Corona stimulus package

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After Demonetisation, Ill planed budget, and Lockdown. Yet another masterstroke from PM Modi was stimulus package... That's too a total vain. Instead of flattening the corona virus cases curve, a very terribly planned lockdown flattened the economy curve.

@Keith_Mmopi There was a stimulus package that was released and some of it was for unemployment benefits. The govt bore that cost. They also gave rewards to companies that don’t retrench staff, and if they must retrench, there are rewards for agreeing to hire the staff back post corona

Even in the current economic package post Corona, one can see that fiscal deficit fetish has governed govt. thinking. Again we had a slew of very good reforms, but insufficient to non-existent demand stimulus appetite.

@13sarahmurphy 750bn for the EU recovery program and the “grand coalition” government agreed quickly on an (almost sensible) additional domestic 130bn help & stimulus package. 50:50 it might work. I am not so optimistic for the UK .They screwed up Corona. Brexit & Corona will be so much harder

@bukhlari @MagetToromoro @syafqqqqqqqqqq Sebabtu aku cakap waktu2 corona ni best nak invest. Gov stimulus package dgn people’s crave for going outside akan hasilkan short term spike.

@wwiggie @ianbremmer Austerity was yesterday, in the time of Corona everybody in the coalition government agreed this week to spend, spend, spend ...

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"Ms.Charlotte Lily Baidoo, Director of SMEs at @myumbbank clarified the Corona-virus Alleviation Programme (CAP) business scheme and the benefits to #SMEs in accessing the financial support during @UNIDO #WACOMP 🇬🇭 Financial Stimulus Package Webinar funded by the @EuropeInGhana

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Euro Jumps - Best Performance for Three Months   The single Euro continued to see big gains in the foreign exchange markets on Friday after the bloc’s central bank revealed a huge stimulus package #coronastocks #Euro #investors #stockmarket #currencies

ICYMI Find out who gets what as the German government agrees a €130bn #corona stimulus package in the link below. The money comes on top of everything the government is doing, as detailed in our video.