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#Ethiopia must allow humanitarian access to the embattled Tigray region, where 80% of the population is beyond the reach of aid groups and fighting is ongoing, says the EU's top diplomat @JosepBorrellF following the visit of Finland's foreign minister @Haavisto to the region.

🟥They don't pay teachers. 🟥Rural schools have no electricity or internet access. 🟥The cost of data is beyond reach. 🟥How can you expect any positive education outcomes when the education system is in crisis? 🟥It's not sanctions. Govt has failed!

Armed conflict & economic decline have pushed prices beyond the reach for millions of families in #Yemen. Listen to Samah explain to @WFPYemen how earning a living has become more and more difficult for her. 🎥👇 #YemenCantWait #YemenCrisis