Betsy Rothstein

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Betsy Rothstein passed away among family Sunday evening. Words cannot express the debt of gratitude I owe the Almighty for giving me what little time I had with her as a friend and colleague. Tucker Carlson himself wrote her memorial piece.

From Tucker Carlson: In Memory Of Betsy Rothstein

Betsy was one of my favorite colleagues at the Daily Caller. We'd sit across the newsroom and email one another, sometimes laughing out loud at our own messages. She was clever, thoughtful, stylish, unafraid, and she will be dearly missed by me.

Disgusting CNN Reporter Politicizes the Death of Daily Caller Columnist Betsy Rothstein: ‘Everybody Mourning Her Online Is A White Reporter’ [Opinion]

@HereticalStoic She keeps praising the recently deceased Betsy Rothstein, who was a right-wing gossip columnist and awful racist.

"In an industry defined by self-seriousness, she was unafraid to point and laugh." @Olivianuzzi remembers her friend, gossip columnist Betsy Rothstein

All of the glowing Rothstein remembrances hinge on her being a nice person who only ironically fucked goats. I don't even think she herself would say that she did this ironically. Here's a piece from. someone she attacked:

CNN Reporter Dumps On Late Author Betsy Rothstein, Because White People via @BreitbartNews

@CNN Reporter Dumps On Late Author Betsy Rothstein, Because White People #SCUM #LiberalIdiot

@Yascha_Mounk @jessesingal You also have a contributor who wrote a loving tribute to Betsy Rothstein, one of the most toxic writers of our age. Is this what persuasion is, insulting people?

Betsy Rothstein death has produced a rather overwhelming mix of emotions. On one hand, it’s been triggering to remember all the years she smeared my struggle w/ PTSD. And it’s also just sad - she died so young. It’s sad on so many levels how she spent her life. It’s sad.

@CTWritePretty @OsitaNwanevu @BrandyLJensen List of people saying nice things about betsy rothstein this week?

@lionel_trolling Is this just a list of people who were saying nice things about betsy rothstein this week?

F- just now reading about betsy rothstein; had no idea she was ill. one of my absolute favorite reads, and someone i enjoyed chatting with over the years. regret never getting the chance to meet in person when visiting dc. you will be missed. pure skies

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@FourthWatch @TuckerCarlson @michaelstrahan @Andy @mkhammer I remember Betsy Rothstein - the fearless, complicated, truly unique figure in the media landscape we lost this week. Betsy was a regular @FourthWatch reader - "it doesn’t annoy me” she told me, which was the best compliment I could get from her!

@DavidNeiwert All of twitter had a Very Serious Person moment over that ghoul betsy rothstein yesterday so i figure the corporate hacks just arent reliable or serious

Watching tonight... The media's incurious COVID-19 coverage What Tucker Carlson is really up to Jon Stewart returns, and reminds why he's missed Remembering Betsy Rothstein Media Redraft: Network morning show

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@FourthWatch @TuckerCarlson Betsy Rothstein told me in February about @FouthWatch: "At this point it doesn’t annoy me which is my main criteria in newsletter reading.” After her tragic death this week, I’ll keep trying not to annoy her.

For those wondering - Betsy’s @betsyscribeindc dog Whiskey has found his new forever home - with me. He’s a Rothstein. @ Potomac, Maryland

@robpegoraro bruh a lot of journalists went in solidarity with Betsy Rothstein, a literal racist so fuck off with that. "Solidarity doesn't exist, excpet when a literal troll harrasses people then we stand as one"

As he should be. Disgusting. #thisisCNN -> CNN's Nathan McDermott gets called out over vile tweet on the death of Betsy Rothstein

CNN Reporter Dumps On Late Author Betsy Rothstein, Because White People via @BreitbartNews

Pretty neat that Betsy Rothstein gets to hang out with Reagan, Bush Sr, Scalia, and the rest of her idols in hell now!

worth mentioning that the incredibly lame "how could he be a bad person, he was nice to me personally" excuse deployed here is the exact same one the respectable mainstream media made for Betsy Rothstein literally 48 hours ago

CNN Reporter Dumps On Late Author Betsy Rothstein, Because White People via @BreitbartNews

Betsy Rothstein is dead. She was a racist piece of shit. The world is a better place.

Nolte: CNN Reporter, A Total Jerk, Dumps On Late Columnist Betsy Rothstein, Because White People

CNN Reporter Dumps On Late Author Betsy Rothstein, Because White People via @BreitbartNews

Congratulations to cancer for winning its long battle with Betsy Rothstein.

@BenjaminPDixon @mattyglesias Such a delicious tweet, gonna savor it all day. One journalist to "another," Matt, youre nothing but another cheap c-list beltway hack whose lifes so empty you need corrosive rhetoric to feel anything like Betsy Rothstein. Resign from vox, delete your career and take Ezra too