se enteraron para no estigmatizar a los enfermos con Coronavirus.

@JohnCheuvront Shows how strongly against racism the protesters are to risk the coronavirus to make this statement. We should all aspire to be this strongly against racism. Right bro? roflmao "most egalitarian country in human history" wtf 🤣

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We recently shared a blog post about why you should maintain your social media presence during the Coronavirus pandemic. Even if you've perhaps fallen off the wagon a bit, there's no time like now to get back onto it! You can find content ideas here:

Donald Trump weakens environmental regulations with new executive order via @Verge

@AbdulSami_98 @Alfremartinezz Not the first time. Barça now hides the player's injury. They hid Coronavirus cases.

#DIHK veröffentlicht #Dossier zur #Coronakrise #COVID19 mit vielen Hilfen und Empfehlungen

@SkyNewsAust Coronavirus is bullshit but good to see ONE RULE for ALL

Hari Ini, PBNU Gelar Shalat Jumat Pertama di Tengah Pandemi Covid #PBNU #ShalatJumat #coronavirus #Corona #Covid_19 #COVID19 #COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #RakyatMerdeka #RMCoid

जेनेटिक कोडिंग की हुई पहचान, असरदार दवा बनाने में मलेगी मदद: वैज्ञानिकों का अध्ययन #coronavirus #COVID19 #coronavacccine

@Panik81 Lo mismo que debe pasar por la cabeza de Miguel Bosé, que dice que el coronavirus es un la gran mentira del siglo y su madre falleció por COVID.

@AnfieldWatch It's frustrating ,but we don't even know when we'll have full football stadiums again. Look at Spurs for example ...

Going out this weekend? Make sure you wear a mask or you may be fined by the R.O.P! #Covid19 #oman #coronavirus

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Coronavirus : Madagascar a-t-il mis au point un remède à base de plantes médicinales ?

Coronavirus/Covid-19 • Re: Coronavirus (Covid-19) News: iframe Next brief Monday 8th ---

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Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway says her husband is COVID-free but is still extremely ill #GMB

via @PerilofAfrica Coronavirus Leading to ‘Desperately Unequal’ Learning Levels- UNICEF

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These are very uncertain times for everyone; Mopinion supports local restaurant entrepreneurs in Rotterdam area. #CoronaVirus #LocalEntrepreneurs #COVID__19 #COVID19 #COVID19Pandemic

@HuffPostPol Remember way back in the day when MAGAs were griping about not being able to go to church on Sunday because of coronavirus?

up coverage us campaign unemployment coronavirus using cbs use comments urges call unjust carbon

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Don’t miss ABTA’s free webinar on 10 June for Members and Partners which will provide guidance on Covid-related workforce issues for travel companies including furloughing, redundancies, the future of workplaces, wellbeing strategies and upskilling. Visit

El Salvador . Circulan supuestos audios de pandilleros que piden acatar la cuarentena

¡Viva el 8 de marzo! Cronología de una infamia

🎧 What does #coronavirus pandemic mean for #gender inequality? How will #Covid19 impact future of women at work? How to cope with these changes? Thanks to our amazing guests: @lindamidge @PwC @DawnDuhaney @wellcometrust @sonyabarlowuk @lmfnetwork 👉: