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#LigaMundialDelRock como en 32 bandas no incluyeron UNA SOLA mujer o banda femenina y el olor a bola voltea dejo algunas: Janis Joplin Alanise Morrisette Ann Wilson Lita Ford Tina Turner Madonna Joan Jett Pat Benatar Debbie Harry Patti Smith Siouxsie Sioux Bjork y hay miles más

Esta rádio é top 100! E se você gosta de ouvir Mac Davis, Jason Mraz ou Ann Wilson e muito mais, é só clicar!

Blast From The Past Music Video of the Day: #AlmostParadise! This song is off of the soundtrack “Footloose” and was sung by Mike Reno (Loverboy) and Ann Wilson (Heart). It was released in May 1984. ⁦@loverboyband⁩ ⁦@officialheart⁩

@PlanetRockRadio When you say vocalist - some voices are amazing for rock, but would be awful for, say musical theatre, and vice verse. What about operatic voices? All of them are vocalists. For Rock & pop, which I think you meant for this question, I'd say Ann Wilson and Adam Lambert.

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Good Evening 👋 Here again, Got the mother here tonight , let’s see how this goes ! Dressed as himself ! Mr Geberal Knowledge himself 👏 Thanks again for all your handwork and of course Alex’s . Can you say Hi to my mum Ann Wilson, we’re in Manchester 🙌 #jaysvirtualpubquiz

Пол дня чувствую себя какой-то чебупиццей, бестолково и никому ненужной