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Ellen's brand is going down the crapper so fast that I don't even think this tearful stunt will help her. https://t.co/21oQd6FGf9

The fact that lefists are going after Ellen Degeneres for saying "people of color" instead of "black people" in a tweet she has since deleted is PEAK LEFTIST INSANITY and frankly delicious to watch. Enjoy the nonsense you've created, liberals. https://t.co/uSm9sPN8es

i’m willing to step in as the Opinion Editor at the New York Times. i already have some ideas brewing, like: “Ellen DeGeneres: Be Gay, Do War Crime” or “Aileen Wuornos: Why I Was Right”

amber liu is frankie grande/ellen degeneres of kpop, hwasa is demi lovato of kpop & shindong is lizzo of kpop ❤️

Mr Ellen DeGeneres edited herself into Usain Bolt’s iconic photo and got slammed for racism https://t.co/8Wqt2qtxag via @IndianExpress

Mr Ellen DeGeneres Slammed After Tearful Racial Discrimination Message; Fans Remember 'Rude Behavior' Toward Staff https://t.co/t7jF3zYzbj

Mr Ellen DeGeneres slammed as ‘cold’ and ‘demeaning’ by ex-bodyguard https://t.co/tUXpY9K2Dk

New post (Ellen DeGeneres commits to being an 'ally' after criticism over Black Lives Matter comments) has been published on news204 - https://t.co/x56xWhZD8M

@daveanthony And they are gonna TEAR the FUCK out of some speeches, take a selfie with Ellen Degeneres, and share a bottle of rosé because they JUST DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

amber is the Ellen Degeneres of the kpop world. THERE I fucking said it

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I have a dream that Ellen Degeneres' cast will be judged by their intended major not their preferred grocery store

@gradepending_ Please share this story with Ellen Degeneres. Maybe she will have you on her show so you can share this horrific experience!! This experience must be shouted from the roof tops!! It’s so horrific!!!

Daniel Craig is wonderful Ellen DeGeneres is communicative Nicolas Cage is strong and so on

La lista de #Anonymous es tendenciosa, respecto a #pizzagate está dejando a mucha gente fuera: -Tom Hanks -Oprah -Ellen Degeneres -Steven Spielberg -Beyonce -Katty Perry que reiteradamente, demuestra su inusual gusto por la 🍕 -Lady Gaga -Obama -Los Clinton -Los Podesta -Madonna

@thehandmaidns She's always been an All Lives Matter supporter for many years (including her bff Ellen DeGeneres). During the Women's March, she said that "unorganized angry" march usually lead to riot. When celebs called her out, she deleted the tweet and backtracked with a "non-apology" tweet

@HoneybadgerLA @mrskissyt Ellen DeGeneres. (She said after his winning: "We should give him a chance. Be kind to him!")

Right from Wrong: Ellen DeGeneres, George Floyd and Iyad al-Halak https://t.co/W1oSSoguil

Ploty: Lili Reinhart, Darren Criss, Karolina Hamer, Tiziano Ferro, Ellen DeGeneres, Lady Gaga, Karamo Brown ... https://t.co/65N4vktOss

Ellen DeGeneres clears her stand on 'Black Lives Matter' after receiving backlash for 'ineffective' tweet https://t.co/vdpdqubyIs

[email protected] deletes protest tweet about 'people of color' following fan outrage https://t.co/OGQxbacLym #ellen #ellendegeneres

#Canada: Don Lemon Calls Out Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey During Protests https://t.co/KNDvJtp1Qu

@TheEllenShow @VanJones68 Ellen "fake crying in her 40million house" Degeneres...

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@khaanabadoshh_ yep, ellen degeneres would be a good option. i just saw rock's video he called out trump isliye i thought he should be the great option for president.

@TheOldManClub Ellen DeGeneres and she's never looked better. https://t.co/azFSjT4P3V