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Thank you to @McDonalds for your commitment to hire 260,000 new employees this summer—these positions will be critical for displaced job seekers to get back to work and to bolster local economies!

The holiday that celebrates US independence from Britain is being used to bolster President Trump's false narrative that the country is doing just fine. | Analysis by @StCollinson

PM @narendramodi ji visiting forward areas in #Ladakh will tremendously bolster the morale of our armed forces. #PMinLeh

@jerweber You’d think, but he’s got his zombies and the GOP to bolster him so no consequences.

@gerrydee She replacing @tsnjamesduthie.... I think @odognine2 is looking for a new partner

I was just so worried about sounding good and saying the right thing because I’ve always felt inadaquete Always is a strong adjective And embellishing is annoying so I’m sorry to whoever’s reading I would bolster myself above and beyond to compensate for how insufficient I felt

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Check out this product 😍 UPHOLSTERY FOAM Professional Back Bolster Foam - 36"x9"x12" (4" Top) 1 Piece 😍 by PROFESSIONAL ACOUSTICS FOAM starting at $ 49.99. Show now 👉👉 #acousticfoam

The gatekeepers would rather bolster the barrier to access in a year that has already devastated the entire world. Somehow, that’s a better option than #DiplomaPrivilege. God forbid graduates learn on the job like every other career (including the legal industry).

Recovering the nigh-lost @HydroTasmania heritage of the area - and positioning Waratah as a gateway to the Western Wilds - will bolster the tourism future of the #WarWyn region, writes @CeltPowell. #politas @tourismtasmania #tasmania

“It is primarily a system of mental organization using symbolism in order to bolster or stimulate the creative process, retain information, learn new skills in streamlined fashion, and/or guide the systematic process of manifesting abstract concept into concrete reality...”

her scent still sticking on my bolster FHJDKFLSKTJSKFJSK

@WinniesWiskers @11demo11 @AngrierWHStaff Biden sees international relations as his strong suit. He wants someone to help bolster efforts to heal domestically.

Right now there is a clear winner when it comes to the decentralised offchain data references. Chainlink perfectly positioned for the DeFi revolution 👌 👌 #chainlink $LINK #crypto #defi

Yoga for the inner sun. Boost your immune system, bolster your mood, clear the magnetic field and start again. Join me from the comfort and safety of your own space on Zoom. Sunday at 8am and Monday at 6:30pm. This…

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Pekka Tuominen Custom Knives "VYÖLLINEN" Forged steel frog. Puukko-knife with 115CrV3-steel blade, Nicorros bolster, birch burl handle, leather sheath. Small birch burl cup (kuksa)

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Pekka Tuominen Custom Knives LUNDO-SEAX - ~105 mm. W1-steel blade with hardening line. - Bronce bolster (etched) - Birch bark handle with brass stripe inlay

Link in Bio for full episode! This is a great clip where @4thewinpodcast and I give our thoughts on the most recent @patriots scandal. #bolsteredupsports #bolsteredupsportspodcast #podcast #sports #nfl #patriots #bolster #football