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Scandalous. Boris Johnson told us Test & Trace was in place now yet Serco admit not ready for months but they want to “cement the position of the private sector” in the NHS. This public health crisis shouldn’t be excuse for more Tory privatisation.

How Boris Johnson dropped his promise to reject America's chlorinated chicken

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Boris Johnson denies wearing an earpiece in the House of Commons, although admits he does rely on a sneering aide.

Boris Johnson on the Hong Kong crisis: We will meet our obligations, not walk away | News | The Times

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Not a supporter of Boris Johnson but this should be TL of a country’s leader. When your country is destroying by covid and future is very dark. Difference between educated and gawar ministers. Worst PM ever. #NarendraModi

Boris Johnson's budget to fire up UK: PM is preparing a 'Great Recovery Bill' to slash red tape and get Britain's economy moving again - alongside a mini-budget set for July  via

boris johnson should have never been voted in to power in the first place and he has always made his career a total failure and he can never ever keep any promises. and he thinks its perfectly normal and acceptable to constantly lie to every single person

Boris Johnson: Suspend UK export of arms and riot gear to USA - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange

What shows bloody "contempt for democratic process" is lying to the citizens of your country until they don't know what they're really voting for

@BenIrvineAuthor @hector_drummond Views on Boris Johnson’s leadership:

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Boris Johnson ha un piano per dare la cittadinanza a tre milioni di abitanti di Hong Kong, ma ecco perché la procedura potrebbe richiedere molto tempo (se non risultare impossibile). Spero i partiti e l’opposizione collaborino come si deve.

Alan interviews Prime Minister Boris Johnson. #anotherNOshowBoJo #borisjohnson #Covid_19 #COVIDIDIOTS #OnlyWhenItsSafe #coronavirus #coronavirusuk #staysafe #StayHomeSaveLives #StayAtHome #animation #animated 36