Bob Iger

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Prince Harry Didn't Pitch Meghan Markle to Disney CEO Bob Iger After All

Bezos sold more stock the first week in Feb. than he did in the prior 12 months. Bob Iger resigns at Disney, inks exit deal. Ginni Rometty does same at IBM. Ajay Banga does same at Mastercard. So weird. Hard to explain. Real head-scratcher.

Ummm he leído en un artículo que en Disney+ a lo mejor no hay más cosas de los teleñecos porque Bob Iger no tiene mucha confianza en la franquicia. No sé si será verdad, pero a ver si ahora con el cambio de CEO por lo menos añaden la serie antigua...

CE: You’re pathetic. Something *Clicked* for me tonight: I’m better than You; Oprah Brad Pitt Bill Gates (Epstein Fetish Creepo) Tom Hanks Bob Iger Joel Osteen Reese Witherspoon Meghan Markle Katy Perry Shawn Mendes Jonas Brothers Jamie Oliver Dr. Phil I’m FINE as I AM. 👍🏼-SC

@Disney hey can you guys confirm or deny that Bob Iger is a piece of shit who eats babies because you guys could have gone without editing your symbolism into my favorite movie