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‘Not Just for Gays’: The Year the Tonys Dared to Go There: How Adam Schlesinger and his writing partner created what may be the most outrageous opening number the broadcast has ever seen.

@MCPerre De nada. Junto a ella estaba Adam Schlesinger de Fountains of Wayne que le hacía la música y él lamentablemente falleció hace poco de Covid-19 :'(

“We’re asking every hetero/To get to know us better-o.” Now that I have your attention, I used this @nytimestheater piece on a racy 2011 Tony Awards number to commemorate the COVID-19 casualty Adam Schlesinger:

@Thawootang @ProFootballTalk @BrownsAccess You could ask John Prine, Terrence McNally, or Adam Schlesinger but they died. Maybe Nick Cordero but he's still in a coma after his leg was amputated. But it's just a flu

Our #fountainsoflove tribute to Adam Schlesinger with our buddies in Hooch is here. See you down the road ❤️

“Not Just for Gays,” written by Adam Schlesinger (who died of the coronavirus in April) and David Javerbaum, set a new template for what the Broadway community would accept in terms of self-mockery

@MrWillMiles @quintabrunson I have the displeasure of learning about her “work” when I found out she was the source of the “Adam Schlesinger died of secret pancreatic cancer not COVID-19” rumor.

America is one of the most “uncool” bands that I love. I just decided to check out that 2007 record “Here & Now” that they did (produced by Adam Schlesinger and @James_Iha) and damn, that stands up with their 70s work, even going a little power pop at times. Worth digging up.

@GeneHomon @Christy4527 @OfficialSampson 1. In 2018, she told everyone that the mail bombs sent to Democrats were actually sent by a leftist (they weren’t). 2. She said that Adam Schlesinger actually had pancreatic cancer (he didn’t). 3. She said that the infant in CT was actually killed by her nanny (what happened 1/

@waltmossberg @YouTube I don't mean to bring down the tone you're going for, though I think it's important to bring up and honor the life of the late Adam Schlesinger who was taken by COVID-19 just two months ago. R.I.P. Adam & thanks for the jams.

This reminded me with all the shit going on, that Adam Schlesinger died of the Covid-19 and that's a very sad thing.

@mostlybree So I'm assuming Music & Lyrics is next, to complete a trifecta of movies with briiliantly matched music written for musician characters by Adam Schlesinger? (He scored Josie & That Thing You Do.)

Adam Schlesinger, 52, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Songwriter for rock, film and the stage. Passed away April 1, 2020

@FredGarvinMPro @LibraryTech415 @GregortheMendel @DavidMaddd @the8o8 @HowardtheDuck95 @Lil_KPop_Katze @katgyrl @RedTeamGo2 @LaChategris @SFGeekGirl @RandilynIsIn @MachineSqarrs @Mysteryjellocat @CyborgBooBoo23 @StrangestMoon @farfromabeach @deerlady83 so long, Adam Schlesinger...

one of the crazy ex girlfriend writers and composers of this and many other songs -Adam Schlesinger- passed away due to covid19 earlier this year, please keep taking care

In memory of Adam Schlesinger our friends at @TheArtistsDen are releasing for the first time digitally @fountainsofwayn's full performance on #LivefromtheArtistsDen. Click the link below to watch now:

I always feel certain that The Beatles did Dance With Me Tonight since it’s so perfectly of the era depicted but it’s another original. The late Adam Schlesinger (Montclair, NJ) did such a great job with those songs. Very hard to pull this off.

Fountains of Wayneのベーシスト、アダム・シュレシンジャーが亡くなった。かなしい。 Adam Schlesinger obituary

@carlreiner Thank you for all you do and have done, Mr. Reiner--including your inspiration of this song by Adam Schlesinger and Fountains of Wayne. Adam died at almost half your age of Covid-19. Please be safe!

@hellresidentNY @ValarMorDollars I felt terrible that it was only upon his death that I learned Adam Schlesinger wrote Pretend to Be Nice.

I watched Music and Lyrics last night and I found out the composer of Way Back Into Love, Adam Schlesinger, recently just passed away last April due to covid 19 :(

Okay I’m like 2 months late on this, but I just found out that Adam Schlesinger of Fountain’s Of Wayne died of Covid. I’m in absolute shock and am devastated. My heart goes out to his friends, his band, his family, and anyone who’s had the pleasure of knowing him or being

Rewatched That Thing You Do! with my girlfriend over Zoom. I loved it when it came out in 1996 and still love it today. Adam Schlesinger did such a great job with his involvement with the soundtrack.

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After the wonderful John Schlesinger's Terminus it's Adam Faith & the John Barry Seven on the London Palladium. @talkingpicsTV

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To celebrate the end of Mental Health Awareness Month I focused on the TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend by @Racheldoesstuff and @alinebmckenna! I love the work they did with Adam Schlesinger to destigmatize mental health!

@JosephHansell @ReturnofR I almost picked them. I came real close lol. I love this band. Got to see them a few times back in the day. RIP Adam Schlesinger

@FusJoeDah @ClaraWicki RIP Adam Schlesinger. You were late Joey, but you’re doing god’s work showing her eventually.

@sitiolibre The singer from that band - Fountains of Wayne - died from coronavirus. Here in Nj where the band was from, it was big news (he was only 52). He was also the songwriter on Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

@samsanders I loved your story with Jill Schlesinger about economic cycles and generations being pitted against each other. Just wanted to recommend Adam Conover’s talk about generations. It changed my perspective a lot!

Fountains of Wayne are one of my favourite 2000s bands. Singer Adam Schlesinger died of covid-19 in April; this is the rest of the band singing the beautiful 'Hackensack' for Adam and his family. via @YouTube

@TELESEEN Sorry to hear. For me, insert Adam Schlesinger. Gobsmacked. The scale and scope of the lives lost in the Pandemic will continue to overwhelm our ability to properly acknowledge, honor and grieve. Those either taken by it or during.....😔

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ivyのレコード売ろうと思ったら、先日コロナウィルスで急逝したAdam Schlesingerのサインが入ってた 合掌。

@_MattSanchez Woah, really?? Glad you liked it. It's incredible story telling. Sidenote: Adam Schlesinger wrote most of the music, and he just sadly passed away from COVID. He was a founding member of 'Fountains of Wayne' as well.

Defo kurt cobain, and Adam Schlesinger (founder of fountains of Wayne who made Stacy’s mom) :(

In case you missed it, Dan did a cover of “Sink to the Bottom” for this compilation honoring Adam Schlesinger who passed away from COVID-19 recently. The comp raised over $200 yesterday for @MNFreedomFund. All $ raised today will go to a fund in Louisville. Link below!

@ViktorFerdinand @lantisfjantis därav SÅ FKN TRAGISKT att Adam Schlesinger som skrev låten dog i covid-19, fucking saddest thing all year. :(

THAT THING YOU DO!, 1996 A tale as old as rock, Tom Hanks pulls triple duty in his formulaic story of a group’s meteoric rise to fame. Sweet and lighthearted even if it’s by the numbers, it succeeds where it needs to most with a catchy hit single, written by Adam Schlesinger. dad and a bunch of his music friends in japan got together and did a tribute to adam schlesinger of @fountainsofwayn <3 it's badass

@FacesOfCOVID Bless you and keep you. Everyone has a story, every life matters. 🙏🙏🙏 In memory of the great Adam Schlesinger of @fountainsofwayn. Music is immortal. #MusicIsImmortal. 🎸🎼👍

Hi ya’ll! We got the band back together to help contribute to this covers compilation of Adam Schlesinger songs! All of the proceeds from the comp are going towards the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help allow people to post bail in MN!

Lots of friends worked hard on this covers comp of Adam Schlesinger tunes, and all of the proceeds are going to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help people post bail in MN. Thank you for checking it out, and please consider buying it 💜:

@j_decarlini Muchas gracias por el análisis y el hilo! 🥰 Este homenaje a la canción (con tono parodia) de Adam Schlesinger para Crazy Ex-girlfriend me encanta:

The Human Toll: The Artists Who Have Died From Coronavirus Remembering John Prine, Adam Schlesinger, and more performers, musicians, and well-known names taken by COVID-19. (via @VanityFair)

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A bunch of amazing artists and I contributed to this compilation of Fountains of Wayne covers in honor of the late Adam Schlesinger. All proceeds of this compilation will be going towards the Minneapolis Freedom Fund! @MNFreedomFund

Catherine covered “bright future in sales,” Carmen covered “Mexican wine,” and jack drew the cover art for this comp dedicated to Adam Schlesinger, the absolute dude

It’s here! A bunch of incredible artists and I covered the songs of the late, great Adam Schlesinger. We’ll be donating all proceeds to @MNFreedomFund.

The King’s wanted to honor musicians that passed away from COVID. Episode 406 – “Hey Julie” by Fountains of Wayne (Adam Schlesinger) Episode 407 - "My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight" by John Prine

@WiccadWitch @StevenChicken Oh yeah I should really watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend! Big fan of Adam Schlesinger who wrote the music for it.

@KirstySedgman That Thing You Do was a hit by a fictional band in the film of the same name, that then hit real life charts:

@Racheldoesstuff @LargoLosAngeles Hi Rachel! That was an interesting performance. It was nice to see your real life husband, having been through the emotional journey of your character’s love life/self fulfilment path I just wanted to pass on my condolences about Adam’s Schlesinger’s passing -we loved his music