6 April 2020

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Since 1st April 2020, Centre distributed over 2.02 crore N95 masks and more than 1.18 crore PPE kits to States/ UTs/ central Institutions, free of cost. Over 6.12 crore HCQ tablets also distributed, along with 11,300 ‘Make in India’ ventilators: Govt of India #COVID19

For the first time in living memory, #Asia’s growth is expected to contract by 1.6 percent—a downgrade of our April projection. Read what’s happening to Asia’s economy: https://t.co/Cj5gk8jGuU #IMFBlog

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This is astounding. A rebound of #COVID19 cases surpassing their April 2020 highs. This is just malfeasance, incompetence & stupidity. And it's all peak @GOP. This is @realDonaldTrump, @senatemajldr @GOPLeader at work. We may not survive another 6 months with these men in power. https://t.co/fI0F7KbChT

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Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming Length: 9.5 hours Rating: 4.6 Students: 577300 Last update: April 2020 => https://t.co/eaS6xDn3UA #udemy #udemycoupon #freecourse https://t.co/yeFTmBvdLA

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6 vs 60 April 2020: Market was comfortably ignoring #JubilantLife at 6x operating cash whilst #Divis was 60x operating cash. Rational thinking is not common, but that's good news for value seekers!! - Radiopharma - Entry Barriers - CDMO - Speciality - API Synthesis/Integration https://t.co/CSyH7GgXU1

With global call centers closed, Americans only received 2.9 billion robocalls in April which is down from 4.8 billion in February.-PRNewswire, May 6, 2020

🇺🇸 SPACE RESOURCES - April 6, 2020 - EXECUTIVE ORDER: "Encouraging International Support for the RECOVERY and USE of SPACE RESOURCES" https://t.co/JszPSM63jk

Novi Pazar 6. april 2020. Vučić uručuje respiratore. Nakon tri meseca svi se pitaju gde je sve ovo. Frlja se sa ciframa. Sve je farsa! https://t.co/2rIPEyyTpd