Alejandro Ripley

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Members of a heartbroken community paid tribute to Alejandro Ripley near the lake where the body of the 9-year-old boy was found. His mother remains in jail and is facing murder and attempted murder charges.

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UPDATE: At 3 am Patricia Ripley was arrested for first-degree murder after allegedly confessing to drowning her 9-year-old autistic child, Alejandro. Before confessing she made up a story about two black men abducting the boy.

Police in Florida have arrested and charged a woman in the death of her 9-year-old son after they say she falsely accused two black men of abducting him

#childabusehomicide Newly released video shows a woman pushing her 9-year-old son into a canal, police say

My heart aches knowing how many lives are taken by bigoted murderers. George Floyd, black man killed by police over a counterfeit $20 bill. Alejandro Ripley, 2 year old autistic child killed by his own mother. Johanna Metzger, trans woman stabbed to death staying in rehab.

2. ALEJANDRO RIPLEY Wow. I'm actually speechless. Do people hate the autistic community that much? Sure, we act a little differently, but...really? Can we talk about this for a second? Because apparently I missed something! I thought people were sane! But I guess not!

y’all remember how quickly they arrested and charged Alejandro Ripley’s mom? THAT was a fast moving case but certainly not this no ma’am

Complete video here: Here I speak out on the fillicide case of Alejandro Ripley, aged 9 in Florida: Of the two teens who were malnourised in, kept in a squalid room by their father in Brisbane: 1/3