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17:30 PM (Midway Time, June 4) Hornet’s squadron has arrived. Hiryu is burning so fiercely that it is no longer a useful target. The attack has been diverted to a battleship and a cruiser. #Midway78

07:05 AM (Midway Time) Four medium bombers and six Navy torpedo bombers have sighted three carriers, one battleship, several cruisers, and about six destroyers. They have begun an attack. #Midway78

08:20 AM (Midway Time) Marine scout bombers are attacking the enemy battleship. #Midway78

@Mrs_Lein @MsAnderer @JLVacchio @EWSDMath @CLDragone @MAPaceEWSD @dmgately @EWSDTech @lmariefly So much fun! I used to,love battleship when I was a kid... now I play virtually. Coordinate plane/grid knowledge is so important in coding too!

@0107tsugu_s くっそ腹減ったわ俺もはよ飯食いたいけど家着くの9時なのよね

やっと学校終わったぁ 90分とか寝落ちする自信会ったけど眠くても寝る事はなかったのが驚き

@__Separation__ @Battleship_key いつもそうしてるけど、そんときは自分が喋りながらメモとってたからwミュートしたり解除したりすると全員にピッてシステム音流れるから頻繁にオンオフするのもそれはそれでねw

@battleship_46_3 多分チューナー君とかなえはニトリデートしてたんですよ笑(なんだよニトリデートって)

@melaniebien @DailyMailUK A piece of steel that looks like part of the hull on a battleship

Also in Yoshida Mitsuru's Requiem for Battleship Yamato. Even the fiercest Japanese soldiers called for their mother in their last moment.

@Battleship_key @cibel319 打ってるときはミュートにしたらあかん?

@vonkavili @Aylin49435174 @LindseySnell On 13/10/1918 the fleet of the Allied powers, including Averof, the famous battleship of the Greeks, came to Istanbul, the Greeks were delighted with joy, and the great floods that Armenians from Istanbul participated in continued until the morning in the city and the islands.

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#2020年自分が選ぶ今年上半期の4枚 ドドン

Bonne journée #Battleship avec #TaylorKitsch et #Rihanna. Une bataille navale contre des aliens. Cliché, aucune crédibilité, répliques ridicules, personnages transparents, scénario creux. Un nanar, passez votre chemin.