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Birx joins ranks of Trump’s lying doctors: - Larry Braunstein, podiatrist who helped Trump dodge the draft - Harold Bornstein, doc who lied that Trump wd be “healthiest individual ever elected“ - Ronny Jackson, fired Ambien candyman, who said Trump was superhuman

The Candyman ... can! Today, we're celebrating @KyleBusch's first championship by watching the entire race broadcast from @HomesteadMiami in 2015!

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Dope @CandymanMovie fan art @SG_Posters! Get into it and put some respect on his name...we dare you to say Candyman five times. #CandyMan #candymanmovie

eu ia mudar o user pra algo relacionado a candyman e ja sendo usado 😣

@kreepazoidkelly @ChantalHandley @TonyTodd54 Once again...creepy ass #candyman lol chills...great artwork though!!!

@Firstscreamto My go-to’s are Candyman and New Nightmare, but there are some wonderful teen-oriented films from that era; I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Craft, The Faculty... oh, and Idle Hands - a great little film that doesn’t get enough attention.

@sophielenie Close all your windows and doors, SOPHIE! When you kill a wasp it sends distress signals and the hive starts hunting. I don’t wanna lose you to a wasp incident this isn’t fuccing Candyman lol

@robreiner Ratings Are Life. Sort of like the Egregore "Candyman" imagined and written of by Clive Barker. He exists because we believe in him, and acts to ensure we Do believe in him. Because as soon as we Don't, he ceases to exist. See also Santa Claus and the Devil.

@CeeHawk HE'S PART OF THE GANGSTAS?! He's not Candyman. He ain't gon show up if you say his name 3 times. I don't think....

years from now on my death bed “ last time” *plays the candyman Endgame theatre reaction* 😇

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A las 20:30 vamos a hacer la #RetroReseña de #Candyman de 1992 en La Cueva! #Película #Opinión #Reseña #Crítica #LaCuevaDeAle #Youtube

@kreepazoidkelly @OddNMacabre @ChantalHandley @TonyTodd54 I love talent like this! Couldn’t have chosen a better subject~ #Candyman

Lmao all you gotta do is distract candyman with a pic of yesjulz and you could get away 💀

@KillerfromSpace The short story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker. It’s the basis for the movie CANDYMAN. 🐝 #Candyman

Creed ii, queen of the damned e candyman? nos studios made some points

@JERobledo No estoy de acuerdo, asi tambien se podra demostrar que uds no sirven si no es pa robar. Su trabajo no es esencial pra la sociedad. Bien sean mamertos de centro o de derecha

Y’all said candyman three times in front of a mirror and look what happened, @williamtommy69 is here. Welcome to Twitter sis.

Candyman, otro filme de terror de Jordan Peele #peliculas #estrenos2020 #terror #misterio #candyman

@kreepazoidkelly @OddNMacabre @ChantalHandley @TonyTodd54 Awesome likeness of Mr Candyman.

@joshnandrews You've done it now! You can't invoke the name of #Farscape on Twitter without summoning the fandom. It's like the #FarscapeNow version of Candyman.

@leegough1 @ArtByAlMolina1 @BeingGraphic @pheltzcomics @SuperheroPOLL @EByzio @TheRealBadShow @TheFrozenWolf13 @DanielleGiraffe @YeagerKristel Nice!!! Great to see Candyman again

rewatching Candyman : how can slicing off the genitalia of a mentally challenged kid is not the ultimate number 1 evil kill by a slasher ?

I guess . Candyman will be jumping till he burns

@xhorrorprincess @Staceybuzz2013 @BrainReed @kreepazoidkelly @stalking_78 @Horrorlonewolf @Valac666 Horror Movies I've seen the most 1. Halloween 2. Dawn of the Dead 3. Return of the Living Dead 4. Day of the Dead 5. Hellraiser 6. Candyman 7. A Nightmare on Elm Street 8. Friday The 13th 9. Scream 10. The Craft @Horrorlonewolf @Horror_Disciple

Grown Folks Friday with Dj CandyMan and MC LightFoot hosting I bet you won't. Ladies Free All Night @RanchSportsBar

jão reviews #4 - candyman olha eu não esperava o final. primeiro o da fogueira ia se bem realista, mas depois ficou mais maneiro. aí o maluco se safou do remorso. 8/10

Most watched Horror: Halloween Night of the Living Dead Candyman The Thing The Bride of Frankenstein Poltergeist

@73Pereyramarcos Es el efecto "Candyman" si lo nombras tres veces te aparece el monstruo. En éste caso si nombras a Alfonsín 3 veces en un discurso te aparece Susana Giménez bancando a un gobierno peronista.

If Candyman approached me in a car park and asked me to be his victim I'd say yes like no disrespect to Helen but I'm different 🥵

child's play, saw, final destination franchise, us, the shining, a quiet place, hereditary, the witch, it follows, candyman

Netflix has the old Candyman on there now. Guess I know what I’m about to watch. 🍿🥃

@ALifeAllah @CandymanMovie They would play films at the student center when i was in college for $2. I saw CandyMan and walked out like yeah ummmm.

Just watched the original Candyman with my sis....that shit still holds up over time and is a exquisite horror masterpiece. And yes I'm amped for @CandymanMovie 2020!

Rewatched the 92’ CandyMan, got me super stoked for the new one coming out

LMAOOOO wait I’m watching candyman and when Helen hand fhe girl the phone to call the hospital 🤣🤣🤣 she’s like nooo thanks bitch you’re nuts

Grown Folks Friday with Dj CandyMan and MC LightFoot hosting I bet you won't. Ladies Free All Night @RanchSportsBar x2

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Candyman – Christina Aguilera

75 days until #Candyman 124 days until #Morbius 138 days until #WonderWoman1984

My 7 most watched Horror Films: Hellraiser The Hunger Carrie Castle Freak Daughters of Darkness Scream Candyman I wanna know the answers for @SarahElspeth_ @fuchsiadyke and @negra_monika

Watching Candyman for the first time. See what had you niggerdactyls scared

@BICONlC @Z100NewYork Far cry from just 4 years prior when ANOM and Candyman were being spun regularly. And why Your Body was also shunned is beyond me. That was designed to be a smash radio hit? And the video was fantastic. I still want to know why she didn’t promote it

My 7 Most Watched Horror Films: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Hereditary The Taking of Deborah Logan Candyman The Shining Carrie The VVitch I wanna know the answers for @girlsgutsgiallo @mistydawnfilm @NRCxx @Karamo

All of them are good but it's just something about Tony Todd and his voice that makes his movies stick out all of the candyman movies are excellent.

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott is Candyman for a LOT of y'all and you won't dare say her name when it comes to songwriting. I'll be her proxy in a battle because I know how humble she is 🙏🏿

Jackie chan's police story is the greatest kung fu movie ever made. Watch it again during quarantine and say candyman.

@SAPoliceService I live in a complex. The kids common play area is closed off. We initially allowed each resident on their own to a 15 minute walk around the carpark. They had to wash hands before they go out and wear gloves and a mask. Are we at least allowed to go to our garage?

@xBiZmOx @KingCheddabob @GFuelEnergy @Candyman_Says @Voneevone @coolmintt1 @S1Ngaming