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Woman who confessed to killing her 9-year-old son pushed him into a canal in Florida, affidavit says CNN
1 week ago · Patricia Ripley, 45, initially told Miami-Dade Police that two men side-swiped her car while she was driving with her son, Alejandro Ripley,...
Dead boy’s mother had attempted to kill him before, prosecutors say WPLG Local 10
2 weeks ago · Nine-year-old Alejandro Ripley is dead. And in a sinister twist, detectives and prosecutors are accusing his mother, Patricia Ripley, of killing...
Police Investigate Mother In Death Of SW 9-Year-Old Autistic Boy CBS Miami
2 weeks ago · “Alejandro Ripley was reported as abducted last night. We are not ruling out the possibility that this could be the same case, the same person. But...
Video shows Florida mom's 1st attempt to drown 9-year-old son with ... KIRO Seattle
1 week ago · Watch the video of Alejandro Ripley's near-drowning below, courtesy of Univision. Warning: The footage may be disturbing to some viewers.
Miami-Dade medical examiner confirms Alejandro Ripley, 9, drowned in canal WPLG Local 10
1 week ago · – A Miami-Dade medical examiner confirmed Monday that 9-year-old Alejandro Ripley drowned last week. The manner of death has been ruled a...
Shocking surveillance video reportedly shows Miami mom shoving 9-year-old son into canal
1 week ago · The boy, Alejandro Ripley, 9, was autistic and nonverbal. He was found floating in a canal Friday, May 22. In an interview Saturday, Fernandez...
Alejandro Ripley deserved our love, respect Sun Sentinel
5 days ago · Alejandro Ripley deserved our love, respect; 'We have to get on with life' even with pandemic; What will it take for 'Trumpers' to wake up?; |...
Abducted 9-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Miami-Dade NBC 6 South Florida
2 weeks ago · Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials cancelled the Amber Alert and said Alejandro Ripley's body had been found...
In Miami, too, white lies put black lives in danger. They’re reprehensible — and racist | Editorial Miami Herald
6 days ago · Alejandro Ripley did nothing to deserve to die. His survivors are suffering, are in pain. It's very possible that his mother was in a different “dark...
Alejandro Ripley: Body of missing 9-year-old Florida boy with autism ... WKBW-TV
2 weeks ago · An Amber Alert for Alejandro Ripley had been issued Thursday night. Miami-Dade police Detective Angel Rodriguez said the boy's mother,...

Members of a heartbroken community paid tribute to Alejandro Ripley near the lake where the body of the 9-year-old boy was found. His mother remains in jail and is facing murder and attempted murder charges. an autistic child was murdered and yet wasn't reported on as much as the recent tragedy of George Flyod and I find that insulting to the victim and the only thing people care about is the fact it was pinned on two black guys #AlejandroRipley

Coffee and Crime Time: Alejandro Ripley via @YouTube

This unnamed child joins Alejandro Ripley. I know we’re busy right now, but I still find it so sad.

the Alejandro Ripley case just goes to show that not everyone deserves to be a parent. This case hits close to home.

Just in case you need more proof that people are despicable. This woman drowned her autistic 9 year old son.

Duele en el alma la muerte de Alejandro Ripley, un chico autista asesinado a manos de su propia madre en Miami, Estados Unidos. Menor de edad, tenia solo 9 años; le faltaba mucho por vivir.

Coffee and Crime Time: Alejandro Ripley via @YouTube

Newly released video shows a woman pushing her 9-year-old son into a canal, police say - CNN

notice how when Alejandro Ripley was “kidnapped” his mom told the police it was 2 BLACK men. REALIZE that RACISM IS REAL. I’m so tired of seeing white boys on my social media neglecting the harsh truth

@Alemarnich2 @RipleyChile Alejandro le recomiendo no comprar en Ripley, espere un mes un celular y aun no me devuelven el dinero de la compra ya que el producto no se entrego. No tienen call center y no atienden requerimientos web. Piénselo dos veces.

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Two unjust murders within a week 💔 Alejandro Ripley - A precious 9 year old boy part of the Veras Landron family. George Floyd - A catalyst for black empowerment, loving brother, & most importantly, bighearted father. RIP Kings 😢 #MentalHealthAwareness #BlackLivesMatter

"...Lo único que diré es que amamos nuestra vida, amamos a Alejandro y no estamos de acuerdo con cualquier cosa que digan de mi esposa..." Dijo en la corte el papá de Alejandro Ripley. Eso es realmente inexplicable. No encuentro explicación para ese tipo de reacción.

Cuando los padres necesitan más atención que los niños. La muerte del niño con #autismo #AlejandroRipley dispara las alarmas #familia -por @ElkisBejarano

この4枚目の記事は「犯人が拉致られたと主張した」っていう記事は見つけたんだけど 人種に触れてる記事を見つけられなかったんだよな…自分が見落としてるのかな?>RT

Gosh, its the third case related to autism ive seen this week(this one, the couple who adopted and returned the little boy, and Alejandro Ripley) If kids without disabilities suffers and die in some places of the world, i cant imagine kids w disabilities WE DESERVE EXTINCTION

Pocas veces escribo en primera persona. Pero esta vez lo ameritaba. La muerte de Alejandro Ripley deja muchas preguntas. Qué pasó? Quién está una situación similar? A veces nos olvidamos de los otros involucrados. La fractura puede venir de cualquier parte .

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La violencia contra los niños y niñas se ha intensificado durante esta pandemia. Este fin de semana apareció en un canal de agua en Miami, Estados Unidos, el cuerpo de un chiquito de 9 años, Alejandro Ripley, quien era autista y no hablaba.

#florida La muerte del niño con #autismo #AlejandroRipley dispara las alarmas #familia -por @ElkisBejarano

Newly released video shows a woman pushing her 9-year-old son into a canal, police say

Haven't been able to do much more than donate and retweet and I wish I could articulate how angry and sad I've been feeling the last few days about the murders of GeorgeFloyd and Alejandro Ripley this week. Just been quiet because I need to take care of my mental health rn 😔

🚨 An important topic and must-have conversation on the PODCAST today. Discussing Alejandro Ripley’s tragic death. What? Why? How? NOW WHAT? #autism #filicide #miami @WPLGLocal10 @UnivisionPRTeam @wsvn @Telemundo @nbc6 @CBSMiami @MiamiHerald

@OfficinaDiMarK Purtroppo no… In Florida, 6 giorni fa.

@mi_servi Povero angelo… come se fosse una colpa essere autistico. 💔

@Zerozerosette3 Concordo. Ma è la notizia che colpisce più del video. E ci saranno anche le attenuanti del caso, indubbiamente, soprattutto perché negli Stati Uniti (nello specifico in Florida) il welfare, non funziona un granché. Ma, appunto, non è giustificabile.

🚨 It seems inconceivable to shed any light on the murder of Alejandro Ripley. His is an extreme case, a victim of the unimaginable. This 🎙PODCAST episode (our toughest ever) is for our Autism Spectrum Disorder…

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Alejandro Ripley deserved our love, respect; ‘We have to get on with life’ even with pandemic; What will it take for ‘Trumpers’ to wake up?; | Letters to the Editor

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New Video Shows Florida Mom Pushing Autistic Son, Whom She Later Claimed Was Missing, Into Canal, Authorities Say

Mother Of Alejandro Ripley Arrested And Charged With Murder, Officials P... via @YouTube

#childabusehomicide Newly released video shows a woman pushing her 9-year-old son into a canal, police say

My heart aches knowing how many lives are taken by bigoted murderers. George Floyd, black man killed by police over a counterfeit $20 bill. Alejandro Ripley, 2 year old autistic child killed by his own mother. Johanna Metzger, trans woman stabbed to death staying in rehab.

2. ALEJANDRO RIPLEY Wow. I'm actually speechless. Do people hate the autistic community that much? Sure, we act a little differently, but...really? Can we talk about this for a second? Because apparently I missed something! I thought people were sane! But I guess not!

y’all remember how quickly they arrested and charged Alejandro Ripley’s mom? THAT was a fast moving case but certainly not this no ma’am

Complete video here: Here I speak out on the fillicide case of Alejandro Ripley, aged 9 in Florida: Of the two teens who were malnourised in, kept in a squalid room by their father in Brisbane: 1/3