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Suga Agust D mixtape: Big Hit apologises for Jim Jones sample Metro
1 day ago · Big Hit Entertainment has apologised after using cult leader Jim Jones' controversial speech in Suga's mixtape D-2.
BTS’s Suga Scores The Second Bestselling Album In The Country With ‘D-2’ Forbes
21 hours ago · For the past week, many music industry predictors suggested that Agust D, better known by many as Suga from the band BTS, was headed...
Big Hit Entertainment Releases Statement About Suga's Mixtape Sampling Controversy soompi
2 days ago · On May 31, Big Hit Entertainment issued an official statement about the use of a controversial sample in the song “What Do You Think?
BTS' Suga Breaks Record For Korean Solo Artists On Billboard 200 With “D-2” soompi
13 hours ago · BTS member Suga's solo mixtape “D-2” has set a new record on the Billboard 200! Under his rapper name Agust D, Suga released “D-2” on...
Suga under critcism for Agust D track "What do you think?" allkpop
2 days ago · A lot of Kpop fans were eagerly anticipating Agust D's comeback to the music scene and were pleasantly surprised with a full album release...
BTS Suga makes historic records with AGUST D-2 on UK, Ireland and Australia music charts Bollywood Hungama
3 days ago · South Korean group BTS' rapper-songwriter-producer Suga is making an impact with his recent mixtape release, 'D-2'. Made under his...
Suga song quoting cult leader Jim Jones creates controversy Korea JoongAng Daily
1 day ago · Suga of BTS found himself at the center of controversy, following the release of his song “What Do You Think?” The song included a speech by...
Big Hit Entertainment apologizes for Jim Jones sample on Agust D track; removes sample from further versions allkpop
2 days ago · Big Hit Entertainment has officially apologized for the Jim Jones sample on Suga's song "What Do You Think?" and announced that th…
BTS' Suga under fire for using Jim Jones’ sermon In Agust D2 mixtape; Big Hit apologises on behalf Yoongi PINKVILLA
1 day ago · BTS singer Suga released his new mixtape, Agust D2, last week. While the songs are climbing up the music charts, a few online users pointed...
BTS's Suga Reflects on His New Solo Mixtape 'D-2' TIME
1 week ago · On his second solo mixtape, 'D2,' BTS's Suga — rapping as his alter-ego Agust D — leans into his hip-hop instincts.

When the Billboard charts refresh tomorrow, every song featured on BTS member Suga's new mixtape will be certified a top 40 hit on the song sales chart. #AGUST_D_2 #Suga #d2 #BTS #AgustD

BTS member Suga narrowly missed the top 10 on the Billboard 200, but his mixtape is the second bestselling title in the U.S. this week. #AGUST_D_2 #Suga #d2 #BTS

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The UK's Official Independent Albums Chart: Agust D of @BTS_twt debuts at Number 2 with his new mixtape D-2

No matter what you think, sorry but I don’t fucking give a shit ... What do you think? By- Agust D #recommendations #ARMY #

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ME DIGAM QUE EU NAO FUI A UNICA A VER DOIS YOONGIS NO MESMO PALCO?????? agust d aparece como dançarino do bts enquanto suga está perfomando; entenda o caso:

@btsfesta2020_ @BTS_twt What do you think? 🤭 #AGUST_D_2 #2020BTSFESTA @BTS_twt

@jeonpetist yoongi perfeito suga talentoso agust d best rapper guinho lindo yoongi perfeito suga talentoso agust d best rapper guinho lindo

walking down on his throne, min yoongi suga agust d how can be you look so daddy?

Gue punya kakak laki2 nih demennya ngatain plastik2 gt, nah gue bales dong "apasih bacot anjir diem." Nah terus tadi siang gue iseng liat hpnya kan nah lockscreennya Agust D daechwita woe. Fix kakak gue kpopers jalur karma. Ga sia2 gue ngestream mv daechwita depan dia.